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  1. Hi Bill, thanks. I have been in Rome for some days so I couldn't react sooner. I will try to get the Password of my Opponent and will send you a save-file then. Kind regards Furchtlosundtrew
  2. Hi Bill, no shelling of the City by the Battleship. The Shipp is shelling ground units one or two tiles away from Saloniki...
  3. Hi Bill, thanks for your attention. Saloniki stays at 5. The town between Saloniki and the turkish border (ist it named Kavala? Don't know) is at Supply 8. Turkey is in the war on my side. Nothing happened in Jugoslavia. No partisan activity, it has been completely under my control since i conquered it in April '41 and it's ressources/towns are all at least at Level 6. Saloniki had no enemy troops adjacent for several turns. There have been no bombing raids. The only possibility in my eyes is an British Battleship which is adjacent to Saloniki Harbour for several turns, but it would be new f
  4. Hi Bob again ;o) To your question regarding generals (HQs): It depends from situation to situation. HQs are useful for your units as they are pushing the readiness value of an attached unit. Try the following: Put the modus of an HQ on auto-assist or manual mode. Chose a unit and change between attaching and deattaching an nearby HQ (you can change it as often, as you like). You will notice, that the unit's readiness will be much higher with an HQ attached, than without. By changing between different HQs you will notice, that the command rating (the higher, the better) and the HQ experience (d
  5. Hi Bob, I normally try to give the French troops a hard hammering in the first weeks of the scenario. I try not to be completely passive at the british/belgian part of the front, but i lay a clear focus on France. You can try to lay the focus at the Britis troops instead, but you should try to bild a focal point instead of spread your attacks all over the front (my opinion). I deploy my artilleries in the following way: 2 of them in the nearest vicinity of Verdun. These have the Job to deentrench two of the forts in the first turn and I try to conquer them. The other one I normally depoly near
  6. Hi there, one question to the supply situation in Saloniki in the SoE-scenario: In my current Pbem I play the Axis. I didn't attack greece, but my opponent did in 1941, conquered Athens and Greece surrendered to him. I brought some troops there and managed to drive back the British troops a little bit. I was able to conquer the City of Saloniki back. This citiy is linked by a railroad to Jugoslavia, which is under my control. For this reason, the supply of Saloniki should rise turn for turn up to a value of 8, (or maybe 10, because it is a Country which is allied with me). But I realised after
  7. Hi there, My opinion to this Scenario: Germany has a clear starting advantage not only because of it's artillery units, you can place free with 10 Shells each, but also because of it's gas/Shell level which is higher and makes each of it's gun much more valuable. Germans have a higher trench tech level too. If you use these benefits in the right way, you can bring the Entente into serious troubles! Of course, the entente gets stronger and stronger, the longer you play and they will close the tech gap at some date. But you have a chance, to cause so heavy damage before, that you will be able to
  8. Hi Kirk, not shure, wether I understand your plans in the right way (my poor english...). Modelling Pre-Dreadnoughts, Battlecruisers and Dreadnoughts as Battleships with different tech-level is not a bad idea, but the Problem (in my eyes) doing so is, that without problems the battleships can be upgraded later in the game. So for some MPP it is possible, to bring the whole german fleet into fully armed Dreadnoughts and this is shurely not, what you intend to have, do you...?
  9. Hi Sapare, thanks, i did know, that a Port with an enemy ship adjacent gives no supply to land Units. But I didn't know, that this is the same for ships in the port. That menas, that there are different rules for restrengthening ships and lnad Units. Land Units Need supply and for Ships supply doesn't Play a role for restrengthening. But in my eyes, there is almost not more a sense in bombing down ports. For the most valuable supply it is enough, to block the ports and even if i bomb down a port to 0, i will not be able, to hit a ship within the port directly (except with submarines, but the
  10. yeah, i noticed something similar in my actual game. I had the ports of St. Petersburg completely surrounded by my Subs and Cruisers. The last Russian Cruiser in one of the two ports started with suppy 10 and lost a Point for every attack by my Subs (which should be normal) but didn't recover his Supply in the next own turn. I have to add, that i didn't attack the ports themselves, but only the cruiser within the ports by Sub attacks. Is there a rule for that?
  11. But Russians don't have to invest any MPP in their Navy. Their Ships are already in the prduction Queue and are for free Not quite shure at the Moment, but i think they get one ore maybe two Dreadnoughts and three or four Subs until 1916. Especially the Subs are vessels, the Ottomans can't handle in my opinion.
  12. Hi Sapare, thanks for your comments to this older thread of mine ;o) Some Points: I had a very short but instructive game against strategiclayabout (as you can read above) since i made my statemenats. It changed my mind in some Points. Germany has possibilities in the beginning, i didn't know, as i opened this thread in March '15. If they avoid a greater number of losses against France/Great Britain in '14 in the West (which is possible with a forced march opening), they will keep initiative and can go all in against russia in 1915. But still i belive, that it is to easy for russia, to gain
  13. Hi there, thanks for your comments. Id like to test march on Paris against you, Steel32. Unfortunately I have three hard Pbems at the Moment and a hard time at work. Maybe in two weeks the situation will be a bit better an we could start. If this is OK, I will send you my email-adress per PM.
  14. Hi Steel32, thanks for your comment, but i belive we are not talking (or writing) about the same Scenario. I belive you are writing about the call to arms Scenario, as you write about winning the war in the east and defeating belgium in 2 turns. I agree (if you are really talking about CtA). But i was writing about the Scenario "march on Paris" which covers only the western Front in '14...
  15. Some comment regarding the March on Paris Scenario, you named, Bill I tried this one in a pbem with each side some weeks before. On the first sight i liked it really. But with the time I am convinced, that Germany is unable to win this Scenario, if the Entente Player doesn't make serious mistakes. The biggest Problem is the supply in western Belgium, which slows down every german advance effectively. Every rail line leads at some Point through a belgium fortress. These are very strong here (Counter fire by the fortresses to enemy Units nearby at the end of the turns). Germany has just 1 Arti
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