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Help with incredibly annoying problem...


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I haven't played much of the various CMx2 game, but with Red Thunder coming out soon, wanted to practice up with CMFI.

So I've been trying to play a scenario but have been encountering a really annoying problem: whenever I try to play, the screen "runs off" quickly to the left, as if I was panning left, until it runs off the map, at which point it stops. This happens most times when I try to play, but sometimes it doesn't...

I checked the obvious things--nothing is pressing my keyboard, etc., but can't find the problem, and it is starting to drive me a bit crazy. I doubt it is a bug, so I'm posting here rather than in the technical support section to see if anyone has had a similar problem, and how to fix it?

In the 3 minutes I've been typing this post, the problem has gone away--for now--but I'd really like to be able to figure out how to prevent it.

[EDIT] immediately after typing the line above I went back to play, and the problem is back...

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I feel really dumb asking, but is the mouse putting the cursor up against the left edge of the screen somehow?

This happens to me at least a couple of times a week. I often move my mouse away to the edge while I am working - it is a habit. Then when I switch to the game I can get surprised like that too. At least I know why it is happening though - the first time I was pretty confused since I never use that feature of the game as a navigation aid.

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On my Mac I find if I accidentally hold "shift" while using the WASD navigation keys that the game will "lock" onto whatever direction. For example, if I were to hit "shift-A" the game would scroll left until it hit the border. The only way I've found to fix this is the open the menu and access the briefing - after returning to the game screen the problem is remedied.

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Thanks guys.

It's not the mouse, it keeps scrolling even when I move the mouse around.

I'm not sure what's causing it, but I think I figured out how to stop it: it seems to stop zooming off to the left if I tap on the hotkeys used to move around the map; I suspect it is a problem similar to Hollisters, but haven't been able to diagnose it so exactly yet. I'm on Windows 7.

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Might wanna start with updating your mouse driver and see if that helps. Most mouse problems are driver-software related. Its hard to help people with tech support issues if you dont have what kind of mouse you have, type of system...etc...

So what you can do just for fun is go into device manager and uninstall the mouse and restart your computer. It should plug and play.

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