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  1. Searched docs and the install directory, no joy UPDATE Damn, looked in wrong directory. WW1 not WW1Breakthrough, sorry
  2. Thx Hubert. I really appreciate you and Bill correcting my misunderstanding. These thing bug me and sometimes I can't pull the info out of the Manual. Clearing these things up and finding that you guys have really addressed a lot of the historical issues adds greatly to my enjoyment of your game. I've gone back and looked carefully and I think I was erroneously comparing the cost to move a Corps vs an Army. This is a strange game, as was it's ancient original, with a somewhat simple presentation with a LOT behind it. There is this very strong 'just one more turn' nature to it.
  3. Thx Bill. I was looking and searching in the wrong document. I'm delighted to find such a depth of detail and such fast, patient response to my questions.
  4. Thx, Bill. You saved me getting frustrated poking away trying to get something to work that wouldn't.
  5. Just had an idea, could this be handled via Decision Events, ie something like this: Germany If Infantry Weapons Tech Level = 1 Then Event Triggered A-H "Do you want to license from Germany the new Infantry Weapons Tech Level 1? If yes, then it will cost 20MPP. [Yes] [No] If Yes, -20 MPP A-H +20 MPP Germany + 1 Infantry Weapons Tech Level AH No idea if this is doable, but seems just maybe? It would be quite realistic as the technical research advances probably wouldn't be just given away, but rather would be authorized under a license from on business to another business c
  6. I just looked at moving a German corps in Germany in the winter and the MPP cost to operationally move it was 36 MPP instead of the 12 - 13 during the summer. Why? Yes, it is cold and the troops will be unhappy; but why would it cost more resources to move them in the cold? Civilian trains continue to run in the cold weather and operating costs don't triple. Please share with me where in the Editor I can adjust this! I have looked but didn't see anything. And another thought, is there a way to differentiate troop movement speeds between moving in a combat area and a route march over
  7. Thank you for your comments Furchtlosundtrew. Your suggestion of a research bonus as a side benefit of being allied is much more subtle than what I was thinking and I really like it. As you say, the US got most or all of their aircraft from France and the US Liberty was installed or intended for a few Allied aircraft and the Mark VIII Anglo-American tank. I think I have read that aircraft engine technology was shared between Germany and Austria. I'm sure there were a lot of other technological transfers that just aren't glamorous enough to get much mention. As the newest and least knowl
  8. UPDATE Looked at the numbers again and I realize I still have no data on numbers of personnel losses. What I have is a report of the number of MPPs lost due to damage to a unit. In one of my saves, I have a British unit right beside several German units and at this point there have been no British losses at all. I destroy the 10 sized British unit and then check the Reports->Losses->Units and find that it reports the loss of one British corps. Checking Reports->Losses->Graphs->MPPs->British Lost (units) Total I see a loss of 226 MPPs, which is surely the cost of produc
  9. There is a mention that a large part of the grain for Austro-Hungary came from Romania and that A-H would not wish to lose this resource, so I assume that hunger is an issue. The British Blockade and the wide-spread hunger that it caused in Germany, at least, was a major issue. 1) Is, in fact, the hunger caused by the British Blockade and lose of access to Romanian grain represented? 2) Does a German defeat of Russia gain it access to Ukrainian grain as it did historically with the consequence increase in German morale? 3) If not , then is there some way it could be edited in? Hmmm,
  10. I'm a bit surprised as gas was definately used in WW1 and could have been in WW2. Not to mention everyone was working on an atomic bomb, even the Japanese though like Nanking that is buried. Confused as to which report shows "the MMP cost value of casualties". Checked the Manual and it has clearly not been updated to the current game version. Going to Reports -> Losses I find that Russia has been the big loser at this point having lost 13. Checking the Units button I find that 13 represents 13 units of all types, so that is not what I'm looking for. Checking Graphs I find what might be
  11. Searching through the Manual I'm thinking no, but wanted to be sure. Sharing between Germany & Austro-Hungary and between other allies would make sense to me, but I'm not seeing it. Might it be something the Editor could change?
  12. SCWW1 Breakthrough Ostaufmarsch Syria and Palestine are showing as Neutral - Huh? In 1914 they were provinces of the Ottoman Empire, why set them as neutral?
  13. Ah HA! Your secrets are now belonging to ME! Found the data on terrain effects on movement and other modifiers hidden away in the Editor.
  14. Are gas and atomic bombs included in the appropriate places in the scenarios included with the game? I know there is a Loss Table that shows the loss of units, but is there somewhere that tallys up the strength points lost, thus somewhat reflecting the losses in manpower?
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