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Shaded Woodlands Scenario?

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I opened the scenario in the editor.  FO is a known to neither occupy objective worth 100 points for the Germans.


FO is an area on the map.  


I should probably not say much more since I think you are currently playing the scenario.  But I can if you want.      

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It appears to be an area on the map an F/O would find desirable. An F/O position. However, with the way objective points work, it may not matter which German unit occupies the position. The Germans, I think would earn the points as long as a German unit was in it and no Americans.

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Ok guys I'll wade in here.


Warts'n'all called it right. It is an unknown objective which rewards the German FO remaining in his default position.


While it was a long time ago the premise for this scenario was that it was primarily played as US vs the AI. As such the German FO sets up in the objective with a hide order and does not move. If the Allied player does not search the area and discover the FO, he remains in place for the duration of the scenario and scores 100 VP. If combined with German objective Heidi this will give the Germans overall victory 300 pts to 200 for the sunken lane.


The concept behind this was to give some illustration of how deadly bocage can be and that leaving an enemy unit (particularly a hidden artillery spotter) was not a good idea.


Weapon2010 - you don't seem to like it  - fair do's - not much more I can add.



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