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1939 Solo Axis Campaign AAR

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Hello Everyone,

First time posting here and just bought the Gold edition a few days ago. I am an avid gamer and bought SC1 many years ago. Played it regularly throughout 2 deployments to Iraq and really enjoyed it. I have played a few turns of the 1939 campaign and this is quite a jump from the first SC1. I figured I would do a turn by turn AAR from a "beginners" perspective. The scope of the game can be quite daunting and I am still learning all the rules and little things that make a difference (submarine and carrier settings as an example). I welcome any and all comment just don't use spoilers on me. I want the events and actions to come as a surprise to get the "real" feel of this global conflict.

I will playing as the Axis with the standard settings and the v1.03 patch. I am using the standard icons not the 3-D ones. It is just personal preference. I spent 12 years in the Army and did many maps and graphics with military icons so it just appeals to me more. I will present each turn in a standard Operational 5 paragraph order format for consistency.

1. Situation (enemy last turn and present friendly turn)

2. Mission (current turn orders)

3. Execution (current turn movement/combat)

4. Administration/Logistics (purchase/research/diplomacy)

5. Communication (misc notes, comments, etc.)

My next post will be my initial grand strategy planning post and orders/execution of Turn 1. I will do my best to make this fun and entertaining. I hope everyone enjoys.



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From: Combined Axis High Command

To: National Command Authorities of Axis Powers (Germany, Italy, Japan)

Subject: Axis War Plan Alpha

Classification: Top Secret

Date: 01OCT39

Directive: Initiate War Plan Alpha scenario orders. Conduct immediate combined arms offensive operations to secure territory and natural resources to support economic and military initiatives. Objective to be focused but not limited to immediate nations declaring war on our alliance. Plan for future operations to be conducted against possible enemy entry into conflict. Germany and Italy to secure and pacify European mainland. Secondary objectives include but not limited to restriction of enemy naval and air dominance in Atlantic and Mediterranean theaters. Unrestricted ground/naval/air warfare is authorized. Restrictions against neutral countries are in place. Japanese to continue combined operations against China to occupy and exploit Asian mainland. Avoid hostilities with other allied nations until further date. Plan and production to focus on future occupation of Pacific resources and ensure naval/air dominance of said theater. Aggressive acts against all priority neutral nations (USSR, USA) are discouraged. Offensives operations against minor neutral nations for objective completion to be considered on case by case basis. Priority of allocated resources for industrial/military technology and unit production/improvement. Diplomatic actions are beyond our control and sphere of influence(focus of campaign will be strategic and tactical actions, not diplomatic). All members are to commence with military action beginning no later then 03OCT39.

------------------ WAR PLAN ALPHA effective immediately ------------------

------------------ WAR PLAN ALPHA effective immediately ------------------

------------------ WAR PLAN ALPHA effective immediately ------------------

------------------ WAR PLAN ALPHA effective immediately ------------------

------------------ WAR PLAN ALPHA effective immediately ------------------

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Side note- Got the date wrong on above posts. I was a month off on the start date. It is going to be a long war if I cannot even start it on time. I will posts these by turn before I click end turn. I will then report on enemy actions at the start of my next turn AAR. I have chosen to not have the production delay for a couple of reasons. One being I just do not have the time to plan and calculate in advance. However I will justify by saying that I have planned in advance by being able to buy units and place them that turn. So instead of foresight planning I am using afterthough planning lol. There is a reason to have functional and competent military staffs you know. I think this option might give an Axis advantage at first. We will see. On to my Turn 1.

03Sep39 Turn 1 AAR

Dispatches from the Front:

Germany- While scouting enemy positions 7th Corps contacted the main Polish Air Force airfields. 3rd Army in support engaged and overran said airfields. Luftwaffe conducts bombing raids on Warsaw and Polish Army Headquarters. 19th and 16th Panzer Groups advanced on Warsaw. 19th Panzer Group enters city. U-30 submarine groups commences silent running to maneuver along projected shipping convoy lanes. Admiral Graf Spee assumes convoy interdiction along projected convoy routes west of Africa. U-47 is refitting in port. 8th Corps receives infantry and motorization upgrades. Luftwaffe 3 receives fighter aircraft upgrade. Preparing for mopping up in Polish AOR if necessary and movement of forces to western front.

Italy- Due to late mobilization and economic factors. Italy will not be conducting offensive operations. Current force structure is understrength and under equipped. Italian high command requests additional time for conscription and technology enhancements.

Japan- General Terauchi reports Chinese Army was engaged and overran southeast of Chengchow. Preparing for possible assault on city of Chengchow. 3rd Army arrives on North China Front via rail from Manchouli. 1st Korean Corps assumes Manchouli defensive positions. 6th Army and 2nd Air Group en route from Manchuria to China via roads. Akagi, Kaga, and Soryu carrier groups have been upgraded with long range aircraft. 1st Kure SF group preps for amphibious operations. Preparing for possible landing and assault of Foochow.

Awaiting enemy actions.



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01Oct39 Turn 2 AAR

Dispatches from the front:

Enemy actions- Multiple nations have declared war. Mostly of the British Empire. Chinese conducted skirmish and attacks all along our front in China.

Germany- Poland surrendered following our lightning attacks and occupation of Warsaw. Casualties were light. Troops begin march to western front. Luftwaffe I stands down for aircraft replacement. We have relocated Luftwaffe assets to the north of Berlin for possible ground support of Denmark invasion. Current weather conditions have grounded air operations. 8th motorized corps has assembled north of Hamburg to spearhead the invasion. The Scharnhorst and Gneisenau cruisers battle groups have taken of blocking positions north of Copenhagen. U47 and U32 submarine groups are running silent and deep just west in case of RN intervention. Our command has decided to disregard our agreement to partition Poland with the USSR. As a result possible mobilization of USSR forces has increased (13 to 27 percent). However we believe with the total occupation of Polish territory will allow increased room for deployment of forces in event of an invasion of the USSR. U30 and the Graf Spee are conducting anti-shipping operations. U30 along the Canadian shipping lanes and Graf Spee along the African west coast. We have invested in armored warfare research.

Italy- Mass conscription has taken place to fill out our existing understrength armies. Planning involves possible Med or African theater of operations in near future.

Japan- Foochow is our current objective. Kaga, Akagi, and Soryu carrier air wings bombed Foochow and hit enemy fortifications. 17th Army disembarks on coast and conducts march to the high ground northwest. 1st Kure SF group en route for beach landing. Gen Kimura reports assaults against Foochow will commence promptly. Iso, Fuso battleships and Sendai cruiser group conducted shore bombardment of city as well. Gen Imezu arrives from Manchurian front to take over North Chinese Front. Replacements have arrived to fill out weakened armies and corps.

Admin Note – After selecting to not partition Poland. I received an event about the USSR surrendering and Japan asking to partition USSR territory. I accepted yes but alas the USSR did not surrender. Don't know if this was triggered by my decision or just a bug or something. Also I notice that Japan does not have level 1 in motorization at the start. Is this a change for the 1.03 patch?



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Turn 3 AAR

Dispatches from the front:

Enemy Action- French Armor spotted west of Maginot Line. Possible Royal Navy cruiser spotted northwest of Bergen on the Norwegian coast. Chinese continue actions along our front inflicting considerable casualties on the Japanese 2nd Kwangtung Army southeast of Chengchow. The garrison at Foochow was reinforced by infiltrating our lines through 17th Korean Army.

Germany- Continued bad weather hampers our movement to the western front and postpones the invasion of Denmark. Rundstedt HQ is heading to take over the western front while Leeb and Bock HQ coordinate movement and staging to secure our northern flank. Luftflotte III stages on the northwest coast to begin recon flights over the channel coast to spot RN activity and draw them out if possible. Due to possible French navy involvement orders are to recon only. II and VII Corps, presently garrisoning our new Polish territories are both upgraded to motorized status. ST. G. 2 Tactical Bomber are operational southwest of Hamburg. We have outfitted these Stukas with anti-naval capabilities to counter possible RN action in the Channel and Baltic Sea.

Italy- Conscription continues to strengthen our forces. No actions taken.


Japan- In response to the 2nd Kwangtung Army having to withdraw from the front due to casualties. Gen. Umezu unleashed a sustained offensive against the Chinese 16th Army southwest of Chengchow. After suffering horrendous losses the survivors abandoned their positions and fled for the hills to the west. Gen Umezu called for all available air support. The Akagi Carrier group, operating against targets around Foochow, responded in haste and sailed into the yellow sea and launched ground attack sorties. They caught the remnants fleeing and reported Chinese 16th Army destroyed. Gen Umezu halted advancing into the open terrain. His strategy is to see if the Chinese send in green troops to hold the ground. If so he plans to attack again. Heavy air raids and offshore bombardment of Foochow continued. The Soryu carrier air wing suffered excessive losses and has withdrawn to Osaka port for replacement aircraft and crews. 17th Korean Army and 1st Kure SF group launched attacks into the city proper. The defense is well organized despite our round the clock bombing. Gen. Kimura assures the city will be taken quickly. 2nd Air Army arrives in Peking to conduct combat air patrols. We have invested in motorization research. Furataka cruiser is outfitted with new naval guns.


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26Nov39 Turn 4

Dispatches from the Front:

Enemy Actions- French Armor assaulted our west wall defenses hitting 5th Mtn Corps. We withstood the assault and the French took moderate casualties.

Germany- Overcast and heavy rain continues and we must forestall any offensive actions for the time being. Forces continue marching west. I Corp in Poland has received new weapons and halftracks.

Italy- Our armies in North Africa received moderate replacements. Heavy sandstorms throughout Africa reported.


Japan- Two Chinese infantry corps were destroyed. One in Foochow after another heavy air and ground assault. Gen. Kimura reports the city is occupied. The trap Gen. Umezu laid was sprung as an inexperienced Chinese corps moved in to assume defensive positions south of Chengchow. An all assault destroyed the Corps. The Central Expedition Army pursued and took up those positions. We now have Chengchow almost surrounded. We will begin movement on Changsha to the south and softening up the defenses around Chengchow. Soryu carrier group receives upgraded Zero fighters. The weather continues to hold along our Chinese front and we will continue our offensives.


Admin- Appreciate the help with the images. Should make it more easier to view.

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24Dec39 Turn 5

Enemy Actions- French forces continue to attack our positions along the west wall. Gains are minimal and losses slight.

Germany- Winter is in full swing across the theater. Our forces are starting to settle in along the western front and others are still moving westward.


Enemy contact! Admiral Graf Spee while conducting surface raiding of allied shipping lanes stumbled upon the HMS Cumberland cruiser. An engagement ensued. Graf Spee reports moderate damage and Captain Langsdorff has orders to head into the open sea to avoid further engagements.


Italy- Continued stockpiling and conscription.

Japan- Mud and frozen temperatures has limited our offensives. Gen Umezu and Gen Terauchi conducted assaults against Chengchow. The Chinese 16th Army took heavy casualties but continues to hold positions. Kaga carrier group is sailing at top speed into the Yellow Sea to assist the Akagi with ground support operations against Chengchow. Gen Umezu reports that in spite of the weather conditions attacks will continue. 1st Cavalry Corps advances on Nanning from the southeast to fix and observe enemy movements along the southern Chinese front. Soryu carrier group receives full complement of aircraft and crews and will be operational shortly. Ise battleship and Sendai cruiser receives new guns. 1st Korean, 1st Kwangtung, and the Taiwan Corps in Manchuria all received up to date small arms, mortars, and light pack howitzers.


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21Jan40 Turn 6

Dispatches from the front:

Enemy actions- A Free Polish Corps is reported forming east of Paris. The Cumberland cruiser engaged the Grap Spee while moving north into the Atlantic. Contact was lost.

Germany- Although the skies have cleared the frozen ground remains. 1st Parachute Corps is operational and we are preparing it for a paradrop on Copenhagen next turn if the weather holds. Our ground forces are arriving on the west front in force receiving replacements and upgrades and conducting continous training exercises. Albert Speer, head of industry, has reported a massive influx of resources to conduct improved industrial research and more aircraft frames and engine development. The Kriegsmarine has decided to continue with the construction our aircraft carrier to be deployed in possibly 2 years in order to boost our ocean power projection.


The Grap Spee is heading south at speed. Cpt Langsdorff is reporting heavy casualties along with superstructure and hull damage. Grap Spee is to avoid contact at all costs.


Italy- We have deployed Gen Graziani with support troops to east Africa. Italian High Command reports that although isolated this theater could be useful for a future offensive. Two Sudanese Corps are east of Khartoum in the Sudan opposite our 7th Blackshirts in Addis Ababa.


Japan- After massive air attacks and assaults. 8th Chinese Army was destroyed defending Chengchow. 1st Kwangtung Army has occupied the city. Akagi carrier air power suffered heavy casualties. 1st Air Army in escort duties reports American fighters flown by American volunteers over the Chinese front. We have immediately deployed the 2nd Air Army to Seoul with orders to move forward and assist with air superiority operations. These self named “Flying Tigers” will soon be of no concern. The Soryu carrier group is now at 100 percent strength with orders to sail south and begin tactical bombing sorties over Nanning. Kaga carrier group will move south and assist. Nagato battleship is outfitted with new naval guns.


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18Feb40 Turn 7

Dispatches from the front:

Enemy Actions- Nothing to report

Germany- We declared war on Denmark. 2nd STG Tactical Bombers conducted terror raids on Copenhagen. 1st Parachute Corps jumped soon after among the confusion using Junkers and Gliders. Gen. Student reports the city is in our hands but 40 percents casualties have been sustained mainly from anti aircraft fire. Deployments along the western front are almost complete.


Italy- No actions to report.

Japan- Attacks against fortifications southwest of Chengchow were conducted. Heavy rain, fog, and mud have made offensive operations almost impossible. 1st Air Army is operational northwest of Nanking. Kaga and Soryu carrier groups enroute to South China sea. 3rd Army receives upgraded weapons and equipment.


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17Mar40 Turn 8

Dispatches from the Front

Enemy actions- Malaya has declared war on us. Singapore is upgrading its ports.

Germany- Denmark has surrendered following our airborne invasion. Weather along the west front is snow and mud. U 30 is reporting low supplies and has gone silent as it maneuvers through Iceland and England. Graf Spee despite damage has resumed anti shipping operations northwest of Cape Town as it maneuvers south.


Italy- 7th Blackshirts are brought up to full combat power in East Africa.

Japan- Carrier air wings have gone into action bombing Nanning. Continued attacks against defenses southwest of Chengchow. 21st Naval Tac Bombers are operational in Okinawa. Armies are staging for naval transports from central China front to southern China front. Gen Okamura has his orders. Take Nanning!


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14Apr40 Turn 9

Dispatches from the Front

Enemy actions- Nothing to report

Germany- With clear skies overhead, we declared war on Belgium and our armies started the westward advance. Our ultimate objective is Paris and the surrender of our nemesis from the Great War. Our Stukas went into action around Brussels pounding enemy positions.4th and 8th armies attacked the Belgians while 19th Panzer Group blitzed the city and occupied it. The French 2nd Army attempted a relief and we beat it back. Awaiting an anticipated Belgium surrender. Our paratroops were brought up to full strength.


War correspondents followed our Panzers as they maneuvered through the Low Countries.


Italy- Nothing to report.

Japan- Continued tactical bombing of Nanning by our carrier air wings. 21st Tactical Bombing wing arrives in Foochow to assist in Nanning offensive. 11th Army and 2nd Kwangtung Army disembarked at Hainan and are marching to front. Akagi carrier receives full complement of aircraft and crews. Sporadic fighting is taking place along entire Chinese Front. Kongo battleship deploys at Osaka port. Suiyuan infantry corps deploys at Tokyo.


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12May40 Turn 10

Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- The French 6th Army has moved up to the southwest of Brussels attempting to stall our offensive. The Chinese 4th Army has infiltrated our lines on the North Chinese front threatening Gen Umezu Headquarters.

Germany- Our offensive is going according to schedule. Stukas fill the skies as our Me109s provide an umbrella of air cover. We have swung into the low countries. Belgium has surrendered promptly. After heavy fighting the 1st, 2nd, and 6th French Armies have been completely destroyed. Our 8th Army is on the coast facing a lone Free Polish Corp. 4th Army has flanked the northern Maginot line defenses. Our two panzer Groups are ready to advance into the breached allied lines. KG 51 heavy bombers have been deployed to Denmark. Our paratroops are once again preparing for an airborne assault as the 6th Mountain Corp is embarking on amphibious assault ships. Our high command believes that the time is right for a quick occupation of Norway in the next month. Another Stuka air wing is deployed. We will have undisputed control of the air. U25 is deployed in Danzig port.


Italy- Disturbing reports from East Africa as a Rhodesian Inf Corps is spotted to the west of Mogadishu across the border. The Vittorio Veneto battleship is deployed near the Venice ports.

The Italian Navy Flagship Vittorio Veneto is commissioned


Japan- Heavy rains along the entire Chinese front have grounded all air operations and brought maneuvers to a stand still. Gen Umezu attacked the 4th Chinese from all sides. The tough veteran defenders held their ground but lost half their strength. The Akagi carrier group has moved into range to begin tactical bombing of this stubborn army promptly. Gen Okamura is using the heavy rains as cover to move his new forces into position opposite Nanning. The Indochina Army has embarked on amphibious assault craft for landings at the Pakhoi ports south of Nanning. Our battleships are bombarding the port in preparation for the landings. Kongo battleship is refitted with new naval ordnance.


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09Jun40 Turn 11

Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- The French still show some fight. 1st DCR tank group and two armies assaulted our 3rd Army in the Ardennes forest. The fighting was intense and 3rd Army was forced to retreat following massive casualties. The HMS Rodney appeared on the coast and shelled our 8th Army. The Chinese were able to infiltrate our lines and reinforce the 4th Army. Their infiltration tactics are being studied and counter tactics being developed.

Germany- We declared war on Norway fearing a British take over. 6th Mountain Corps assaulted the beaches and moved on Oslo after our heavy bombers softened up the target. Fighting was fierce but in the end we captured Oslo. Our Panzers moved along the north coast of France, destroying the Free Polish corps in the process. 8th Army while moving to contact encountered the BEF northwest of Paris. Our Stukas hammered the 7th and 4th French armies. 15th Panzer Group was deployed along the west wall and will go into action soon. Our paratroops, no longer needed for Norway are redeployed for possible action on the French front.


6th Mountain Corps troops advancing on Oslo, Norway.


Italy- Nothing to report

Japan- Gen Umezu conducted another all out assault and broke the back of the 4th Chinese Army overrunning the fleeing defenders. We continue our movements for the attack on Nanning. 2nd Yokosuka Special Forces group is deployed on at Takao.


Japanese Infantry attacking the 4th Chinese Army in the mountains.


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07Jul40 Turn 12

Dispatches from the Front-

Enemy actions- French forces retreating in good order back to Paris. HMS Electra destroyer engaged Graf Spee while she was attempting to skirt the right coast of Africa. Ship is heavily damaged, low on supplies and morale is low. Attempting to make port at Mogadishu and come under available Italian air and destroyer cover.

Germany- Norway has surrendered. We have reallocated the ore mines to Swedish control and allowing us to readjust our convoy routes to the Baltic. Two more French armies are destroyed and we have reduced the BEF to 50 percent strenght. Our panzer forces have suffered casualties in the process. An all out assault on Paris is scheduled. We have improved our industrial output considerably. Graf Spee has limped to neary Mogadishu. Hopefully the Italians can help us.


Italy- High Command has reported that preparations for war are nearly complete. Expect a formal declaration of war soon.

Japan- We attack Nanning with mixed results. Defense is stubborn and heavy. Reinforcements have arrived across the Chinese front.


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Dispatches from the Front-

Enemy actions- The French fleet sorties into the central Med. Sudanese Defense Corps skirmishes with our 7th Blackshirts outside Addis Ababa.

Germany- After tough and heavy fighting we have captured Paris! The defeat and humiliation of the Great War has been avenged. We continued subduing French positions along the Maginot Line. 19th Panzer Group, while moving to contact, ran into the BEF outside Nantes. Fighting erupted and our panzers took the worst of it. The Prinz Eugen cruiser and U73 are operational.


Our troops march into Paris


Italy- 6th Bomber group is brought up to full strength. 1st Air Group engaged a French submarine north of Sicily inflicting minor damage. Our Bronzo submarine submerged and sortied into the western Med. Reports from Gen Graziani suggest 4 allied corps moving on East Africa. He requests immediate reinforcements. Our intelligence has underestimated allied strengths and positions in the Africa theater.

Japan- Heavy rains stall our offensive on Nanning. Adjustments are made along the front. Gen Umezu is planning a possible offensive on the North Chinese front. We have deployed the 23rd Naval Tac Air group to Seoul to support his planning.


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1st Year AAR

A year has passed and thought I might give a recap and share my thoughts so far. The campaign has been really enjoyable so far. Doing the AAR just adds to the excitement as my success and failures are out there in the open. I truly feel like a beginner in this campaign. My last Strategic Command game was SC1 back in 2009 and things have certainly changed and for the better I might add. My overall objective of this campaign is to learn the game while I play. Of course winning is right up there also. I learn quicker through trial and error and seeing the actions played out. I am referring to the game manual as I go such as reading about using paratroops after I bought them. This has hampered my planning and execution to a degree. I am playing a conservative approach so far with the Axis. This is now the big decision event for the Axis after the fall of France at least in my opinion it is. Even with a clear cut strategy from the beginning no plan ever survives first contact with the enemy. With the French navy out of the way Germany and Italy have a little bit more freedom of maneuver on the water. I honestly did not start the war with a clear cut overall strategy after this point. So now I will have to figure out what my plan of action is. Japan has been most challenging so far. This is my first time dealing with the Asian and Pacific theaters in SC. Between the terrain, weather, and oceans it can be quite daunting. I have learned more in 13 turns of play then I ever could reading the manual from start to finish but that is just me. My overall evaluation of this game so far is definitely gold! I am avid reader of military history and especially World War 2. The decision events in the game are great and the historical units, generals, ships just add to it. The map is superb also. I am sure I will learn to love it even more as I get the rules and gameplay down better. Well enough rambling there is much work to do.

Hitler, Mussolini, and von Runstedt meet in the field to discuss operations.


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01Sep40 Turn 14

Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- The USA has increase lend lease activity to the United Kingdom. More British units arrive in the African theater.

Germany- France has formally surrendered and we set up a puppet government to administer southern France and colonial possessions. The BEF is dug in Nantes and we attack with 3 armies but our old adversaries hang on. Our sub groups have sortied into the North Sea. More fighters and tactical bombers are formed and we await to deploy them. The Brandenburger Special Forces group is forming as well. Reinforcements arrive to fill out the depleted ranks of our forces from the spring and summer campaigns.

The Brandenburger Special Operations group


Italy- We have started to outfit our armies with new small arms and light artillery. The British destroyer Amazon was spotted off the north African coast. We went after it and hit it hard but she is still afloat. The situation in East Africa is untenable as 5 allied corps and a HQ group are reported. Gen Graziani, while falling back discovered the British cruiser Cumberland at Djibouti. The 7th Blackshirts infiltrated the port at night and set satchel charges causing heavy damage to the cruiser.

Naval actions in the Med


Big trouble in East Africa


Japan- Declared war on French Indochina and the Indochina army landed on the beaches and secured Hanoi. Sporadic fighting across the Chinese front. Our main objectives remain the capture of Nanning and opening an offensive in the North. Our two Special forces groups have embarked on amphibious landing craft for undisclosed landings.

Occupation of Hanoi


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29Sep40 Turn 15

Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- The British fleet in the Med attacked the Italian navy. The Trieste and Fiume cruisers were sunk with all hands lost. British forces secured Addis Ababa.

Germany- The BEF stood firm and we attacked successfully. Prisoners are being rounded up and equipment secured. Continue to redeploy and replace. Our sub groups were recalled to be outfitted with new and improved torpedoes(advanced subs level 2). We now have 4 Air fighter wings, 4 Tac bomber wings, and 1 heavy bomber wing. We will deploy the majority to the Med theater and with the Italian navy and army achieve dominance and start our chokehold on the United Kingdom.

Italy- We struck back at the RN and sunk the HMS Warspite. Preparing for troop deployments to the North African theater.

Japan- Indochina surrendered. We hit Nanning with massive air and ground attacks but the defenders stood firm although they sustained massive casualties. Our navy is on the move along with special operations group. General Yama****a and his staff have become operational. The north front is almost ready for an offensive.

General Yama****a arrives in theater


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27Oct40 Turn 16

Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- The Royal Navy hit us once again in the Med sinking the Veneto battleship. Long Range Desert Group is probing our defenses at Tobruk.

Germany- We gladly accepted Romania into our glorious alliance and assisted with conscription to get their armies up to strength. We moved massive air support into the Med theater to assist the Italians with air supremacy. New panzers are rolling off the production line and ready to be outfitted into our armored corps. The naval base at Brest is being upgraded to hold our submarine fleets.

Italian- We mourn the loss of our flagship. All available surface ships went into action against the RN and we have hit them hard. The LRDG attempted probes and infiltrations of our lines at Tobruk but were beat back by our 10th Army. We engaged a transport vessel and the battered Cumberland cruiser east of Djibouti with our weakened destroyers and the heavily damaged Graf Spee German cruiser. Gen. Balbo arrived in Tripoli to take over the defense of North Africa.

Heavy naval actions in the Med


Japan- Continued attacks against Nanning and the northern front.

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24Nov40 Turn 17

Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- The Royal Navy battleships and cruiser withdraw out of the central Med leaving the Ark Royal carrier group which conducted air raids over Tobruk. LRDG moved west around Tobruk and British armor is now moving against our 10th Army.

Germany- Continue repositioning our forces. Tactical bombing sorties began on the island of Malta to prep it for a future invasion and take over to improve our Med supplies and position. Upgraded Sub groups sortie into the North Sea. Increased Russian activity near Riga has our high command on alert in this sector. Romanian armies still filling out their ranks.

Italy- Our navy exacts more revenge for the loss of our prized battleship. The British carrier Ark Royal is sent to the bottom of the Mediterranean as we engaged it in a night surface action hitting it at close range with our surface ships. The LRDG attempting to flank our Tobruk defenses gets hammered by our 10th and 5th Armies.

The Royal Navy is cleared from the Central Med


Italian artillery in action near Tobruk


Japan- A Chinese corps on the north front is destroyed by our experienced and battle hardened troops of the Expedition Army. The Indochina army has moved up to the southwest of Nanning.

The hard hitting Expedition Army on the North Front


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Dispatches from the front-

Admin note- I hit next turn before saving the game to recap the last turn so I will play this turn out and show the maps of the current situations.

Enemy actions- The British are moving on Tobruk in force. Engineers and Tac Air have been spotted along with the Western Desert Force. A Royal navy battleship is spotted east of Tobruk. The Royal Navy also sortied out of Scapa Flow(1 battleship, 2 cruisers, and 3 destroyers) and engaged our sub groups running deep in the North Sea.

Germany- The Hungarians also have joined the Axis alliance. We strike back in the North Sea sinking the St. Clair destroyer flotilla, Niagara destroyer flotilla, and the Exeter cruiser. Our surface fleet headed by the Bismarck sorties and we relocate air assets from the Med to the north coast of France to provide air cover if the Royal Navy pursues our retreating sub groups. Plans are being forwarded for offensive actions against the USSR should the need arise.


Italy- Heavy combined air assaults have destroyed the Malta garrison. II Corps has embarked and will conduct an assault landing on the island fortress. The Andrea Doria battleship and Pola cruiser engage the Malaya battleship and sink it. The Ariete armored corps arrives in North Africa and pulverizes the Long Range Desert group into oblivion.


Japan- We have achieved breakthroughs in naval warfare(level 2) and motorization(level 1). High command has come to the conclusion that war with Britain and the USA is inevitable. Additional reinforcements for the Pacific will be forthcoming. The Zuiho carrier group is deployed at Taiwan. We hit the Chinese 41st Army with heavy air and ground attacks destroying it northeast of Nanning(which we secured last turn). Gen Umezu is advancing on the North Chinese Front. Our troops are being reinforced and equipped with new trucks.


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Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- British troops continue to pressure Tobruk. The Royal Navy has withdrawn from the North Sea. China is reeling from the loss of Nanning readjusting their lines.

Germay- We sortie our subs back into the North Sea searching for the RN with no luck. Bulgaria now joins the Axis alliance and we help with conscription and training. Troops are moving to the east to reinforce our borders with the USSR. We have new fighters coming into production and start to upgrade our Air fleets(aerial warfare level 2)

Italy- II Corps captures Malta. We hit the 33rd Engineer group and cause significant damage.


Japan- More advancements in our naval warfare tactics (level 2). We attack the 33rd Chinese Corps southwest of Changsha keeping the pressure on in the southern front. 1st Tank group is operational.


We have hit the British navy hard the last few turns and hope to cause more casualties. Our losses so far in this war has been light minus the Italian Navy.


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Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- The British maneuver on Tobruk. The Valiant battleship bombards our defenses.

Germany- Our sub groups continue north in search of Royal Navy ships while heading to the Atlantic. Following intelligence suggesting a Pro Allied coup in Yugoslavia, our forces invaded anticipating occupying the capital next turn. Preparing for the east front.


Italy- With the help of German dive bombers we sunk the Valiant Battleship. Our Ariete armored corps along with 5th Army destroyed the 33rd Engineer group. Ramb III destroyer and German cruiser Graf Spee attacked a naval tranport off the east coast of Africa.


Japan- Forces growing in the north front to continue our offensive. We sacked the 33rd Chinese Corps near Changsha and hit the 5th Chines army hard. 1st Bomber group is deployed. More improved industrial technology is implemented.


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