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1939 Solo Axis Campaign AAR

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Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- The British press the attack in North Africa. 9th Australian Corps pushes our 5th Army back inflicting considerable casualties. Our preemptive invasion of Yugoslavia has caused the USSR to declare war on us.

Germany- The Eastern Front is now active and we have been caught unprepared. Our armies are still moving into position and we are rushing forces to the front. Our two panzer corps on the border attacked a Russian corps and destroyed it. We will not advance until we are ready. Our paratroops occupy Belgrade and await a surrender. The Tirpitz battleship is in port upgrading with final troops and supplies. Our sub groups make their way slowly around Great Britain.


Italy- We surrounded 9th Australian corps and attacked causing heavy casualties. Sandstorms are hampering the British air cover.


Japan- We received many our Pacific special forces and are equipping and reinforcing them. Our Pacific offensives are being planned and finalized. We destroyed the Chinese 5th Army outside of Changsha. Gen Umezu reports a breakthrough on the north front. Troops are advancing into open country. More tactical bombers arrive near Seoul to support our northern offensive.


Side note- On this day on 23Feb45, men of the 2nd Bn, 28th Marines raised the American flag on Mt. Suribachi.


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Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- The Russians are forming a solid front. The Brits attempt to get their 9th Australian corps pulled back but fail. The Chinese are making sporadic and feeble attempts to stop the offensives.

Germany- We are getting our east front formed and ready to move east. We cause heavy damage to a Russian Army and Corps. The 2nd Army is deployed near Konigsberg. Our subs are astride the British supply lines hunting merchantmen. Our heavy bombers conduct a daylight raid over London to test British air cover and resolve. Minimal damage reported.


Italy- 9th Australian corps is overrun near Tobruk. We sink another British destroyer group near Malta.

Japan- Two more Chinese corps are destroyed. The Chinese flanks are in trouble as we press the attack. Upgrades and replacements across the theaters.


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Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- Sporadic attacks across all theaters of war.

Germany- Gen Manstein assumes command of the south Russian front. Upgrading and reinforcing our air power. Cautious advances into Russian territory. More sub groups hitting the UK shipping lanes.


Italy- Reinforced our air power in North Africa. Attempting to stabilize the front lines.

Japan- Expedition Army and Special Forces are behind the Chinese lines on the north front. Attempting to isolate Changsha. Special forces groups embarking in the Pacific. Multiple assault landings are planned all over. Carrier and surface ships massing near Singapore.


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Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- No major actions reported.

Germany- Various movements forward on the Russian front resulting in one enemy army destroyed. Declared war on Greece to improve our strategic in the Med. Preparing to assault Athens.


Italy- Attacks against the WDF have it down to 30 percent strength.

Japan- Continued attacks on China. Changsha was taken in an all out assault. Another Chinese army and corps are destroyed. Philippines invasion forces is deployed near Hiroshima. Declared war on Singapore and invaded. Gen. Kama****a reports we will have the city and ports within the month. We landed on Borneo and occupied Brunei.



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Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- The British are withdrawing from the Egyptian frontier. Sporadic attacks by disorganized Russian forces. Many deserters are appearing at the lines to surrender. Chinese forces falling back on Chungking and Sian to form a hasty defense.

Germany- Gen. Manstein is appointed CinC of the Eastern Front. His strategy is centered around the occupation of frontier cities before the onset of winter. Wearing down the Russians with mass Air and Armor attacks. Odessa, Kiev, Minsk, and Riga are the objectives before the winter sets in. Another panzer and infantry army are deployed on the east front for operations. The Russian battleship Murat is engaged and sunk. Greek troops put up a stubborn defense of Athens, more troops are poised to attack the city.


Italy- Gen Balbo reports Italian troops are advancing in the desert towards Egypt cautiously.


Japan- Attacks along the whole Chinese front. The main line of defense has crumbled and they are hastily attempting to defend new lines. We have occupied Singapore after heavy air and ground attacks. We landed outside Rabaul and encountered an Australian cruiser attacking it as it tried to sortie out of port causing it heavy damage. Rabaul is occupied. More amphibious landings are being planned.



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Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- Air reconnaissance over the desert reports 3 Commonwealth corps defending Egypt. Their air cover withdrew as Italian tanks were approaching under cover of a sandstorm. A Russian destroyer flotilla engaged U-30 as it was hunting merchant ships bound for the USSR. The British cruiser Southampton responded to assist causing U30 minor damage. The Russian attacked in force with new heavy tanks. Labeled as KV-1 and T-34s they smashed through our infantry defenses. Our 37mm anti-tanks guns were ineffective. We lost communication with our 14th Army south of Riga and assume it was overrun. The Chinese are massing around Chungking building defenses in the city. The USA has imposed an oil embargo on Japan.

Germany- New panzers are in production in the way of upgraded Mark IIIs and Mark IV with high velocity 50 and 75mm guns to counter the new Russian heavy tanks(armored warfare lvl 2). U-30 and U-114 with the support of the Prinz Eugen cruiser engaged and sunk the cruiser Southampton in the Norwegian sea. U-377 and U-505 are operational at Brest. We agreed with our Japanese allies to take over the port of Penang. The Graf Spee engaged a British cruiser in port at Aden. We hit the 1st Guard Tank Corps with massive Stuka assaults with devastating effect. Our superior dive bombers and fighters will be vital on the east front to maintain the offensive. After heavy dive bombing and infantry assault our paratroops occupied Athens. Romanian and Hungarian troops occupied Odessa. 9th Army is operational on the eastern front and the 3rd Army is brought to the north of Warsaw by rail from Paris.


Ju-87 Stukas in action against Russian armor


Italy- Ariete armor overruns the Khartoum inf corp west of El Alamein. Infantry replacements arrive in North Africa.

Japan- Singapore surrendered. Yenan fortress in the north front is isolated and prepped for an all out assault. Probing defenses around Chungking. Our tanks overrun the Langchow corps in the open country on the north front. Beach assaults on New Guinea as special forces occupy Lae and another assault on Nauru securing the town, port, and phosphate mines. Zuikaku carrier group is operational. I-20 sub group is operational.



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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- 2 British carriers sortied and sunk the Prinz Eugen cruiser and attacked our sub group which dived after taking heavy damage. British bombers hit Brussels in multiple bombing raids. Premier Stalin called for a Great Patriotic War against us as Russian troops shifted their lines and conducted attacks against our troops. Australia has mobilized their home defense troops. Russia has annexed Persia.

Germany- U30 contacts Illustrious carrier group diving from British torpedo bombers in the Norwegian sea. U377 contacts Annapolis destroyer group in the Atlantic. Minsk is captured as we contact another heavy Russian tank corps southwest of Smolensk. Our panzer armies are being upgraded. Romanian troops push in the Crimea against heavy resistance. Mud has slowed our advance and reinforcements.


New MKIV Panzers arriving on the Eastern Front


Italy. Ariete armored corps moves on the Siwa Oasis as our infantry probe east contacting support units of General O'Connors Headquarters. Air assets pushed forward to continue our offensive.


Japan- Yenan fortress is assaulted and overrun. 1st Tank group and 37th Army cut the rail line into Sian. We advance on Chungking destroying another Chinese army. Our carriers are in port for supplies and repairs. Kuma destroyer group is operational.


4th Yokusuka Special Naval Landing Force troops outside Lae, New Guinea


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Dispatches from the front-

Enemy action- The British carriers avoid contact and withdraw. More bombing runs from the Royal Air Force over Paris and Brussels. The Communists bring in another heavy tank corps in Southern Russia. Chinese forces defending with tenacity.

Germany- Our subs avoid battle and some head for port for repairs and resupply. We move our heavy bombers into Norway to assist with spotting of naval forces. Our paratroops, special forces, and tac bombers occupy Crete for future operations in the Med. Tirpitz and Bismarck begin repairs for possible sorties against RN forces. Field Marshal Leeb reports Riga has been occupied. Heavy rains and mud have slowed operations in Russia to a crawl. The Finnish have joined us in our crusade to rid the world of these communist heathens.


Italy- Mass sandstorms across North Africa. Our infantry assault and overrun Gen O'Connor's staff while they attempted to flee. Upgrading and starting repairs on our two remaining battleship groups.

Japan- Heavy fighting in China. Enemy defenses are tough as they fight for every inch of ground. Special forces take Port Moresby and Port Vila. The Combined fleet starts to sail east. As the oil embargo is no longer tenable, we have decided to initiate a first strike action against the US Navy and bases across the theater to strengthen our Pacific position. New rifles and machine guns are in production along with more improved amphibious landing craft.


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Year 2 in review

The second year of the war is behind us. Although far from victory the Axis powers feel confident and morale is high. We have made numerous gains and have suffered light casualties given the intensity of the war to this point. Although only a few units have been destroyed we have spent a lot of resources to keep our units up to strength resulting in less overall units deployed. Upgrading our forces has been a major priority to keep ourselves ahead of the enemy in technology advances.

Germany- A powerful Luftwaffe and Submarine flotilla has shown good dividends. Our long range advanced fighters and tactical bombers are the mobile artillery of our strategy. Our advanced submarines are sinking merchant ships at a high rate. The British income level has dropped significantly since our sub groups finally got into the shipping lanes in force. There response to hunt us down has been sporadic and costly to this date. Although unprepared for the eastern front we have responded with resolve and making gains. Keeping our armies intact and hitting the heavy Russian armor is paramount.

Italy- Much success in the Med theater. The Royal navy is silent. We are advancing in North Africa in strength but with caution.

Japan- China is slowly being worn down with breakthroughs on the north and south fronts. Maintaining pressure and grinding the defense down slowly. Improving and growing the Combined fleet for Pacific operations while starting our own island hopping campaign. The oil embargo by the US and the loss of the DEI oil is hitting our resources hard. Soon we will have a new adversary but our Imperial Staff is confident of victory.

Strength comparison as of 26Oct41


Loss comparison as of 26Oct41


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- A British destroyer contacts a sub group in the Atlantic again. A British battleship is spotted moving through the English Channel. The Desert Air Force attempts low level bombing runs to no effect. Strong Russian forces to the east of Kiev and the Crimea attack supported by rocket artillery.

Germany- Our subs go on the attack sinking the British destroyer. Our losses are mounting and repairs and replacements are using up limited resources for the east front. Gen Manstein reports that all 4 objective cities for the year are achieved. We will focus on defense and opportunity attacks while we rest and refit our troops during the winter months. With our air superiority achieved we shift one fighter group to the west to combat the growing British bombing runs across the channel. 2 Mountain corps are formed in Austria to garrison Yugoslavia against partisans reported in the highlands. We welcome the country of Iraq into our Axis conglomerate. However a Russian infantry corps is spotted moving on the Kirkuk oil fields.


Italy- We assault the El Alamein defense with heavy air and ground attacks. Alexandria corps suffers massive casualties but hangs on in the trenches and high ground.


Japan- Minor attacks on the Chinese front as we reshift our lines and reinforce/upgrade our forces. The Combined fleet has sortied into the Pacific for our surprise attack on the US Navy. Forces are on high alert in Singapore for orders to move on the Dutch East Indies.


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Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- Russian infantry in the Crimea attacked in force and destroyed a Romanian infantry corps. Yugoslav partisans hit rail lines disrupting supply convoys. A British Special Forces unit and the XIII Indian Corps have moved on Baghdad while a Russian Corps secured Kirkuk.

Germany- Combating partisans in Yugoslavia with our Mountain troops. We destroy another Russian army and reinforce and upgrade our last Panzer army in the east. Finnish troops advance cautiously on Leningrad through heavy snows and freezing temperatures.


The heavily fortified sub pens at Brest are operational


Italy- Our fleet moves on the ports around Alexandria finding a battered destroyer and cruiser in port. The destroyer is torpedoed in the harbor. 7th Armor tank group and 6th New Zealand corps are identified defending the city.


Japan- Heavy fighting continues against Chinese forces as we destroy a garrison in Lanchow and hit the heavily fortified 1st Army southwest of Chengchow. Our forces have taken casualties and battle fatigue from the nonstop fighting and a rest seems to be in order as we need to refit our infantry with new weapons (inf warfare 2).


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Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- Heavy Russian armor and mass infantry attacks against our lone Hungarian corps holding the Dnepropetvosk mines. Despite casualties they hang on. Russian destroyer contacts a submerged sub group while patrolling the Atlantic. The Russians fought their way into Baghdad with British support causing our recent allies to surrender. Heavy Chinese attacks continue against us.

Germany- Although Iraq surrendered the heavy handed tactics of the Allies caused Syria to join our cause. We are planning for immediate assistance as the Russian threat in the middle east is growing. The Russian winter is in full swing and we hold our positions digging in and reinforcing. The Finns have pulled back to their defensive line to hold out.


Our brave German soldiers holding out against the Russian winter.


Italy- Heavy attacks against Commonwealth troops and support units dug in outside Alexandria. Gen. Graziani and the 7th Blackshirts continue to wage a successful guerilla war in the hill country outside Addis Ababa pinning down British troops sorely needed on the North Africa front. We sink the heavily damaged British cruiser in Alexandria port.


Japan- Much needed replacements and new weapons begin to arrive on the Chinese front. The Combined fleet radios it is in position and awaiting strike order. A new war is about to commence as we stand poised across the Pacific. Special Naval Landing troops occupy Noumea.


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- Russians troops infiltrate our lines northeat of Minsk using the blizzards as cover. Continued massive armor and infantry attacks in the south against our panzers and Hungarian troops but to no avail. British troops attack Damascus with air support. The USA jumps and declares war on us. Chinese partisans take Foochow. The Duke of York and Royal Oak battleships move on our sub fleets around Brest.

Germany- The Graf Zeppelin carrier is operational. Our sub groups hit the Duke of York battleship west of Brest causing moderate damage. The Brandenburge SF group along with our paratroops land in south of Syria taking Amman cutting off XII British Corps from Egypt. In Russian we strike back destroying a Russian SF group and motorized infantry corps east of Minks. The Hungarians once again show courage resolve under fire from Russian heavy tanks and infantry. At Gen Manstein's HQ they have become known as the dastardly defenders of Dnepropetrovsk.


The Hungarians on the east front.


Italy- More attacks on the fortifications west of Alexandria. Our 1st Army lands at Damascus taking up blocking positions to the northeast.


Japan- We launch our surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. With 4 carrier groups we sink 3 American battleships and a cruiser. 5th Yokusuka Marines lands on the island and engage in tough fighting with American Marines. 3rd Kure SNLF takes Midway island. Our southern forces engage in taking the DEI and the valuable oil fields. An Indian National Army is being formed.


Our pilots receive final briefing before going in at Pearl Harbor.


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Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- Heavy naval action west of Brest as the Royal Navy sinks U-505. 2 battleships with destroyers and carrier air are spotted. Russians attacks are limited this month to the Crimea sector. Indian SF and XIII corps are along the Syrian border attempting to relieve the battered British XII corps outside Damascus.

Germany- Submarine command decides to attack the Royal navy hitting the King George V battleship while our heavy bombers attack the Formidable carrier and fighters attack a Russian destroyer. We sortie our surface fleet into the North sea screened by submarines. High command deems the Royal navy a priority and grounded tac bombers and fighters are recalled from the harsh Russian front to the coasts of France to support the naval actions.


Our U-boats sortie to go after the Royal Navy


Italy- Our 1st Army along with German special operations troops finish off the British XII corps east of Damascus. Our 2nd Army is operational. We destroy a Commonwealth HQ and support units west of Alexandria.


Japan- Minor attack on the Chinese front as we await for better weather conditions. Continued naval and land battles in the DEI as we sink the De Ruyter cruiser group. Gen Homma arrives on Hawaii and directs heavy carrier air bombing along with ground attacks destroying the US Marines. Our surface ships set up a screen west of the islands to intercept any US navy relief attempts from the west coast of America.


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Dispatches from the front-

Enemy actions- The Royal navy disengages from our sub attacks and we lose contact but not before they send the Campbeltown destroyer into our port at Brest loaded with explosives and causing massive damage. Such acts only reinforce the desperate state of the once proud Royal navy. The Russians are moving up more troops on the southern front but make no gains against our forces as winter snows and rain make any offensives almost impossible. China and the USA make no serious moves.

Germany- The Kriegsmarine goes on the attack. With submarines and dive bombers we sink the proud HMS Royal Oak battleship. In the North sea we spot the Illustrious carrier in port at Scapa Flow. Our Graf Zeppelin carrier sorties dive bombers and we sink it! The Royal navy is being severely crippled. We maintain our east front playing defense and reinforcing as needed.


Italy- 1st and 2nd Army our holding Syria while II Corps moves to reinforce. We hammer the 7th Armor with air and infantry attacks. Gen Graziani and the 7th Blackshirts are given orders for possible redeployement.


Japan- We destroy 2 Chinese corps and take Lanchow. More attack on Hawaii as the enemy guard corps defends Pearl Harbor. Our sub groups probe east slowly in search of the US Navy. Moving more troops into the DEI. Amphibious landings planned in the Marianas and Marshall island chains.


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- The Royal navy strikes back in the North sea as two British battleships engage and sink the Tirpitz. A US tank corp is spotted moving out of Cairo. The Russians go all out and assault the I Hungarian Corps with 3 armies and 1 heavy tank corps and despite their determined defense our staunch allies are overrun.

Germany- Mourning the loss of her sister ship, the Bismarck springs into action hitting the HMS Warspite with full broadsides causing a massive explosion that sends her to the bottom. Graf Zeppelin fighters and dive bombers sortie and despite withering anti aircraft fire riddle the HMS Prince of Wales with torpedoes and bombs sinking her. Our sub fleets in the Atlantic spot the HMS Rodney attempting to anchor at Bristol and attack putting multiple torpedoes into her hull. Our fighters and dive bombers engage American fighters over the English channel. We counterattack on the Russian front destroying two armies while deploying the reformed 14th army and a Romanian infantry corps.



The Bismarck fires a salvo during the Battle of the North Sea


Italy- We continue to surround and wear down the Alexandria defenses. Syrian defensive front is holding preventing British reinforcements from reaching Africa.

Japan- Two Chinese corps destroyed as we occupy Sian. Our southern fleet sinks two allied cruisers in the Java sea. Gen Yama****a comes ashore at Soerabaja on the east coast of the DEI. Wake Island is occupied. The defenders hang on in Pearl harbor. Sub groups inch closer to the American coast searching for American carriers and capital ships.


Aichi D3A "Val" dive bombers in action over Pearl Harbor


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- British carrier Glorious and destroyers retaliate on our massed sub groups sinking two with air support and depth charges. British reinforcements are in Cairo making the fight for Africa even tougher. Russian attacks along the front but no breakthroughs reported.

Germany- Undaunted we continue the battle for the Atlantic. We hit the Glorious carrier with subs and heavy bombers causing considerable damage. The surface fleet rounds the north tip of Scapa Flow and engages remaining RN forces. Although we are open to air attack we must press the attack. U-859 is operational to replace sub losses. Graf Zeppelin in port for repairs. General Manstein launches blitz attacks across the Eastern Front penetrating in multiple sectors. Although exposed he believes these rear area attacks will disrupt Russian plans and cause retreats as we hit airfields and rear area artillery positions. Hopefully clear weather within the next month will allow our airforce to go back into action against the Russian heavy armor.



Italy- Fighting continues in Africa as we destroy the 7th Armor Group. Still holding Syria as reinforcements are requested.

Japan- Attacking on the Chinese front making slow gains. Readjusting our air assets to south China to cover our convoy routes and provide air cover for Gen Mutagushi's invasion of the Philippines in the near future. Agana is occupied. More troops land in the DEI as British reinforcements are engaged and one corps destroyed. Our subs contact two American battleships off the America coast. Reinforcements heading to Hawaii to break the stalemate at the Battle of Pearl Harbor.


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- The Americans arrive in the Atlantic war with a carrier and battleship and we lose one of our precious cruisers. The Russian attempt attacks and movements to counter our blitz attacks into their rear areas. Africa is stalemated as both sides bring in more troops. Two America carriers are spotted on the west coast and our I-20 submarine group is lost. American fighters appear in the DEI to help defend the islands.

Germany- With regret we start our withdraw from naval actions destroying a British destroyer group. Our naval offensives cost us 1 battleship, 1 cruiser, and 3 sub groups but we took 2 British carriers, 3 battleships, and 2 destroyer groups with us. Gen Manstein presses the attacks against the Russians destroying two more Russian corps and hammering a heavy Russian tank corps in the Crimea. The newly formed 5th Panzer Army is operational near Warsaw. New weapons for our infantry (inf warfare lvl 2) are in production including the MG42 machingegun.


Italy- Africa is a stalemate and turning into a grueling slug fest of wills.


Japan- We start to withdraw the Combined fleet from Hawaii as losses are high and supplies low. We continue our attacks to secure the island. We make solid gains in China tightening the noose on the ever shrinking Chinese perimeter around the capital.

Battle of the Dutch East Indies heats up


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- The Americans are aggressive in defending the British home waters as they pursue and sink the Scharnhorst cruiser. Multiple bombing raids against industrial targets in the Ruhr. Russian counterattacks are vicious as they attempt to stabilize the front.

Germany- Our battered surface fleet with the just Bismarck and a destroyer flotilla attempt to get around Scapa Flow. Our sub fleets go back into the shipping lanes to hunt merchantmen. In the east we take Kharkov and surround Kursk with heavy air and armored attacks. High command sees the need for unified command in the Middle East and Africa. A hard charging, aggressive panzer commander from the east front is chosen. Gen. Erwin Rommel assembles his headquarters and support units for deployment to the Middle east.


The newly appointed CinC of the Middle East theater Gen. Erwin Rommel.


Italy- Adjustments and replacements arrive as sandstorms sweep across the theater.

Japan- Our troops clear Sian of enemy resistance and descend down the mountains towards Chungking. More battles in the DEI as we land troops to flank the defenders at Batavia. Gen Mutagushi begins the assault on the Philippines with airborne troops landing north of Davao and attacking American airfields destroying heavy and medium bombers.



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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- American naval forces continue the pursuit and sink the German destroyers and heavily damage the Bismarck battleship. Russian heavy armor attacks and destroy two German infantry corps east of Kursk.

Germany- The crippled Bismarck limps into the Baltic. Damage to our ports in France keep us from refitting 3 of our sub groups. Our armor and air concentrate on the south Russian front destroying a heavy tank corps and army. X Corps crosses the Kerch peninsula isolating Sevastopol. 1st Panzer Army overruns an infantry corps east of Kharkov.


Italy- Heavy air, naval, and land attacks on Alexandria. Replacements arrive in Syria as our 2 armies hold against heavy British attacks.

Japan- The Combined Fleet assembles in the Marshall islands for refit and supplies. Maneuvering forces on the Chinese Front. SNLF and two armies assault the Philippines destroying American bombers and a garrison corps. More naval infantry head to Hawaii in an attempt to break the stalemate at Pearl Harbor.


The invasion of the Philippines in full swing.


Japanese infantry assaulting positions on the Philippines.


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy action- Soviet tanks and infantry attack our central front destroying 3 infantry armies. British continue to attack in Syria in hopes of a breakthrough. Bombing runs against targets in France. American amphibious ships spotted in the central Pacific.

Germany- Our east front withdraws as we lose 3 armies to massive Russian attacks. Replacement armies are ordered to the front along with a new anti-tank division to counter the heavy enemy tanks. Our own armor strikes back destroying two armies and an infantry corps. We hammer the fortress of Sevastopol with dive bombing and infantry assaults.


Italy- Continue to attack Alexandria and reshift our lines.

Japan- We destroy a corps in DEI surrounding Batavia. Declared war on Thailand and occupied Singora. While moving into the western Chinese mountains we overrun a Ghurka SF group. A carrier wing and surface ships move on the American amphibious forces.



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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- A British cruiser and the Formidable carrier run into a sub group on the shipping lanes. Sporadic Russian attacks across the front. A heavy tank corps and motorized inf corps breakthrough our weak northern front and sprint for Riga but the weather stops them outside the city. Yugoslav partisans free Belgrade.

Germany- Our subs go into action and sink the already damaged Formidable carrier. On eastern front we surround and destroy the northern Russian breakthrough along with another heavy tank corps in the south. Rommel arrives in Damascus to organize a better defense with the Italian troops. We are outfitting our fighter wings with improved Me-109s and FW-190 interceptors(aerial warfare 3).

Italy- We break the back of the Alexandria garrison but cannot move into the city proper. Gen Graziani while attempting to move north with his staff on a transport gets spotted by a British destroyer.

Japan- We occupy Bangkok in Thailand and move west. Destroy the US fighter command defending Batavia. Lost contact with the US amphibious ships. Maneuvering in China for an assault on Chungking. Refitting our carrier air wings.

No graphics for this turn.

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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- British destroyers(an almost endless supply it seems) sink the transport ships carrying Gen Graziani and his staff. The Russian have withdrawn their battered infantry armies and tank corps into the interior for presumed rests and refits. 4 Chinese corps are spotted east of Yumen setting up a hasy defense against our rapid gains on the North Chinese front. Chinese partisans are becoming increasingly active. The British are conducting numerous raids against our ports and coastal towns (scripted events).

Germany- 3 sub groups are astride the shipping lanes as we race to repair our remaining 4 subgroups with our damaged ports in France. The 1st Hungarian Army assaults Sevastopol and occupy the city and ports securing the Crimea. Using the bad weather and light resistance to upgrade our infantry (inf warfare lvl 2), panzers (armored warfare lvl 3), fighters (aerial warfare lvl 3), and tactical bombers (ground warfare lvl 2). The arrival of Gen Rommel on the Mid East front shows immediate dividends as our paratroops and special operations command enter Alexandria and occupy the port city. Inspired by our Italian and German commitment, the Syrians form the French Foreign Army to defend their country against the British invaders.

Quiet month on the Russian front


Italy- The loss Gen Graziani is a stunning blow to our confidence but the corner is being turned in Africa. Our next objective is Cairo and holding the Syrian front.

Alexandria is taken


Japan- A major victory in our Chinese front as we occupy Chungking. Our tanks and naval infantry move down the Yangtze river valley from the west. Gen. Umezu moves two armies in the north toward Yumen. Gen Mutagushi is relieved of command after failing to supply and reinforce his Philippines assault force and will be reassigned to the Burma front to atone for his failure( I accidentally landlocked him on Taiwan lol). Gen Iwane lands at Davao and takes command of the Philippines offensive. Thailand quickly surrenders and a corps probes east into Burma. We clear the DEI of resistance and occupy Batavia. We spot American bombers and fighters on the Solomon islands along with amphibious troops as we attack with naval gunfire. 2 SNLF groups are mobilized for an assault landing. 3 carrier groups are sortied back to Hawaii to provide air cover and close air support for the Siege of Honolulu.

Chungking is occupied


The Americans get involved in the Solomons


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Dispatches from the front

Enemy actions- British ships go after our subs west of Brest with 1 battleship 1 cruiser and a destroyer. An American cruiser engages our other sub group in the north shipping lane. Quiet on other fronts.

Germany- Minor attacks against Russian groups in south Russia. Our subs mass attack the battleship causing heavy damage outside the port of Bordeaux. Refits and upgrades are the priority during the winter.

Russian winter still in effect.


Italy- No major actions as we attempt to replace losses.

Japan- 3 major victories as we occupy Manila, Kukum, and Honolulu. 4th Corps while reconnoitering towards Rangoon spots the Indomitable carrier in port. We dispatch our South Seas Fleet to fix and engage. Engaging American air power in the Solomons. We land a SNLF on Christmas Island south of Hawaii spotting and engaging an American bomber group. We hope to secure more outer outposts along our Pacific perimeter.

Secured Manila


Secured Honolulu


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