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As a first mod I was hoping to get some Gurkhas in game. Screenies below.

Having a few problems which I'd appreciate some advice on.

Sleeve insignia - is there any way to get different insignia on each sleeve? Seem to be duplicated.

Can I allocate a specific face type to an officer?

Is there anywhere on the Brit model I could place a kukri texture without it distorting?

Thanks in advance.




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One workaround might be the Ryujin/Mord model swapping.

1. Easier version: for (non-Nepalese) vehicle crews, repoint faces to US. For Gurkha officers, use a US Army soldier (there's a single man HQ unit in the Transport group) and repoint all his kit EXCEPT the face to British. He'll talk like a Yank, but oh well.

2. Alternate (more complex, if you want Gurkhas and non-Gurkha Brits in the same scenario), use US Army or a suitable NATO force) for Gurkhas, modding the US faces to Nepalese and repointing the kit and weapons to Brit. You'd then swap US for Nepalese voices while leaving your Brit voices intact.

One quick hack for "Nepalese voice" mod might be to take the Arabic voice .wav files and speed them up; that way you just have to find the famous "Ayo Gurkali!" war cry.

Disclaimer: I have no idea how to swap models; haven't the time to learn hex editing.

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