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  1. Hello! Thank you for your feedback! I faced to a problem - mds. files (skeleton) aren't open with ordinary tools. This format was used by old games, as Return to Castle Wolfenstein etc. As it turned out, Devs use 'entirely different', custom mds. format. So, we aren't able to import and modify .mds files. So, I'm still able to create new elements of gear, but I can't synchronize these with animation. For example, I can put hood over-suit 6sh122, but it won't be synchronized with the animation of body. So, don't wait a complex Ratnik-mod, only light version can be released. 1. It was supposed to work this way - only for new digital uniform. If you want to have a ttsko-version I can upload it. 2. Hm. I checked covered or varied goggles on Oleksandr's uniform mods, only problem I faced, is different textures (helmet - body). Tell me what is uniform mod you prefer, and I'll make a compatible version. Unfortunately, future versions won't see the light until autumn (If you want, I can share RU Forces Varied Googles). Now I'm working on a new redfor campaign (readiness - 14 of 16 maps, core units, partly - briefings, schedules, AI, etc). It's my first experience CM-campaing making, don't wait something quality.
  2. Yeah, it's impossible to make us-gear or ru-gear to interact with other models. You cannot rename 'us_pouch' as 'ua_pouch' and make it works. This task could be done only by modding .mds files. I've been trying to solve this problem - mds. format was used by old games, as Return to Castle Wolfenstein and etc. As it turned out, BF use 'entirely different', custom mds. format. So, we aren't able to import and modify .mds files. But you could modify the existing UA-soldiers gear, look my mods for example. You should have blender and mdr. importer (made by sbobovyc).
  3. Thank you for your job! When are you going to fix: * Incorrect UA artillery ammo (they have RU Kitolov-2M for 2S1 and Gran' for 2B1) - or rename (Gran' as Rak) or delete it (UA don't have an analogue of Kitolov-2M). * A broken BM Oplot. And when we will see the patch for steam?
  4. Beef , then oatmeal with beef, pearl barley, forcemeat.
  5. UPDATED (New links, some fixes). RU Forces Covered Googles: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mLYGqOBc5CbyS8L6FrQbcFAaggf43SXZ/view?usp=sharing Screenshot: https://disk.yandex.ru/i/R-bdT8a3G5QYdg RU Forces Sukharka (Famous f### big backpack): https://drive.google.com/file/d/195ErUrh5XYTZF3UoFB87hKjWjTHb9MsT/view?usp=sharing Screenshot: https://disk.yandex.ru/i/2HZ8g9QB7F0Vkg UA Forces Covered Googles: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QAvuLoKyqLeDJDxVUFW5orDmbLTOs9yI/view?usp=sharing Screenshot: https://disk.yandex.ru/i/d2kJ5M5rUrG8jw UA Forces Varied Googles (beta): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mNCiqUT7IAbxXDCnmn_OTY5KhBvak-1K/view?usp=sharing Screenshot: https://disk.yandex.ru/i/v6Ov9y8O4NdOEQ RU Forces Varied Googles: Standby mode RU Forces Ratnik: WIP P.S. https://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net - 'Please Stop Uploading' https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/ - How can i upload(update)a mod? P.P.S. I thank @sbobovyc for his tools
  6. The download-button - 'Скачать'. But thank you for this note. I'll replace links a little later.
  7. Oh. Russian Ground Forces have MLRS on two levels. First level - Brigade\Division, second level - combined arms army (separate artillery brigades). Russian combined arms battalion(BTG) can have in possession MLRS battery taken from brigade's MRLS divizion (Battalion) (just like BTG has SPH artillery assets from brigade's artillery battalions or division's artillery regiment). Usually it's BM-21 on battalion or brigade level and BM-27 or BM-30 on army level. But there is reason in your words. Newest russian BTG are more powerful, it's something mid between batallion and regiment (by soviet standards) and more likes US combined arms battalion by sized. As Viktor Murakhovsky (an expert at Russia's Military Industrial Commission) wrote (too long to translate, it's google's work) We already have a weakened artillery.
  8. My main work is 'in progress' so i decided to share a few jokey things: RU Forces Covered Googles: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/zSuUzglWJXCMFw Screenshot: https://disk.yandex.ru/i/s8aWyEbFi2FBHA RU Forces Sukharka (Famous f### big backpack): https://disk.yandex.ru/d/7syKm0sSC_GHXA Screenshot: https://disk.yandex.ru/i/KcIlWp7jtOzf5Q UA Forces Covered Googles: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/k8bjUFNumxNZdQ Screenshot: https://disk.yandex.ru/i/YhLUlkOi8mwwIw RU Forces Varied Googles: Standby mode UA Forces Varied Googles: Standby mode RU Forces Ratnik: WIP to be continued...
  9. You completely missed my point. And what is this newest stuff, that make M1A2 SEP invulnerable from 152mm shells (on the weak top armor)? Mother of God, this monster ignores even 203-mm shells! But IRL M1A2 like any other tank, will feel very bad after taking 152mm shell (hit in top) - optics will be destroyed, the barrel - broke, the turret - shimmed etc. Even fallen 152mm shell alongside should be a problem. It able to break a barrel, APS and other systems. So, usual artillery already weakened because of... balance? Nope, there's no balance. Maybe realism? Nope, there's no realism. But you believe that MLRS is totally bad idea. (I think, abrams, which could survive after taking a shot by Death Star is a bad idea. So, how many times you call fighter-bomber in QB? I think it happens rare. But in scenarios it's interesting thing to attach.) There is no problem with MLRS, devs can make it less powerful (as they did the same with usual artillery). My point is very simple. M1A2 is the most powerful tank in the world. But it isn't an invulnerable tank. There are measures to oppose this (in attack), 152mm artillery for example, or MLRS with cluster munitions, or heavy ATGM like 9M123. These things are available to BTG-commander. Ok, Khrizantema is ineffective, let it be so. Ok, reds don't have MLRS. But heavy artillery is ineffective to Abrams too. So, for some reason you worry about MLRS.... ^) If CMBS had them, it wouldn't be a problem. Powerful tool, big price.
  10. Hm... So, maybe M1A2 SEP is unbreakable to 152 mm hit from above because of '' Trust me, there's a good reason"? By the way, what do you think about Zombie-Abrams Tactic? I love it! Take 'conscript, poor, -2, unfit' Abrams (387 points) as many as your red counterpart take T-72B3 (points 376 for regular, normal, +0, fit)! The same price, almost the same efficient as normal Abrams. Mix your pack zombie-Abrams with javelin-teams, UAV, artillery and DOMINATE by quality and quantity! CMBS Abrams have the newest strong AI, integrated sophon-system (as in The Three Body Problem) and his crew is added only to hide this. So you could put into Abrams a blind incapable crew, but Abrams will kill anything he would see (sophons see everyone and everything) Ok, i'm joking... maybe ^) Yeah, BM-30 (as blue MLRS) is a bad idea. But in CMSF2 we have BM-21 (completely useless, unfortunately) and it's very strange we don't have BM-21 in CMBS. Russian battalion tactical group have organic MLRS battery (BM-21). BM-27 or BM-30 given to operational level (artillery brigades).
  11. I search something like that https://mino-git.github.io/rtcw-wet-blender-model-tools/downloads.html
  12. Thanks. Oh, i have some troubles with .mds import, so if you know any importer (not RtCW) - share it.
  13. Yes, there are (at the same time) - default, covered, dressed and without.
  14. Yes, i want to place this there. But i'm going to add few things to make RU-soldiers looks like real ones. WIP - https://disk.yandex.ru/i/-fU6Fd84jloejA If you have any suggestions - tell me. So, i'm a hard-noob in Blender, but i learn ^)
  15. Will the Soviets have 'reinforced battalion' (the Soviet version of the battalion-sized task force?)? What about MLRS?
  16. RU - VDV, Naval Infantry, irregular forces. UA - VDV, Naval Infantry, irregular forces. NATO: USMC, Polish Armed Forces, British Armed Forces.
  17. https://ibb.co/pKJx8LR https://ibb.co/54yT3fw All BRDM on this images - the same BRDM-2. What about LOD problem?
  18. I know, saying 'fix' I mean the same. It'd be better if devs would add Javs to UKR, at least as non-QB units, like as BMP-3 in CMSF2 (scenarios design only).
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