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Western Theater Mod

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I'm not sure if there is interest in a Western Theater only mod since AOD is Global, but I've been having a lot of fun with this one playing against the Allied AI.

The Map is split from the original AOD map. The AI is fully functional and tweaked a bit as well, particularly to make them a bit more aggressive against Italy. I'm a big fan of economic/diplomatic functions so there are some changes to income. To be successful Germany will have to maintain economic relationships with Sweden, Turkey, Portugal, Switzerland, Vichy France and Spain or succumb to the onslaught of Allied MPPs later in the war. The Axis will also suffer Oil shortages (supply reductions in Germany/Italy)if they fail to make gains in the Caucasus.

There are also a slew of events regarding Germany trying to entice Spain to join the Axis, and the Allies trying to bring Turkey into the allies. Neither is easy to achieve.

Also added in some other things, such as eventual Malaria in East Africa if the Axis can't capture the Suez/Egypt, and options to give military aid to to neutral minors (Adding units to neutrals such as Sweden, Turkey, Spain before they are active).

If there's interest i'll put it up on the repository. I'd love to get some more ideas for diplomatic and economic events in the form of some feedback :)

Here is a pic of the full map:


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I've updated "1939 War in The West" and v1.1 should be up in the repository this week.

Some Changes:

- some scripts fixed, reworded or just improved

- US Lend Lease will begin historically in March 1941

- Added numerous new scripts

- 20 New Decision Events (ie. Rommel, UK/German Naval Strategy)

I've been play testing both Axis and Allied AI so there should be no preference as to which side is better to give to the AI.

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Finally uploaded version 1.1 to the repository.

I made additional changes so there was a delay in submitting.

I added even more events, decisions, etc. for both sides, including 2 big "what if" decision events (1 for each side) that can certainly change the course and strategy of the war. Added in more interaction between the belligerents and neutral countries, and more diplomatic swings depending on the events unfolding throughout Europe.

AI still works great for both sides.


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