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Licensing and download question

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I bought Shock force back in 2008 and probably installed it on my laptop and another workstation at work at the time, i dont remember. Anyway it had been several years and i wanted to play again so i managed to log back in go to the download section but when i tried to download it said i had already downloaded it too many times.

i sent a ticket about that and it was never answered, that was like 3 weeks ago.

so i actually found the install .exe and the receipt on an backup hard drive and went to install it but it wouldnt accept my license, it kept asking also for an order number...when i entered the order number it said it was incorrect...i sent a ticket about that too but no answer.

so i gave up and bought the entire game again, along with the marines expansion...my question is how many times can i download and install it? is there a way to deactivate an old installation if i reach the max installs without having to rely on the support ticket process because its not very supportive.

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Old purchases had a limited download time of 1 year or 10 download 'attempts'. This was a limitation of the downloading service. Battlefront has now moved to a different service and there is no longer a limit to the number of download attempts or the download access expiring.

CMSF on the PC uses eLicense. This allows for two simultaneous activations of the game. To activate another installation you need to unlicense one of the previously activated installs (or both, if they are no longer being used). You also want to unlicense the game/modules BEFORE you make significant changes to the computer such as hardware updates or certain operating system changes (upgrades, etc.).

For eLicense the 'Order Number' IS actually the license key, which is often a 32 or 15/16 character string (not counting the dashes, which DO have to be typed in). If you are getting an 'error 501', that suggests you may either be using the wrong license key or there is a typo in what you are typing in. Also when it comes to bundles, you have to make sure everything is installed BEFORE using the license key to activate (assuming there are different installers and not just a single all-in-one installer). So a CMSF+ Marines bundle would need to have the Marines module installed BEFORE attempting to activate.

With eLicense you can possibly run into issues involving DEP (Data Execution Prevention) or your security software. For DEP the following article should help:

When I launch the game, nothing at all happens! (or I get a 0xc0000005 error)

For security software issues, you may need to an an 'exception' for both the game executable and the eLicense service ('Runservice.exe'). How you do this will vary depending on what security software you're running.

I'm not sure why the Helpdesk has not responded to your requests. They're usually pretty good about responding to help requests. I suggest selecting 'License Activation' for the 'Department' setting in your request form. Make sure to fill out the entire form, including the bottom part to 'prove you're a human' filling out the form.

With downloads the license key should be in your account

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You should have posted this question to CMBS tech support forum and someone would have answered sooner.

CMBS and all of the CM games AFTER CMSF use a different copy protection system than the eLicense of CMSF. The current copy protection system allows for 4 activations, which can be on different computers. If you need more than that (legitimately... you're not installing and activating the same game on friends' computers), you can contact the Helpdesk and provide your license key and request an additional activation.

A significant difference with the current copy-protection system and the old eLicense one that CMSF used, is that there is no UNLICENSE feature. If you make significant hardware changes (or possibly even certain software changes) to your computer, your activation may become invalidated and you will get an error attempting to run the game. This will require running an utility to remove the activation and allow you to reactivate the game on that computer. You can get this utility (when you need it) by requesting it from the Helpdesk, where you will need to specify exactly which game (and possibly modules for it) you have so the correct version of this utility can be provided.

So, since you may need activations for changes that you may make to your computer in the future, it may be best not to use them up on installations you make to computers you may not play the game on frequently.

You can uninstall and reinstall a game on the same computer and you do NOT have to reactivate it (assuming that there hasn't been significant hardware or software changes since the game was uninstalled). If you have more than one copy of Windows (or MacOS in the case of Macs) on the same computer, then each copy of Windows would need a separate activation (if you have installed the game on more than one copy of Windows). So if you had both Windows 8 and Windows 10 on your computer and you attempted to play CMBS from each copy, then there would be a separate activation for Windows 8 and Windows 10 (using up an activation each, 2 in total).

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I upgraded my laptop to Win 10 and forgot to unlicense CMSF (and lost my d/l exe in the process).  I'm attempting to d/l and install CMSF from the Customer Downloads section, but I get an error that my license is invalid,which isn't true.  If I recall I pre-ordered CMSF in 2007(?).  Is it even possible to get CMSF from there?  I have the CD version somewhere, but would like to get it right now while I'm out of town.  Any ideas?



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The current store came online sometime in late 2007; AFTER CMSF went on sale. So the pre-orders for CMSF may not show up in your account and offer download access (I'm not certain on that). Contacting the Helpdesk (clicking on the blue button in the upper right) as Combatintman mentioned will probably be the only way to get access to the download.

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I've got also donwload/license issue.

I bought SF with all DLC pack few years ago and still got licence keys for both. I've deleted game and unregister my PC.

Now I want to play again, but there is a problem.

I don't have install .exe file. I've try to get www.battlefront.com but for a few months every try ends with connection timeout (?! - at least 5 terminals, all from Poland).

Any suggestions? Does www.battlefront.com page is working?


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Jaku87 - if you are unable to reach the Battlefront.com webpages, then your IP might be blocked. This is usually due to a rating from some security organization saying that your IP range (from a particular ISP - Internet Service Provider) has a large amount of attacks/malware coming from it. To protect the servers from potential attackers whole IP ranges are blocked, which I assume may be what is happening to you. Unfortunately this sort of protection can block legitimate users unintentionally.

You can possibly directly email Battlefront Support for support questions by emailing to support@battlefront.com. I believe that should generate a ticket for you and get an eventual response. I don't know if they can unblock your IP (most likely not). The other possibility would be to utilize an 'anonymous proxy" to get access. However it is quite possible that the best known proxies may also be blocked. I assume your issue with getting a download is that your access to the download server is being blocked. If that is not the case and instead your getting an error like the original poster, then you may need to provide the license keys for your downloads and see what can be done to get access to them again (with a support ticket/email).

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thanks for the answer.

I get to page after changing proxy. I try to reset my password form page. Afret 2 tries and few days I still got no information on email (I've search in spam).

I try to email both support@battlefront.com and helpdesk@battlefront.com, every time I get:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:
Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the server for the recipient domain battlefront.com by aspmx.l.google.com. [2607:f8b0:4002:c0c::1a].

does batlefront heard about QA? If they already have QA I suggest to change them...

Even Steam, or polish goverment the most social/post communist departments  got better support...

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Thanks to Schrullenhaft for making sure I saw this thread!

Jaku87, we had a problem this week with our password recovery system.  I fixed it a few hours ago after many failed attempts.  You can now try to recover your password again.

You can always log into our Helpdesk and contact us there.  In fact, this is the standard way to ask for help because it is also the best way:


Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about blocked emails.  We use GoogleMail as our email service and they determine who to block and who to let through, not us.  Poland, unfortunately, has a lot of ISPs that practice terrible security.  There is nothing we can do about this.  You need to speak with your ISP about improving their security so they can get off Google's blacklist.



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