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  1. I agree that the mod and indeed the game itself is the star! I enjoyed your vid and the main difference between yours and mine is I spent a wholly unjustifiable amount of time editing it. Like me I suspect you do it for the enjoyment rather than the hope of an oscar so keep up the good work and keep sharing.
  2. Cheers Kevinkin. I have to say though... it's not talent. It's more to do with having too much time on my hands and no social life.... well, not since I started playing CM.
  3. Looking forward to the next module. In the meantime I'm still enjoying Red Thunder This is the next little vid with a narrative.
  4. My experience of raising the bar is that someone lifts it higher... and then whacks me over the head with it. Good luck with it mate. Like I say it's easier than it looks.
  5. It can be quite labour intensive, depending on how much you want to polish it. 'The Old' soldier took about a week to put together and then edit. What takes up a lot of time before you get to that part is continually recording the same turn from different angles so that you have enough material to put a story together. So, if the scenario takes an hour, you can times that by however many times you record that turn. Then you have to play that footage back to pick out the bits you want. That usually takes me a couple of days or three. Saying that, it's by far, a lot easier than it looks. The story suggests itself thanks to the immersive nature of the CM games, specially if you replay them and get close in. During the replay you see lots of things ou missed the first time round. I record it on Bandicam Import it into MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 but there are lots of other programs you can use. To upload it, I compress it first with a program called Handbrake. What makes it easy to do, is the fact that it can be so enjoyable nad you REALLY get the juice out of any scenario you are playing. Give it a go
  6. First I get an Oscar from Reiter and now I qualify for the Award For Lowering The Tone of The Forum I'm on a winning streak here.
  7. Damn! I'm humbled. I suppose it's traditional to give a speech at this point and for me to burst into tears. Would you settle for this and this Oh... and if you liked that one you should like this one. I hope
  8. I don't mind... just so long as they don't taste like p..s
  9. Doctor P? Makes me sound like a urologist. Here you go, take this bottle and come back when you've filled it up. Preferably with Guinness
  10. Now you know where the inspiration for 'Sitzkrieg' comes from. Also the Farterland...etc..
  11. I agree Ringo. It should be kept a secret. i only discovered the Kyle because I went for a funeral... not mine...obviously. Before we went to Plockton i told everyone we were heading for Trumpton which put them off the trail. I've not hiked but i did the little trek over to the Lighthouse at Neast Point. Not a long way admittedly, at least not from the car park but far enough on the day. The rain was horizontal blowing in one ear and out the other. . Skye itself is amazing. i wanted to see the settlement where, so i am told, some of the veterans from the battle of Waterloo settled but time forbade it. Am hoping to go back next year. Enjoy your Munros George... whatever they are
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