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Icons for destroyed vehicles

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As far as I recall, there are no icons for destroyed vehicles.

There are icons for vehicles that have been abandoned by their crew but that haven't been too seriously damaged to run. Units will continue to target these vehicles too. While a human player might manage to get the surviving crew back in to the vehicle to get it running again, the AI won't as far as I know.

While I've occasionally been annoyed by an enemy tank that is no longer a factor in the fight showing up as an icon still, I think it would be more annoying to have no icon for a tank that I was trying to get the crew back in to. Or an enemy tank that got recrewed and started fighting again.

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In my current scenario, there are 8 driverless trucks sitting there under their icons in the Exit zone. I put them there in the Setup phase, having shanghaied their drivers for various other vehicle-based shenanigans (6 are manning the guns in 251/7 halftracks) and stripped them of every bullet. They just won't go away.

But if there wasn't an exit zone, I'd want those icons to remind me I had transport assets sitting idle, waiting for crew.

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