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New Barbarossa to Berlin AAR

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This AAR has been nominated for Best AAR for January 2014 on the si-games site!


This comes hot on the heels of Hyzainth von Strachwitz winning AAR of the year for his Strategic Command WWI Breakthrough! game:


Congratulations Michael, and thanks again for your support! :)


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7th of January 1942

Funny to see that this AAR is relatively similar to the other one... but just in the south


Leningrad is now called St. Peterburg again.


Heeresgruppe Mitte is awaiting the Russian Winter Offensive... defenses are set up, and the troops are in good shape.


The Battle of Rostow has ended with high casualties on both sides, but the winner is Germany. Most of the remaining soviet units are badly damaged and barely avoided destruction. Red arrows mark units which escaped from the battefield with just a fraction of their original strength.


Very similar as well!

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24th of February 1942


St. Petersburg is now completely under Axis control. Army Group North is heading to the east.


A German counteroffensive drives the Russian attackers back. The Winter Offensive does not have much effect.


Army Group South launches a surprise attack after Recon flights found a couple of unoccupied Russian cities.

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7th of April 1942


The Russian Winter Offensive has ended... the enemy is starting a drawback. No objectives have been reached, not a single German unit has been destroyed.


Army Group South is close to conquer Kropotkin. This would leave the Russian forces at Maikop without supply.

Apart from this: in Kerch, three Russian units are trapped.

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30th of July 1942


Having Vishny Volochec secured, Army Group North is heading for Cherepovets.


Army Group Center is has started an Attack in the West of Moscow. Mozhaisk and Kaluga are surrounded.


The Battle of Vladimir still rages. Kovrov has been secured, and Kostroma will fall in a few days.


Romanian, Bulgarian and Italian troops start to surround a major Russian force.

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11th of August 1942


German Tanks conquer the City of Vologda. Moscow is no longer connected to the Russian Railway Network.


German troops advance in the West...


... and in the East of Moscow. The Red Army looses another two Tanks Corps, all others are heavily damaged.


The Russian offensive at the Gates of Stalingrad is halted, and the enemy force is cut off from supply.

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23rd of August 1942


Moscow is completely cut off from the rest of the country. Currently 31 enemy units are trapped in one of the biggest cauldrons of Military history. Although these Soviet troops are still a dangerous enemy, their fate is sealed.


At the gates of Stalingrad, nothing will happen for quite a long time.


The situation at the River Terek is quite similar, both sides cannot defeat the enemy without further troops.

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4th of September 1942


The Russian Battleship Marat is sunk by German StuKas.


The Russians loose 70% of their remaining Tanks. One Tank Corps destroyed, two crippled.


Stalingrad and Grosny is quiet.


In the past weeks I have received Heavy Tanks 2, Infantry Weapons 2, Advanced Aircraft 2, Industry 1 and Ground Attack Aircraft 1. Helps a lot.

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