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Hotfix 1.00.3 uploaded

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Put in new hotfix for AoC.

Research adjusted (Aryaman)

Italian reserach fixed Barb to Berlin (Bertram)

German offensive scripts fixed Barb to Berlin (Duke of York)

Finland A.I. defenses adjusted (steel32)

Added Finnish armistice in 1944

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Hi Big Al :) ,

First thanks for the hotfix(es) !

Playing AoC 1.02 hotfix 1.00.3 I noticed some small things:


Case Blue classic:

rail gun with deentrench stat 1 only deentrench Sevastopol 1 level (8 to 7) after 3 shells

Case Blue frontline:

rail gun with deentrench stat 1 and no strategic value attack doesn't deentrench but attack Sevastopol supply (from 5 to 4, one hit with 3 shells)

So it seems stats for rail gun got messed up somewhere ^^ .


Citadel classic/frontline:

soviet fortification (1 corner) south of Kursk on tile 73,36 is facing northwards instead of southwards

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Thanks Big Al :) ,

- While I'm at it, a small funny detail: for Case Blue, when Germans got their strategy tips pop window at start, the picture included actually shows the location of all soviet units in the back of the southern front (when FOW should conceal them.

- I suppose the screen was taken on soviet side. Not sure if you wanted it like that but I'll take it as gathered intel before the offensive ;) . Havn't checked for other campaigns.


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Hi Strategiclayabout,

For the rail guns I believe this is the correct behaviour as the rail gun is a unit that will target a resource first if it is a resource + unit tile, and unless there is a follow up hit on the defending unit then the defender will not incur a de-entrenchment loss.

If the defender unit is out in the open, i.e. not on a resource then the de-entrenchment loss should happen as expected per rail gun strike.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks Hubert/Big Al :) ,

- Yes it helps, I fooled myself with the 0 strategic attack value of the rail gun but what you said makes sense. I'll avoid using it against supply/ressource tiles when I need the shells to deentrench ^^ .

- Noticed another minor detail: in the war map mode (Case Blue, AoC 1.02), all countries have their flag/icon where their (ingame) capital is except USSR (Riga instead of Moscow).


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Tested the Hotfix with 1944 Bagration Scenario as Axis (first turn SU).

Two things are to note.


The (SU) AI still tends to retreat first a few units before launching the assault. Not a big problem because this are only three or four Cavalry or Arti-Tank units. But still strange.


In some times the AI has an unit next to it's victim but moves before attack and loses the prepared bonus (I suppose there is one in AoC).

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  • 3 weeks later...

@ Big Al:

- I managed to reproduce it again in a Bagration hotseat game, zooming in and out at different levels several times, then flying over the map but I had to wait 2-3 minutes to get the error so I'm not sure what's causing it.

- However if I don't change the zoom level I can finish my turn without any problem (did it twice).

- Not sure if it's relevant but I was also taking some screenshots using the ingame keys (F11/F12 for jpg and png) on the turns when it happened.

- Other than that I have gold/AoC/AoD in a different base folder than WWI/Breakt (called Battlefront2 instead of Battlefront).

@ Hubert :) : same as my default PC screen resolution = 1024x768

(running with XP pro sp3, GeForce GTX 8800, directX 9.0)


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Hi Hubert,

- Thanks for the answer, wasn't able to replicate the error using a 1280x1024 resolution :) .

(though I got another one but only because I switched between game/desktop too quickly :P)

[09/09/2013 6:40:58; 5.1.2600; 1024x768x32(1); v1.02 AoC] FAILED(draw_unit_text_to_buffer_dc):

[09/09/2013 3:55:39; 5.1.2600; 1024x768x32(1); v1.02 AoC] FAILED(draw_unit_text_to_buffer_dc):

[09/09/2013 4:51:14; 5.1.2600; 1024x768x32(1); v1.02 AoC] FAILED(draw_unit_text_to_buffer_dc):

[09/10/2013 8:26:06; 5.1.2600; 1280x1024x32(1); v1.02 AoC] DIRECTX FAILED(draw_sprite_on_map_surface): dderr_invalidrect

- I also noticed that the full screen mode button isn't enabled for resolutions above 1024x768. So it's probably all about my game/PC settings.

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Looks like your system doesn't support Full Screen due to your desktop settings. If you were able to disable it, it would likely do the trick.

However, the only way to enable the Full Screen button on your end would be to set your desktop resolution to something higher like 1280x1024.

Not sure if that is an option for you but if it were it would likely solve all the issues.


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