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Are Research Gains shared with Allies?

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Hi akmatov

The research gains aren't shared and all majors must invest themselves to gain advances. This way the Germans might be well ahead of their allies - at least overall, as sometimes the Austro-Hungarians might advance quickly, depending on investments.

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Hi there,

i'm reading in this forum for long time and now was the point, to register myself. I think akmatov's question here is a good point. It doesn't make sense, that you - and this is how i undestand the research rules - get a research bonus, if an enemy nation is ahead you in a research section. But that you dont't get a research bonus, if an allied nation is ahead in a research section. In reality, the entente-Nations had a benefit from the developments of other nations (for example the US-troops, which got the main part of their planes from france to equip their air-squadrons). And even so the central-powers (for example german officers and artillery-pieces for the Ottoman army or the austrian skoda-Mortars with operating-crews for the german troops that assaulted Liege in the beginning of the war). So i Think a research bonus for allied nations (and a bigger one that the bonus you get from enemy nation's reserach advance) would make sense.

What do you mean?

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Thank you for your comments Furchtlosundtrew. Your suggestion of a research bonus as a side benefit of being allied is much more subtle than what I was thinking and I really like it. As you say, the US got most or all of their aircraft from France and the US Liberty was installed or intended for a few Allied aircraft and the Mark VIII Anglo-American tank. I think I have read that aircraft engine technology was shared between Germany and Austria. I'm sure there were a lot of other technological transfers that just aren't glamorous enough to get much mention.

As the newest and least knowledgeable user of the Editor, I did look and didn't see anything in the Editor related to technological bonuses. If there is something there that could be tweaked, I like to hear about it.

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I can see the arguments for research sharing between majors and this is something we are considering changing or adjusting for in future versions of SC, but we'll have to allow the flexibility to turn this off between some Majors as for example while in WWII the UK and US may share research advancements, the UK and US would not be as likely to share with the USSR.

The primary reason for getting a bonus from an enemy nation is that we first implemented it for game play reasons as otherwise some nations would run away with tech advances and this helped to balance games out. So far it has worked out well as you still are required to invest and research in the categories that apply.

From a historical point of view we could argue that this is somewhat justified as enemy equipment was often captured and reverse engineered in order to help current development projects advance further for the friendly sides.


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Just had an idea, could this be handled via Decision Events, ie something like this:


If Infantry Weapons Tech Level = 1

Then Event Triggered


"Do you want to license from Germany the new Infantry Weapons Tech Level 1? If yes, then it will cost 20MPP.

[Yes] [No]

If Yes,

-20 MPP A-H

+20 MPP Germany

+ 1 Infantry Weapons Tech Level AH

No idea if this is doable, but seems just maybe?

It would be quite realistic as the technical research advances probably wouldn't be just given away, but rather would be authorized under a license from on business to another business concern, ie Skoda could license the tech to build really big guns to Krupp in exchange for a fee.

Please let me know if this might be a possible solution.

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