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New file at the Repository: SS Infantry Camouflage Uniform (2012-04-17)

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Waffen SS infantry will wear an alternate M43 Pea Dot camouflage based on an older Type 1 Pea Dotz pattern. It has an alternating tri colour base (tan, jager green, and black) compared to the single brown base colour in the game already. This is an alternate type 1 Pea Dotz pattern perhaps more commonly identified with Waffen SS divisions? (in my humble opinion). HBT Pea dot was the most prevalent camo pattern for the M43 tunic. Place the SS_Infantry_Camo.brz file in the ""Combat Mission Battle for Normandy\DATA\Z"" folder. If you do not have a Z folder then create one for this and any future mod.


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What are the other Uniforms.. are they mixed with Wool's still. Officers etc. some with wool tunics, etc. Can we get some pics. I have been waiting for some good Waffen SS camo.

All one pattern for SS other ranks. No mix. There are multiple skins of the same pattern with slight variations in light, colour, and wear. Mostly for subliminal effect, to remove the clone impression.



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