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Do I Need Two Copies??

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I know this is going to sound ridiculous, but I must ask (because my name's "ConfusedBuyer," after all)! :o

Will I need two copies -- that is, make two purchases -- for "Theatre of War 2: Kursk 1943" and "Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy" in order to play with my girlfriend? (No jokes, please.... :P)

She lives with me, FWIW. We've been together for almost four years now, living together for almost all that time. We're basically family. So what I'm trying to say is, does Battlefront.com have the kind of policy a big company like Microsoft or Rosetta Stone have, where two or three installations of one copy can be made?? :confused:


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Typically our eLicense games will allow for two concurrently activated copies of the game. So this should let you and your girlfriend play against each other on different computers.

You have to be careful to manage your license keys (unlicensing them BEFORE making major hardware or OS changes or removing the software). If you do this, then the only problems should occur when you get hit by a virus, dying hard drive, etc. In those cases we can often 'reset' the license to add another activation (for the one that got 'lost' with the infection, hard drive crash, etc.).

With the Online Activation System that CMBN and future games will use, you initially get 4 activations. This should let you activate on more than one computer. There is NO unlicensing with this copy-protection system. However you do get the ability to add an activation yourself once every 365 days (Activation + Add activation page, requires logging in with your Battlefront Store account). However if you have problems and go through all of your activations (4) before you can add one yourself, then you can open up a Helpdesk ticket and provide your license key with a request to add an activation and we normally should be able to do this for you.

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