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Tunisia - most needed mods to make it work

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(Posting this as a new thread to attract general modded interest)

As some of you may have noticed in a separate thread, I've been making a huge Tunisia map as an experiment to see how well CMFI can be adapted to other parts of the Med.

The good news: The terrain is easy to make and looks believable. We also have enough 1943 OOB to do some Tunisia battles.

The bad news: A few things in CMFI are still lacking to make fully satisfying Tunisia maps. Here's a challenge to any would-be molders out there, if you like tinkering with skins and would like to contribute to this effort, but aren't into mapping or scenario design. The most-needed mods, in order of priority:

1. Palm trees. LongLeftFlank's excellent palm tree mod to the "B" tree in CMBN shows up when placed into CMFI, but only as a completely black object with no skin. Trees aren't plentiful in Tunisia or very tactically significant, but important for immersion and for making areas near oases.

2. Prickly pear cactus. LongLeftFlank made a gorgeous .bmp that modified Bush 2 in CMBN, but it has no effect on any bushes when placed in the mod folder for CMFI. These cacti would help a lot with field borders, add variety to scrubby areas, and help make the landscape more convincingly North African.

3. Mud walls. The rural stone walls and regular walls in CMFI don't look right for a Tunisia map. Making farms and more settled areas would be possible if someone could reskin the walls from stone to that ubiquitous khaki-colored mud texture.

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Thanks Mord -- this mod worked in CMFI right out of the box! Adds greatly to the immersion factor.

That's the cactus and the mud walls done now -- just need to get those darned palm trees working.

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