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Aris mods and 1.11


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1.11 Readme says that CW models of Wespe,Lynx, King Tiger, Jagdtiger, Cromwell and Churchill are all updated---- may I please ask does Aris current mods of these models still work or not after 1.11 is installed.


NB Similarly what is the situation after V 2.0 with regard to Aris vehicle mods. Can anyone clarify please.

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Some modders that worked on those tanks, are uploading new versions for the 1.11 patch, for example:

Aris has a new King Tiger:


Dennis has worked in a dirty Lynx:


And I have two new versions of my King Tiger and my Wespe:



Remember to erase your old mods.

About the 2.0 engine, affects to german uniforms, Juju's desktop icons .... in those days, modders will upload new versions too.

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Here´s how I understand things (though I certainly don´t claim to be an expert. The more knowledgable will hopefully correct me):

In v. 2.00 all units have bump-mapping (normal-mapping?) textures, while only some units have new BMPs (I know the King Tiger, Lynx, Wespe and many uniforms have new BMPs, probably others too).

If the BMPs haven´t been changed, the mods should still be usable - but now with the better looking textures provided by the bumpmapping. If the BMPs have been changed, the mods will probably make the units look strange - varying from small details misplaced and upwards. Yesterday I accidentally placed my old Lynx file in the z folder along with the new files. The Lynx looked fine from all angles - except the rear, which looked very strange.

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I will slowly update all the above mentioned mods. Lynx and KT were not usable, KT now is. The rest: Jagdtiger, Cromwell and Churchill don't look bad as far as i can tell. I haven't had time to fully test them, but anyway I will update them sooner or later.

You sir are a star!

Oh, and Egger, you and Dennis are great too!

Group hug!

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