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Combat Mission Movie: Here Come The Tigers


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Heeehee! I'm absolutely certain a lot more folks than I will or have seen it.

I've actually not finished it yet. I'm only at about the 23 minute mark and

thus far, it's fantastic.

  There's so much to like about it. Foremost is the fact it's covering an entire battle,

not merely bits and pieces. 

  The soundtrack is superb. Excellent choices all around. They impart a wonderful sense

of excitement, anticipation, dread and valor.

  The editing is wonderful. It was a great decision to include "camera shake" in the film.

The panning was very steady, and the transition effects such as fading out and in were

very nicely done.

  The text overlays did a magnificent job of describing what was happening...or about to

in some cases.

  My favorite at this point: "A vicious, confused melee of desperate men...."  Stirling!

  Bottom line, a first rate production and I thank you immensely for sharing that with us.

And I'm looking forward to seeing more if you didn't burn out on working this masterpiece

up. Huzzah!


Best regards, Odd

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Hi Paul,

  I just finished watching "Here Come The Tigers" and as I'd expected after watching the first twenty or so minutes earlier, it

was absolutely wonderful.

  Some of my favorite things/moments from the last two thirds:
 "German archive footage" where the hue changes to a greenish tint....very cool indeed! Sheer genius.

"For his gallantry, Cpl Hedley was mentioned in despatches". A wonderful line, that. And only seen or

heard in British books and films.

  "Footage from an observation film".... as the camera pans the battlefield several hundred feet above. Excellent. :)

 And lastly with specific things, I loved the incongruity of the female vocalist singing an aria during the

British counterattack on the bocage. It was a great touch and reminded me of the intro to one of my favorite

war films, "Cross Of Iron", a Sam Peckinpaugh flick:




  A fantastic story, and a first rate production. You have my sincere thanks once again for

working that up. And I'll most assuredly be watching "A Bridge Too Far" !


Best regards, Odd

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Thank you Odd! I remember watching Cross of iron years ago and at the time I was also reading a great book called Forgotten Soldier by Guy Sajer about a German soldier on the Russian Front. Both had a profound effect on how I perceived the war. I grew up reading comics like 'Battle' and 'The Victor' which weren't exactly hard hitting documentaries about the conflict  :D. Actually, it's amazing the effect those comics had as well as movies like 'To Hell and Back' and so on, because I guess I'm trying to write a novel about the second world war, I'm playing combat mission and using it to tell little war stories. I'm not sitting here with a tin hat on and a Lee Enfield propped up in the corner but in my head... sometimes... the kid in me is tempted :D . It loves the war in 'Dunkirk' with Sir John Mills and would have wanted to be there while the adult abhors the War of 'Saving Private Ryan and is very grateful i wasn.' Those old war movies are definitely the template for what I do now and I have to say, give me more pleasure to do than for anyone to watch :P which makes me feel very self indulgent but what is life without ones little pleasures. Thank again Odd. ;)

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Sure. Replaying each move and capturing it from different angles with Bandicam. Then I import and edit it in Magix Movie Edit Pro 4. Oh... while your doing this it's important to let your wife/husband think you're doing important research and not playing with your toys. It helps. Mine thinks I've been working on a cure for the common cold  :D

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Epic effort in putting this together.  I've put a few short clips together, but an hour!  Wow!

As you say, time consuming, but it is fun in its own way.

Good luck with it,

Thanks. Got one more coming in a few days but then I'll be having a rest ;) Love your avatar by the way. Reminds of many, many hours playing Squad Leader.  :rolleyes: I think of Combat Mission being the modern equivalent of it but so much more immersive.

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Love your videos.  New subscriber here.

Great! Thanks for subscribing. I've got a new one coming up in the next twenty four hours. It was one I had in the pipework for a couple of months but couldn't seem to get it together :( but.... with all the encouragement I've had, I finally got to the end and I'm very happy with it. :D

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