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1939 Solo Axis Campaign AAR

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Year 3 in review

1942 saw victories and defeats across the entire spectrum. We made significant gains against some theaters, stalemates in others, and probably defeats also. The entrance of the USA changed the strategic balance and opened up new fronts that our limited resources are straining to contain. Russia seems to be gaining strength and the British have an unlimited supply of naval assets. A few major decision points are in order for each of the major Axis powers I believe.

Current nation military power.


Losses to date


Germany- Can we continue on the Eastern front and support other theaters? Should we forego sub actions since the USA entrance guarantees naval dominance in the atlantic for the allies. Offensive or defensive strategy in Russia? How much can we support the Mid east theater? How much can we commit to the defense of Europe should the US and Britain invade?

Preparing for another long year in Russia. Can we stand against the massive Russian forces?


Italy- Can we break the stalemate in Africa without anymore German assistance? How else can we pin down British resources to give our other allies more breathing room?

Our troops with British POWs. Can we continue to push them out?


Japan- How long till we can knock China out of the war? Can we sustain our far flung Pacific empire? Where is our next major offensive and should it be against the US, Britain or the Russians? Where is the main American Pacific Fleet?

Our proud troops celebrate the capture of the Philippines. Where is the next victory?


This year will be the turning point as the US will start to show itself in strength. Major battles are sure to happen and this past year we suffered our first series of losses and they are hard to replace.

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Dispatches from the front

Enemy Actions- More naval battles in the Atlantic as an American battleship and British cruiser engage our weakened sub groups. British XIII corps takes Amman pursuing Rommel's staff and headquarters units. Russian move up more forces in the south near Rostov.

Germany- Our sub groups are in serious trouble as the ports in France are still damaged and not allowing for sizable repairs. We attack and take Kursk on the east front destroying two Russian armies.

Our paratroops and French Foreign Army surround the British corps at Amman rescuing Gen Rommel.

Italy- Readjusting forces and attacking a British corps near Alexandria. Our two battleships move into the Red Sea and pummel British destroyers.

The Solomons and the Philippines surrender in good order. We have hit American moral with our captures of Hawaii and the Philippines. We destroy the American fighters north of Kukum and take Christmas Island destroying the bombers. An American cruiser also appeared and we sank it with dive bombers from our fleet carriers.

No graphics this turn.

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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- American battleships and two carriers arrive on the French coast attacking our subs and ports. A US amphibious ship is spotted in the English Channel. Another Russian motorized corps breaks for Riga through our lines. American surface fleet of 4 battleships and 2 destroyers arrive near Christmas Island south of Hawaii and engage our battleships. Quiet on other sectors.

Germany- Orders go out to our sub fleets to run silent run deep and make for the North and Baltic seas as our ports in France are no longer tenable. We deploy another Panzer army on the Russian front and destroy a Russian tank corps and infantry army. Rommel recaptures Amman destroying the XIII Indian corps in the process.

Sub fleets scatter into the Atlantic avoiding engagements


Italy- Taking over Alexandria and bringing our tank corps and 7th Blackshirts into the area to move on Cairo. Our 3 Armies in Syria beat back British and Russian attacks.

Going after Cairo


Japan- Destroyed a Chinese corps as we shift north. Reallocating our resources slowly for our next major offensive. Our carrier wings go into action against the American surface fleet sinking the Colorado battleship and a destroyer group. We promptly withdraw as our air wings are depleted and the whereabouts of American carriers is unknown. The Home Guard mobilized.

The Combined fleet plays hit and run until we can force a decisive engagement against US Navy.


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- The Americans invade France! 2 armies and 1 corps land on the north coast and advance on Paris but our infantry corps hold the city. Russian attacks seem to be losing some steam although if from the weather or just reforming their armies is yet to be seen. Quiet in other sectors.

Germany- Our dreaded two front war has begun. We rush corps to France and form a Panzer army ready to go in next month to relieve Paris. We expect more landings as we are powerless to stop them.

In the east front we destroy another army and corps and push east slowly on all fronts. We secure the oil fields at Maikop but are certain of a Russian counterattack as heavy armor is in the vicinity. Rommel pushed the British off the Syrian frontier and is preparing to advance.


Italy- Moving more troops into the Alexandria battle zone. Our battleships provide off shore bombardment.


Japan- Most sectors quiet as we reshift forces. We finish off the American bombers on Buin in the Solomons. Gen Mutagushi attacks Rangoon with SNLF and an infantry corps. Preparing amphibious troops for an assault landing there as well. Refitting our carriers is the priority as we still have not contacted American carrier forces.


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- More American and British units land in France. Paris still holds however. Russian armor destroys our corps holding the oil fields at Maikop. The Chinese bring more inexperienced corps to defend Yumen.

Germany- We rush more troops to France attacking the American armies with infantry corps and our new panzer army. Gen Kesselring is given command of the west front. In east we go on the offensive destroying 1 heavy tank corps, 5 armies, and 2 infantry corps as we move east.

The west front expands


Making gains in the east


Italy- We push the Khartoum corps further south as sandstorms rip through the theater.

Japan- Concentrating the Combined Fleet in the Marshall islands as we refit our carriers. Moving more forces against Yumen. Conscripts are called in the home guard armies.

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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- The allies capture Nantes and Brest giving them a port in France as British armor and more infantry come ashore. Attacks against Paris but again our stubborn troops hold on. Heavy Russian attacks with armor and infantry around Rostov.

Germany- We move a panzer army from the east to reinforce the west front and attack in force destroying an American army and weakening another. In the east we capture Smolensk and Voronezh and surround Leningrad. The weather has cleared and our veteran stukas do their work. Rommel overruns a British SF group and begins to move on Baghdad.

The allies reinforce the west front


Steady gains against the Russians


Italy- Vicious fighting north of Cairo as we use land, air, and naval assets.

Slowly pushing the allies out of the Mid east theater.


Japan- Attacking in force against Yumen destroying another Chinese corps. Moving on Rangoon our cruiser engages a British submarine. Moving more forces into position for our new offensive which will begin soon. Main fleet in the Marshall preparing for the US Navy to show itself.

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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- British and American troops surround Paris and cut behind our main line attempting to outflank our western position. Heavy allied bombing runs across the channel as our two fighter groups fight back. Russian troops are massing near Moscow. Possible sighting of American carriers near Samoa.

Germany- More attacks as we destroy two British Armies and relieve the embattled defenders in Paris with fresh troops. The 6th Army is formed on the west wall to stem the allied invasion. On east front we put our panzers to work blasting the southern front wide open and advancing on Moscow. Leningrad is surrounded and we begin assaulting the city. Rostov is secured as we move troops to go after the oil fields. Rommel holds in the mid east.

Seesaw battles on the West Front


Russian resistance is crumbling on the south front.


Italy- Sandstorms slow down our offensive on Cairo as we manage to destroy a British HQ unit.

Japan- Attacking effectively on Yumen destroying 3 Chinese corps. Our Furataka cruiser runs into a British carrier and battleship in the Indian ocean and is sunk. Our amphibious troops pull back to Singapore as we dispatch more surface ships into the area. We invade and secure Hong Kong.

Northern offensive in China gains momentum


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- Allied forces in France shift lines and make desperate attacks on Paris but to no avail. Heavy bombing runs again with plenty of fighter escort but our superior Luftwaffe is putting up one hell of a fight even though they are outnumbered. An American amphibious force with a battleship, destroyer, and amphib transports appear in the Solomons near Buin.

Germany- Staying on the attack we flank to beaches in north France and attack straight on opening the siege of Paris. The 7th Army is deployed on the west front to support the panzers. Our Luftwaffe is outfighting the allies in the skies causing considerable damage to their air fleets. Our troops triumph in Russian capturing Leningrad and Moscow. Our panzer operate at will on the south front encircling Stalingrad. Troops moving on the south oil fields. Russian resistance is collapsing all over!!! A corps of Russian deserters is formed and deployed for anti partisan operations. Rommel's troops are a standstill against the British in Iraq and has requested additional support.

The battle of France in full swing.


Leningrad and Moscow occupied.


Italy- Stalemate developing in front of Cairo as our lack of mobility is preventing us from flanking the city. Our battleships bombard British airfields. A British destroyer shows up near Malta and we sortie to attack.

Japan- Advancing steadily on the north Chinese front. Carriers and surface ships sortie out of the Marshall islands and take out the small American naval force(1 battleship, 1 destroyer, 1 amphib ship) in the Solomons. Still preparing our next major offensive.

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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- The allies do not land additional troops in France to support the invasion. An American submarine and battleship are spotted northwest of Lae. Other sectors are quiet.

Germany- More attacks to push back the west front as we isolate an American and Canadian corps. Probing toward Gorki and Vologda in Russia as our armor spearheads take Stalingrad and move east. Infantry advancing on Baku and Tiblisi in the south. Barring a sudden Russian counterattack high command is planning to redeploy forces to the western front and the middle east to support Rommel. Stalin has relocated his government and military apparatus to the east of the Urals.



Italy- Heavy sandstorms hinder our offensive on Cairo once again as we slowly move down the Nile river valley. Holding the mid east front along with our German allies.

Japan- The fleet pulls back from the Marshalls to the west as American naval forces seem to be sneaking around New Guinea. We sink the American battleship with carrier dive bombers and force the submarine to retreat from our convoy lanes.

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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- The Allies hold in France but once again do not reinforce. The attrition battle is in our favor and control of the air seems to have had a decisive effect. The Russians reinforce near Kuybyshev to hold the approaches into the Urals. Russian rockets pound our armies approaching Baku. American naval forces invest the Hawaiian islands bombarding our garrison troops with naval gunfire. American carriers are spotted near Hawaii and Samoa.

Germany- Field Marshal Leeb is redeployed to the west front as we advance destroying 2 corps and an army. Cautious advances on the east front and reshifting our lines. Moving refitted sub groups to the USSR shipping lanes.

Regaining the situation in France


Italy- No major change to the situation.

Japan- Secured Yumen on the north Chinese front. Pulling our Combined fleet back to Japan for refit and repairs. The mass of American battleships and cruisers at Hawaii is out of our reach for now. Our big offensive is scheduled to begin next turn.

Advancing on the Chinese capital


A tempting target but out of reach for the Combined Fleet.


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- No major actions.

Germany- We push on the ports in France. More subs go merchant hunting on the UK-USSR lanes. We assault and take Gorki in Russia. The 11th Army is formed with orders to deploy to the mideast to support Rommel in Syria.


Italy- We destroy two weakened British corps around Cairo.

Japan- We launch our long awaited offensive against the Russian cities in the Far East. Surrounding 3 of them as we begin assaults. We sink a damaged allied submarine in the port of Vladivostock. We declare war and advance with 2 armies into Mongolia.

Offensive against the Russians in the east


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- Heavy air battles over France as the American bring carrier air support. A British destroyer attempts to disrupt our sub hunting on the UK-USSR shipping lanes. American carriers are spotted near the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. British reinforce their positions in the Southeast Asia.

Germany- Attacking the ports in France as allied defenses have crumbled. Moving more troops into France to secure it. Our subs sink the weak British destroyer. Our Russian offensive slows down as we prepare for the winter months. Moving panzers into the south front against the Baku oil fields.


Italy- Moving to flank Cairo and isolate it. British resistance in this sector and in the mid east is slacking.

Japan- Secure two Russian cities in the Far east as our offensive gains momentum. Our carriers receive refits and upgrades in the Japanese ports. Moving more surface ships to Singapore. Attacks along the Southeast Asia front to pin down British troops.

Offensive success in the Far East


Advancing in Southeast Asia


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- No major moves. An American carrier with surface support is spotted Palau islands. Partisan activity is increasing in Russia and China.

Germany- We retake the French ports and destroy the allied invasion. In Russia we take Orsk at the southern tip of the Urals. With winter upon us German forces will rest and refit and attack if needed. Rommel breaks the Syrian front and we advance on Baghdad


Italy- More fighting around Cairo as the sandstorms and terrain make this offensive a slow slugfest.

Japan- We capture the Chinese capital at Urumchi. We secure the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator. Gen Mutagushi launches his assault on Rangoon with airborne landings and we secure the city. Our South seas fleet engages two British submarines in the Gulf of Martaban. The Combined fleet goes into action sinking the Ticonderoga aircraft carrier with dive bombers and torpedo planes



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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- American carriers and surface ships appear in strength south of Palau island and the DEI. No major actions

Germany- Rest and refitting across Europe and Russia as winter has set in. Rommel has invested Baghdad and laying siege.


Italy- The lone 6th New Zealand Corps hold Cairo. Preparing for an offensive in the spring

Japan- We attack the American fleet and the Battle of Palau Island is a major Japanese victory as we send 2 carriers, 2 battleships, 2 cruisers, and a destroyer to the bottom of the ocean. 3 American carriers are in the DEI and hit our surface ships as we try to engage. Moving on the Russian town of Borza as we capture all 3 border cities in the Far East. Chinese partisans retook Lanchow and the Chinese government relocated their keeping them in the fight. Forming up the Southeast Asia front to move through Burma and secure Kumning in south China.


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1943 In Review

The year started with definite anxiety among the Axis high command. We had lost the Atlantic to American and British naval power. The Russians had mass heavy armor and had inflicted considerable losses on the German armies. The African and Mid east were complete stalemates. The Chinese were fighting a delaying action and the American navy was nowhere to be seen. The tide however seems to have turned for the better.

Germany- The Russians are but a shell of what they were at the beginning of the year. Despite losing a good number of corps and armies we kept our panzers and air power intact. The Russian attacked in piecemeal with their armor allowing us to counterattack and destroy them one at a time. Despite our cautious offensive we managed to move forward quickly as Russian unit density dissipated as the year progressed. Our experienced battle hardened troops tore through the green replacement armies with ease. After securing Leningrad, Moscow, and Stalingrad the Russian morale has plummeted. Newly promoted Field Marshal Manstein, CinC of the East Front, believes one more major offensive into the Urals and mopping up operations will be necessary. Gen Rommel stubbornly held Syria against superior British and Russian troops with a mix bag of Italian infantry, special forces, paratroops, and the French Foreign Army. The allied invasion of France was repelled and losses for the Allies were high in both men and material. Once again they attacked piecemeal allowing us time to reinforce and hold until we had combat power to counterattack. Our Luftwaffe performed with distinction over the skies being outnumbered. But our superior fighters and experience prevailed. Our objectives for this year is the surrender of Russia from the conflict, defending Europe from another Allied invasion, taking control of the Mid East and assisting the Italians in Africa.

The Luftwaffe patrols the skies over France


Italy- Seesaw fighting in Egypt all year long as we are unable to outflank the enemy due to terrain and weather. Our limited mobility has kept us to pinning down the British. Luckily we have control of the Med and the Red Sea. This coming year our objective is gaining the initiative in Africa and pushing the British out along with planning for additional operations.

Gen. Italo Balbo, CinC African Command


Japan- China is still the primary objective and has proved slow going and elusive. Partisans are becoming more active keeping more troops in the interior for garrison duties. Our offensives against Russia have been a complete success and together with our German allies we see their defeat as inevitable. Slow gains in Southeast Asia against stubborn British resistance, bad terrain and weather. Our Combined fleet remained intact although losses have increased as the US Navy is now active. We have scored the first major victory but the battle for the Pacific is far from over. Knocking China out the war is the primary objective. Destroying the US Navy carriers and opening another offensive are in the works. This theater is far from secure as the allies can strike from any direction.

The carrier Kaga in action at the Battle of Palau Island


We have gained the lead in land forces and on par with naval forces


Our research and tech breakthroughs to date


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- Russian build defenses around Tblisi and Archangel. British troops pull out of Iraq and seem to be concentrating in India and Burma. The American Navy strikes back in the DEI sinking a Japanese battleship and 2 destroyer groups.

Germany- Continued rest and refit across the theaters. Moving troops against Baku and Tblisi. Massing our panzers at Orsk and Kuybyshev at the Urals. Infantry troops holding Gorki and Vologda for the winter. General Rommel secures Baghdad as we advance.

Italy- Investing Cairo and preparing to assault.

Japan- Moving the Combined fleet to Japanese home ports to replace air losses. Redeploying and reorganizing forces in China and the Far East.

No graphics this turn

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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- Russian troops digging in at Tblisi and holding Borzya and Ulan Ude in the Far East. American carriers hit Gen Mutagushi Hqs in Rangoon. Another carrier spotted southeast of Brunei.

Germany- Holding our positions in France and Russian during the winter. A Panzer group heads to Syria to assist Rommel who liberates Iraq and destroys a British tac bomber wing at Kuwait.


Italy- Reinforced and replaced land, naval, air units. 3 infantry armies in the mid east pull back for redeployment to the African theater.

Japan- Moving on Borzya despite the cold blizzards. Replacing losses in our carriers as we sortie the fleet counter American carriers moving at will through the DEI. The Yamashiro battleship and two destroyer groups are operational. We overrun a Chinese and British army as we advance on Mandalay as British tanks are spotted holding the oilfields to the southwest.


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- Quiet on all sectors. American carriers in the DEI in strength.

Germany- Continue with preparing for the spring offensives. Brandenburger SF group takes Kuwait. Battling Russian partisans near Leningrad.

Italy- We finally secure Cairo. Refitting our naval forces.

Cairo is occupied


Japan- Victory! China surrenders after years of grueling combat and heavy losses. We plunder 907 MPPs!! Redeploying our forces. Holding steady in the Far East during the harsh winter. Our carriers remain stationary northeast of Davao due to heavy rains but our surface ships move in ans engage the Americans and the Yamashiro battleship sends the Lexington carrier to the bottom along with an American submarine group. We destroy a British fighter group near Mandalay. New fighter wing with advanced Zeroes is operational.

General Terauchi accepts the Chinese surrender at Lanchow


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- Quiet along all fronts. More partisans near Leningrad

Germany- Receiving new Tiger and Panther main battle tanks on the front lines(armor warfare lvl4). With massive air support we take Tblisi. Rommel advances into south Persia encountering no resistance.

Italy- Moving south from Cairo after Egypt surrenders. 10th army lands in port and provides support attacking a lone British corps north of Khartoum.

Japan- Redeploying and refits continue. We take Mandalay and the oilfields destroying British armor in the area. The Combined fleet grows as we deploy 2 more destroyer groups for recon and spotting duties.

No major battles so no graphics needed.

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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- No major allied moves. American carriers still maneuvering in the DEI and possibly the South China Sea.

Germany- Panzer forces moving into the Urals. Attacking Baku. Rommel advancing into Persia. Combating heavy partisan forces around Riga and Leningrad.

Italy- Driving on Khartoum. Moving our fleet in the Red Sea

Situation in Africa and Middle East


Japan- Borzya is secured in the Soviet Far East. Moving air and land assets into Southeast Asia. Upgrading fighters and carrier wings. Our battleships move and sink another American carrier south of the Philippines. SNLF forces land and secure the Fiji Islands.

The Combined fleet awaiting orders. 4 additional carriers still in port.


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- Allied bombing runs over the channel. British and American carriers appear in strength in the Gulf of Martaban.

Russian defense in the Far East


Germany- Moving on Russian capital in the Urals. Captured Baku in the south. Rommel moves on Tehran defended by Russian garrison troops and a British HQ. We deploy 5th Air wing in France to assist with turning back the allied bombing raids.

Partisan battles in Russia


Italy- Attacking Khartoum. Engaged a British destroyer in port at Aden.

Japan- Secured Chita in the Soviet Far East. Moving the Combined fleet into the South China Sea sinking the lone Hornet carrier spotted there. Slow gains in Burma.

Naval battle in the making?


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- No major events.

Germany- We attack in the Urals. FM Manstein reports success against limited Russian defenses. We from another army near Hamburg. FM Rommel has taken Tehran in Persia.

Italy- We secure Khartoum with the battle hardened 10th Army. We land another army at Djibouti and march on Addis Ababa.


Japan- Attacks against a stubborn Russian defense in the Far East. Moving our fleet in the South China Sea. Troops are embarked for a future invasion.


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Dispatches from the front(two turns covered in this dispatch)

Enemy Actions- Mass allied bombing runs with escorts over the channel hitting Paris and Brussels. Heavy partisan activity near Minsk and Kiev. Russian troops from Archangel move on Vologda.

Germany- With 4 fighter wings in France we go on the offensive attacking the allied air power in south England destroying a British and US fighter group with minimal losses. Rommel secures Persia and our Brandenburger SF Group occupies the mountain pass into India. In Russia, we take Sverdlosk but Stalin evacuates farther east as our panzers pursue. Our sub fleets start to move into the Atlantic and run into an American cruiser and British aircraft carrier as Scapa Flow.



Italy- Secured Addis Ababa. Our fleet is raiding merchants along the India-UK shipping lanes.

Japan- Continued with our Far East offensive moving on Ulan Ude and scattering the Russian defense. We move our fleet into the Gulf of Martaban sinking a British battleship and cruiser as the allied carriers retreated. Secured Chittagong in east India as we push the British and Chinese remnants into Ledo and Dimpur in northeast India.


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Dispatches from the front(two turn dispatch)

Enemy actions- Partisans continue to be a problem in Russia. Bad weather has grounded allied bombing raids. Other sectors have been quiet.

Germany- Gen Manstein's forces in Russia have moved on Omsk and will most likely hold there through the winter before advancing on Novosibirsk(capital). Rommel's forces in the middle east have broken into India from the west. More fighter groups in France as we start to take air superiority over the English channel.

Battle of Britain II


Italy- Slow advances down the east coast of Africa. Our Navy is astride the India-UK shipping lanes and engaged and sunk a British cruiser and destroyer.

Invading India from both sides


Japan- Slowly advancing on the Soviet Far East front. Our Southeast Asia offensive has our troops in India on the eastern border. Our main fleet is in the India ocean attempting to fix and engage the allied carriers. We also started our invasion of Australia with SNLF troops landing and taking Darwin with carrier and destroyers in support. More assault landings scheduled around Cairns and Brisbane.

Invasion of Australia


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- Quiet on all sectors

Germany- Our submarines while spotting for the Luftwaffe encounter numerous amphibious transports on the east coast of England. The allies were preparing for a landing. We sortie our small surface fleet(Graf Zeppelin, Bismark, Admiral Hipper) along with our subs to interdict.

We discover an allied amphibious force.


Italy- Holding our positions in East Africa. Our navy has engaged a US carrier in Bombay port.

Allied fleet is destroyed at Madras


Japan- The Combined fleets enters the Bay of Bengal and sinks 3 British carriers near Madras. Invasion of Australia is in full swing as we gain naval and air superiority. 2 more carriers (Amagi and Shinano) are operational(8 total carriers for the Japanese Navy).

Invasion of Australia Phase I


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