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Immediate Naval Support


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Hi, I'm still designing my first map, hoping to make a campaign eventually.

Just wondering if anyone can give me a step by step on how to setup Naval support with US beach landings in the editor please (or point to a post) for things like bringing in firing immediately and whether naval units can be brought in to fire later as reinforcements without the use of a Forward Spotter etc, kinda after 10 minutes on their own.


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Hi Jack,

First you'll have to purchase the naval arty you want, of course, then it depends whether it will be the AI's arty or theplayer's. If it will be the AI, you'll have to "paint" supporting fire area(s) you want it to hit. The AI randomly chooses from among its available arty and will start firing about midway through the first turn. If it's the Players' arty, on your initial set up turn, you can select it and set it to fire immediately or at the different interval choices you'll be given. I forget if you need to have a spotter on the ground to do that or not...

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