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[released] Sdp_ita_qbpack_iii


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Map Pack no3 consisting of 5 QB maps with AI plans for both sides.

All 5 maps have both attack and assault battle types, and are best played as medium to large QBs.

They might work for small QBs as well, but you might get some odd results with AI behaviour.

This has to do with how the game engine randomly assigns unit types to different AI groups and there's no way to influence how this is done. Choosing medium or large QBs at least increases the chance of reasonably effective AI groups.

Most maps have 2-4 AI groups which will hopefully provide for a challenging QB experience.

Combines well with the sdp_ITA mods for the Italian Campaign.

To be found at http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4577/details


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Just finished a QB using rural22 map from the Italian Quick Battle Pack.

By the standard of losses I find tolerable I lost ;), but still truly great game :). I tweaked the display by slightly turning up the gamma for that full “Mediterranean sun ....” look. The entire game was a credit to sdp and to Battlefront.

CM is streaks ahead of all other wargames. Nothing comes close. I know, like many here have played them all at least once.

Congratulations to sdp on a very professional mod. Real quality :).

We are lucky to have CM...

All the best,


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