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Noob Q - Maps


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G'Day All,

OK, I'm quite new to making things for CM, and I happen to really enjoy making maps. When making a map, particularly for use in Quick Battles (but not exclusively for QB's), are they supposed to include deployment zones and objectives. Intuition says they should, but I just need a little clarification on this. I do plan to upload maps once I've got a few done, but I need this info first.

Thanks much!


PS - Jon, I haven't forgotten you - will have something for you in the next week or so :).

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re Quick battle map deployment zones. I believe that without a deployment zone any units you purchase for your side will simply start setup along the friendly map edge in any old mish mash, not an ideal situation, because at the start of the battle as you will have to take a bunch of turns to get organized. So yes you should designate deployment zones for your quick maps. And if you are playing a quick battle against the AI they will need objectives and AI plans are good too.

Open up a few quick battle maps in the editor to get an idea


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Then again, if it's map making you're after, topography and terrain are all that are necessary. If you want to call it a "Quick Battle" map, you'll need to give it setup zones, objectives and such, but if you're just making interesting ground for others to make scenarios on, you can leave those elements to the final editor.

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It seems like since the patch, the AI makes much better use of setup zones, objectives etc. I'm only surmising, but it appears to allocate troops to the different setup zones quite intelligently depending on what kind of plan that zone has - like a long-range ambush plan for ATGs, that sort of thing.

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