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New file at the Repository: DC's 3rd Canadian Division (Part I) (2012-06-10)

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The 3rd Canadian Division was assigned to the operation on Juno Beach during the D-Day Assault and pushed inland to Carpiquet Airfield. The division took part in the entire Normandy Campaign, including the fighting around Caen, Carpiquet Airfield, Bourqebus Ridge, Falaise and Chambois. Part I includes:7th Canadian Infantry Brigade Royal Winnipeg Rifles Regina Rifle Regt Canadian Scottish Regt This mod has several different elements that should allow the player to effectively model the units provided; this includes uniform items, vehicles and game interface. It includes elements from Fuser, Mord and Juju, as well as my own work.


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I can't believe nobody has commented on this kick ass mod, yet.

To put it perspective for the community, DC was juggling helping me with the portrait mod, giving Aris CW info on his vehicles and making this mod as well as all the other Regiment/Bat unis and vehicle insignia for the rest of the Commonwealth. So, big hand for the guy he deserves it.


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A most heartfelt, 'YAY' to you sir.

This has arrived in a nick of time for me, Im very near to posting a battle featuring the Royal Winnipeg Rifles in the battle for Putot-en-Bessin.

Its currently being play tested by myself and herrbixx.

So once again... hip hip hooray for the modders :D

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