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New Barbarossa to Berlin AAR

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3rd of Dezember 1942


Army group North is approaching Gorki.


Army Group Center is approaching Michailowka.


The siege of Stalingrad starts.


The Battle at the River Terek still rages.. during the last turn Russian forces conquered the Oil Wells, this turn German forces take it back. The Soviets suffer high losses in their tank units.

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19th of March 1943


Army Group North is still defending its position.


Army Group Center has started a massive attack on Stalingrad. Two fortifications have been destroyed.


There is not much action on the River Terek, just a major battle in the air.


Army Group Asia has started Unternehmen Konstantin. Edirne and Istanbul are taken. Unfortunately one of my Tank Corps has sunk the former SMS Goeben in the harbor... what a pity.

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1st of May 1943


The stalemate at Gorky continues.. and I don't expect any major changes in the next months.


At Stalingrad, I make a big step ahead. Once the center of the city is conquered, the Russians have to draw back their troops.


The Battle at the River Terek still rages.


Ankara looks crowded, but we control Edirne, Istanbul and the mines of Zonguldak.

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21st of May 1943


No major changes around Gorky.


A big success at Stalingrad is achieved: German troops conquer the city center and destroy 4 Soviet armies. I think my troops will be able to hold the ground as well.

This will have serious consequences for the Red Army: its supply will drop.


In the south, the fighting goes on.

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So, a landslide victory for the Germans, gratz! :D


Both myself and my ofttime opponent Will really struggle with the Germans in this scenario so I'm naturally very curious. If you would like to tell us more about your thoughts on the game, what were the main mistakes, successes and events on both sides to produce such a stunning win? :)

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