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  1. UPDATE: Got my mouse working by scanning this forum. Now everything works except CMFB
  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply. I tried reinstalling the games to my desktop PC which has a more robust video card. They all installed and are running (except for FB, which is missing its .brz files for some reason). But now my mouse doesn't work.
  3. Win 10 but using compatibility mode for Win 7. I get the battlefront flash screen and then it CTD. CMBN runs just fine on my system. Video AMD Radeon R8 M535DX
  4. Thanks, y'all. So do I download my purchased version of CW bundle and apply upgrades then? Do I download and install the CW bundle and apply upgrades? I'm unsure because my current version of CMBN shows ver. 4. I think that it's extremely shi**y that they keep charging for upgrades.
  5. Have reinstalled after years of being away. I tried to download and install CMBN commonwealth over the new version 4 but it crashed and had to reinstall. Help, s'il vous plait. The pic below is the version of CMBN CW bundle on my account download page. So do I have to re-purchase my CW bundle to version four?
  6. OK, yes, the Germans have slightly less. There's no way to take both towns with the forces on hand. Three Inf. platoons with no MG's. What pioneer platoon? There's a pair of jeeps with one half section that has some demo charges. Besides, B co. has to be exited with most of it's men; no way to do that without armor. At least that's the way I see it. If there's some secret to figuring this scenario out, then maybe somebody can clue me in.
  7. I understand about the Z file, but for some reason it just won't load. Playing the Troina campaign. Playing ver. 1.10 with the Gustav Line module. Using this version of the UI mod. I'd appreciate any help.
  8. Each of the two towns each have as many German forces as what you start with as the attacker, (quantitatively speaking) with minimal arty and NO A$$. No armor, no air support and minimal arty...doesn't sound very "Normandy" to me... I also noticed that the Brits tend to squeal and cry and cower the moment they get any lead thrown their way. Suggestions? Or is it one of those "you are meant to lose this battle" scenarios?
  9. I gave up on razorback ridge. Huge waste of time. I also loathe scenarios that I'm meant to lose. An insult to my intelligence. I want that day off back. Open up CMBN folder, go to campaigns and...DELETE....
  10. I've got this, but for some reason the weapon slots aren't showing. The weapons are still lime-green.
  11. Hello, all. I have both CMBN and CMFI, my computer handles those two games very well. I have one glaring issue with CMSF, however. I notice that as I pan the battlefield with my camera, it lags/stutters. Is there a solution for this? Thanks for any help in advance.
  12. I did after I posted this. I diligently searched the tech forum for answers but found none. SOLVED. I disabled my antivirus (Kapersky) and it managed to license the game.
  13. I keep getting this error message: unable to get or install license Retrieval of license with error code = 999 the off line license thing doesn't want to work either. I have purchased the 1.21 patch but it still refuses to work. EDIT: I see I mistakenly posted this in general discussion. Sorry.
  14. I assume that there will be some kind of upgrade so I can use the new features/UI with CMBN? What about using Commonwealth forces troops in Italy? It'd be nice to lead some Canadians in Italy.
  15. This will be of considerable interest to scenario designers, I think.
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