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Italy mapping resources

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Found this old post on a CMAK forum -- could help CMFI mappers:

Best map site for Italy. You can scale the map down to 1:5000 or smaller.

Topos of Italy:


Note that it only works (for me at least) in IE.

Example -- For the Operation Avalanche (Salerno) area:

-Click on Cartografia.

-Click Vecchia Versione.

-Click OK

-Click Accetto

-Click on the region (Campania for the Salerno region)

-Scroll down and click on IGM 1:25000

-Wait a few minutes to allow it to load up completely, then use the Zoom and Pan buttons to get to the area you are interested in.

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Hey Broadsword, thanks for that link! I was trying to put together both San Pietro and Cassino (for the Kiwi's assault on the town in CMBN) for sdp's most excellent Italian Campaign mod, but never came across this site while searching for references. I'm glad I gave up on them because I can do them easier with the new editor changes. When I ever have time, and assuming BFC/sdp don't cover them one of the modules.

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That does look like a handy source. The interface seems to have changed somewhat from what is described in those instructions, but once you track down the IGM 1:25000 option you're good to go.

One odd thing to note: my tracker indicates the site is hosted in Iran. Nothing comes up as malicious or questionable, and the info I'm seeing could be wrong, but it still strikes me as odd. I think I'll be accessing it from one of my Linux machines from now on.

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It's interesting how much better qality and clearer the maps of the mainland are compared to the ones covering Sicily.

Has anyone been able to find a way to figure out how old the maps are? Obviously the marginal info has been trimmed off so all the maps fit together like a giant jigsaw, and it'd be really useful to know what decade - at least - a map sheet is from.

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Also, I still haven't found any good online source of WWII aerial recon photos of mainland Italy. Many were shot, of course, but they haven't gotten organized and digitized and posted in searchable online DBs as much as those from France, Holland, etc. (one more sign of the often-overlooked treatment history tends to give this important campaign... )

Here's a guy with a website and an amazing collection of military WWII Italy maps:


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So, I have not yet used that overlay tool but I could see where this website is exactly what you need.

A screenshot of the topographic white map but also the screenshot of the actual sat photo for the color and detailed look at what is there. At least to have handy to look at while you are in the map editor.

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