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  1. Hey claude. I couldnt PM you, so I'll write here instead. I've been MIA for a week or so, so I've sent Brian and some others a PM. I'd be happy to play, but I probably cant manage more than two games at once. I'lll send you a message at that adress if I either dont get the games I currently have starting up off the ground, or once they're finished. Fair? Also, I am very happy to hear you enjoyed my AARs, thank you!
  2. I cant edit my original post, so I'll make an addenum. One turn per 48 hours is meant as my own "fastest" limit, I cant do faster than that most of the time. So longer intervals is all good on my part, it's supposed to be fun and relaxing, not a time pressure thing after all .
  3. I'm up for a game. Time intervals for posting turns: At least once every 48 hours (it will likely be quickler in many cases, but sometimes the extended deadline is good) Skill Level: Beginner, I know the basics, but not a lot of advanced strategy.
  4. I would love to see your sources for this. But, even if this is entirely accurate, as someone said before me only a very small number of these tanks were available. As if that wasnt enough the tech levels in the SC games do not seem to represent only the actual hardware used, but also to some extent doctrine, communications equipment and other components of the "whole" that is the general effectiveness of that nations armed forces (or infantry forces, in the "infantry tech" category). Given this, the prevalence of highly teched Soviet armor is very odd. The numbers speak a clear language regar
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