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1939 Solo Axis Campaign AAR

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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- Naval and Air attacks in the English channel. The cruiser Admiral Hipper is sunk. An American carrier appears in the channel.

Germany- Air and Naval units go into action for the battle of the English Channel. We sink the American carrier, 2 air groups, and 3 amphibious transports. Our own invasion force comes out the Baltic. The situation is chaotic and fluid as both sides are on the offensive at the same time. Our submarines and air groups may well prove the deciding factor. Our two main forces still in Russia hold steady during the brutal winter.


Italy- We deploy the 4th Army and Gen Gariboldi to North Africa to clear out pockets of British resistance. Heavy fighting around Mogadishu. We engage the American carrier Enterprise as she sunk the German cruiser Graf Spee.


Japan- We secure the Bay of Bengal with our superior Combined Fleet as our amphibious troops move to land on the Indian shores. In Australian we move on Alice Springs and continue to assault Cairns against tenacious Australian defenders with American air support. More troops landing and on the way.


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- American troops land in France amidst the naval and air battles. The 18th Airborne Corps secured Paris and liberated France!

Germany- Our invasion goes in on the east coast of the UK. Gen Kleist lands his infantry and heavy fighting erupts on the beaches and inland as we secured a port. The southern landings headed by Gen Kesselring are postponed as we had to pull back our panzers to re occupy Paris and repel the American troops landing in France. Our submarines are in blocking positions going after allied amphibious ships and American carriers. Bad weather has grounded our vaunted Luftwaffe from gaining the decisive advantage.


Italy- We secure Mogadishu. Our navy sinks the American carrier Enterprise.

Japan- Troops come ashore in India at Calcutta. More landings in Australia. We have complete naval supremacy but the fighting is tough and Cairns refused to fall.

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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- The skies cleared over the UK and their air forces went into action against our. Our beloved Bismark battleship is sunk in the channel. Heavy fighting Australia and India as the allies situation grows desperate.

Germany- Once again bad weather grounds our air power but we push on with invasion of England. Gen Kleist holds his position while Gen Kesselring embarks troops for the southern landing. Our submarines are attempting to blockade enemy ports and isolate the island. Rommel takes Lahore and is moving on Delhi in India. FM Manstein is ready to resume the offensive against the Russian capital at Novsibirsk.


Italy- Holding in East Africa. No major actions

Japan- More landings around Calcutta and will secure the city within the month. Australia is not a sure thing as we get two Generals on the ground to coordinate. Enemy air power is holding their own against our carriers.


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Orders to all combat commands- Cease hostilities against enemy forces immediately. The remaining allied powers requested an immediate armistice and have agreed to an unconditional surrender following the capture of London and the fall of India and the USSR.

To the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, and Marines of the Tripartite Pact

After nearly 6 years of campaigning your actions and deeds have resulted in our ultimate victory. Your sacrifices, bravery, courage, and skill will go down in the annals of history. Across deserts, mountains, jungles, forests, and plains you marched, engaged, fought, and were victorious. Your children and grandchildren will be born and raised in a new world of national socialism and prosperity. Your brothers in arms who gave the ultimate sacrifice to achieve our world vision will be remembered for all time. Although the guns are silent we must remain ever vigilant against those who wish to dismantle what we have fought so hard to achieve. Already those who have sued for peace are conspiring against us. Orders have gone out to all commands to prepare for a future invasion of our last remaining enemy across the oceans. Let us march one more time to Victory!

Our troops celebrate a glorious victory


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I want to thank everyone who has followed my posts as I played this campaign to learn SCGold. I thoroughly enjoyed this AAR and hope it was helpful and fun to read. Any comments, complaints, suggestions, etc I will happily take. I hope to start a new campaign soon and will revamp my AAR in an attempt to make it more fun and informational. I would recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of military history, strategy games, and wargames in general.

Thanks agains for providing a fun game and a great forum to share it with.

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Thanks for the AAR.

In the first turns in Russia, I thought you were going really slow. I usually blitzkrieg there straight to Moscow and set up defence there. This is only possibly because I usually have maxed infantry technology (infantry, anti-tank and mobility, which cost a fortune).

But I think you decided instead to put alot of resources in naval units and air, no?

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