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Please recommend me a new campaign

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I am looking for a new campaign to play, which would you recommend?

Would prefer playing as the Allies, about company size or smaller, with a bit of armour but not a lot.

I like campaigns with a decent challenge but not "puzzle maps" where you have to guess the one and only way to solve the map.

Also, I really like maps that show attention to detail and look like real places.

I already completed 'Road to Montebourg', 'Courage and Fortitude' and 'Devils' Descent'.

Thanks a lot for all suggestions and comments :)

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I'm sorry you have not received a response yet. It has only been a day, though. This forum is usually very responsive to almost anything.

I think this question has been asked quite a few times, and the answers can be searched for. Maybe everyone is tired of responding to this question? Who knows. I have heard the "Blue and Grey" is a very good campaign. I also got the "Devil's Descent" from recommendations here, but I have not played it yet. I'm still learning the game.

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Well, your parameters are fairly narrow for picking something out of a pretty small field. Campaigns are hardly flooding out from the creative engines of the playerbase, and those that do may either not be of the size you've expressed a preference for, or might be from the other side.

Me, I've not finished all the campaigns from BN, CW, FI and MG yet, so haven't even looked at the Repository. I suspect I'm not alone.

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Well, I was one of those 109. The reason I didn´t reply was because you have some very specific requirements, which made it hard for me to think of any suiting campaign.

Furthermore, I don´t know whether you have the CW and/or MG modules. Your second post seems to imply you don´t.

If you do, then I´ll recommend the stock campaigns "The Scottish Corridor" (CW) and "The Road to Nijmegen" (MG), even though they don´t exactly meet your requirements. But if you had the modules, you´d probably already played them.

I don´t have any other base game allied campaigns on my hard drive than the ones you´ve mentioned.

I think the problem with owning "just" the base game is that most scenario/campaign designers are "hardcore" players that will usually have all modules and design their stuff based on that. So basically, once the first module has been released there won´t be many new scenarios/campaigns made for the base game only.

That wasn´t much of a help, I know - but at least some sort of explanation.


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Sorry if I came across wrong. Didn't realise my preferences would be that restrictive, but I see that now.

I should really buy more of the modules, that's true. Looking for a new computer first though, to do the game more justice.

Started Blue and Grey this morning, and have been working hard to crack the first mission all day. I've come to the conclusion that it's impossible though... I guess I'm meant to cease fire and continue to the second version of the beach assault.

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