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  1. So this is were all of those resources were being used off!! Extremely exciting to see you going into the cold war. Not only that, but pre-orders are already open!! So we can expect the game between the next 2-4 months, hopefully. It does seems Christmas has come somewhat late this year, but god dammn in which way it has come.
  2. Same. We have been stuck waiting for this module for 3 years (6 since it was first teased, if I remember correctly). Plus once this module its released, and the one for FB also does, a new door for new conflicts to explore opens up, as late 2WW will be nearly fully covered up (The hungarian, romanian, finish armies between others are still unrepresented, unfortunetly); so we will finaly see them (hopefully) moving into the early war, or they might cover a new conflict, wether real or hipotetical; or they might start working into CM3. Either way, they will start working into something truly new
  3. Fantastic! Thank you a lot for reconsidering its inclusion. Cannot wait to face those steel beast against my IS-2s
  4. Maybe we should do like that guy did for FI and lobby hard for the Fantasy Pack. Be right back, gonna invest into Gamestop and help to the downfall of Wall Street "suits" in the name of Armored vehicle representation. In a more serious note, Steve, If I may ask, the lack of the Jagdtiger from the TOE is also a mistake of that provisional draft; or is that going to be the case in the final game?. If is that so, may I ask why is not being included?
  5. Kinda. It started production very late into the war and only a handful were completed by late april. And it was mostly the hull that was produced, as the production of the new turrets, the so called "Schmalturm" never kicked off; thought it is possible that some saw service in the battle of Berlin, even with the new turrets; thought most likely as hybrids, having the turret of the old Panther G instead of the new ones. It is somewhat the same situation as with the Maus, vehicles that althought they didnt really saw any service, except maybe in Berlin; they have been represented in media a
  6. I meant the ones with the short cannon, that were present in the list with its three variations (early, mid, late). But, as of now, it has been changed, together with the SU-57 repititions, so kudos to BF staff for the quick correction. Thought they should definitivily keep re-looking the list for equipment already available in the base game and repetitions, specially in the german halftrack section.
  7. Just ended reading the TOE list and, no Panther F ... Was one of the vehicles that I would have loved to see and play with the most. Oh well. Other thing that I saw, is that in the equipment section ( btw someone should recheck that list, there is a lot of vehicles mentioned that are already in the base game, like the Jagdpanzer IV; or there are some repetitions of vehicles, like the SU-57, etc...), in the german infantry weapons, the germans got a decent roster of captured weapons but I didnt saw the Ppsh-41 among them. I hope the volkstrumm still get acces to it, even if it isnt with i
  8. ....... You are going to have to explain me what real relevance whatever the Americans do in the Middle East has to Russians ambitions in Eastern Europe, and why Ukraine and its allies shouldnt prepare for them.
  9. Yeah, I get that, yet still considering that this is not the comments section of such article, and the following discussion was not strictly about it, but of the conditions surrounding the peninsula and why such an attack might make sense for the Russians, which AFAIK, all of the information given was true, and very well explained; I cannot avoid to feel that your ridiculing is somewhat out of place, wouldnt you agree?
  10. I am sorry, but I fail to see why that there was not an invasion in september, or now: its of any relevance to this discussion. The initial assestment of "Russia will invade in September" came from an article, and then the discussion moved as to why that invasion was a possibility, as Haiduk explained. The fact that it hasnt come to pass yet doesnt change that possibility. The fact that Russia has geopolitical interest in Ukraine its easy to all to see, and the possibility that the Russians might try another military adventure into their territory its something that the Ukranians would be
  11. Well, I have made more test, this time with the americans and the english and they all picked up the weapons without any problem. (I tried it with multiple teams, and unless i missed something, all weapons were retrieved so it doesnt seems like there is a mechanic depicting possible broken guns, thought there is the possibility of extreme RNG interfering or that the guns are considered broken after some other factors that I didnt consider, like the time they are dropped before being picked up. And in the case of submachineguns, the english did picked them up funnily enough, so maybe it ju
  12. Are you sure about submachineguns? I would swear that they used to get picked up back in the day. If i have time I will reinstall Rt in the 3v game engine to test that. And yeah I know they should take the MGs, hence why I made this post. I was just playing some BS and my Ukranians didnt take the PKMs in three different oportunities, plus I remembered that in some games I did on BN and FI they didnt take them neither, or atleast I was under that impression. Plus I am not sure about the part that there is a possibility of the gun being "damaged". In the test i did 5 lmg teams were bom
  13. Edit : Okey, forget what I said, if you have had time to read it before I made the edit, I think i misunderstood what you were trying to say. It doesnt seem that to be the case. In the test I just made the infantry carryng the MG42 were bombarded by an incessant quantity of mortar fire and they picked the guns still. I made multiple test (5 in total), so i would expect if that were to be the case to have atleast one case were they didnt pick the mg42, but in the 5 test I did, they always picked it.
  14. Okey I just did a quick test with the germans in BN, and while riflemen will substitute their K98K for MG42 and STG44, they would not do the same for the MP40. Wondering if that is working as intended, with the rifleman prefering to keep their long range rifles over the short range of the submachineguns, thought in previous patches i would swear that they in fact did swap them for the MP40s. I have still to test the rest of armies, specially the US and british ones, (plus the test I just did I only tested german Siecherungs. I wonder if grenadiers or panzergrenadiers would behave the same
  15. I have been recently seeing that for some reason my troops after giving buddy aid to fellows with machine guns or submachine guns, they are not picking them up (they themselves only carrying rifles or pistols). I have just seen it happen in Black sea, where my ukranians armed with ak didnt pick up the PKM of their falllen comrades; and I have seen it also in BN and FI, with german riflemen not taking MP40 or STG44. Also if I remember correctly it happened also with US riflemen not taking fallen BARs. Has anyone else seen this?. I think this bug had to be introduced with the new patch as I
  16. Well, it depends. CMSF has actually better potential in terms of wich nations could be added to it I think. Turkey, Israel or Iran come to mind, with the last one adding another conventional army, which i would guess it will be somewhat more of a challenging force to fight against than its sirian counterpart, for bluefor to fight against. Instead I feel Black sea is somewhat more limited in that regard, whit the british being the most likely candidate for any addition to the roster of nations. And dont get me wrong, the Brits would also be quite the fine addition, but we already have the
  17. Yeah,I will have to jump to defend Aragon in this one. It is not like this module has been anounced to be released like, maybe 5 times now?. Hell, if my memory is working properly this module should have been released back in 2018, and that is if I am not forgetting any earlier release date! I am not gonna debate if those delays are justifible or not, as I am not a programmer neither I have any real knowledge of the inner works of Battlefront. Nevertheless, that doesnt change the fact that any release date given by battlefront has zero credibility at this point. Hopefully this time w
  18. I did delete the demo before installing the full game. Nevertheless, I am 99% sure that it would not provoke any sort of conflict, as if I remember correctly, the save files are different and the demo doesnt have to share any code with the full game. Still, if you are sure that you are going to buy the game, i would unistall the demo, just in case that 1% of doubt becomes a reality. Also, talking about Youtube Videos. I cannot recommend enough the series that General Airmchair did back in the day about tactics in CM games. Its production quality its outstanding, and they are, even
  19. It could be that those are all old bugs that havent been corrected for the demo for as far as I am aware Battlefront doesnt update them. Infact, just before I bought Battle for Normandy i also downloaded the demo, and it was still using the v1 (or v2, dont really remember) version of the game engine ( When i bought it, v3 had just been released). There is an easy way to see if this is still the case. Do the sound contact icons have an interrogation sign or do they show an infantryman or tank silhouette?? If the former, the demo is still running an ancient version of the game engine
  20. Thank you mjkerner for looking into it. Hopefully it will get fixed soon.
  21. Mmmmm, you are going to want to re-check the textures for the new french weapons. Not going to lie, it would be comical that this patch, that presumably has been worked on for like more than half a year, has such a blatant texture fault, if it wasnt downright sad. Unless is a problem with my installation, then forget what I said. If someone can check if they have the same issue I would appreciate it.
  22. While playing the Two Crowns scenario, my T32 Mountain gun refused to fire for some reason. The gunner kept in a permanent state of "turning" the weapon, but never fired, despite having perfect line of vision/fire and being commanded to fire via the target command. It is true that one of the 4 soldiers that usually handle the weapon was killed before this, and maybe that was the reason it refuse to turn the weapon, as it needed the full crew to work, so maybe is working as intended? I doubt that as I feel that would be extremely odd and unrealistic but who knows. PD / "Sp
  23. Thank you both for the responses Curios seeing that it happened to other people. Were you able to find the reason behind it? Good to know! Nope, and I didnt install any new programs that could have (well, from what I know) messed up with my user files either. Guess unless DerKomissar found what it was it Will remain a mystery.
  24. Hello all! So yesterday I decided to play some CM FB after some time of absence, just to find that all the scenarios and campaigns were gone. Tried FI, same problem, tried RT, and again, all gone. After some investigation I found out that all the CM files saved in my user file were gone for some reason that scapes me. I dont know where they went, but I guess the easiest solution to my problem is to make a reinstall. The thing is that I remember reading somewhere in the forums that there is a hard limit in how many times you can install a CM game in a computer. Is that true? And
  25. Welcome John! If you want WW2 close quarters experience then definitively go with CMBN, especially with the MG pack, as it cover a lot of urban fighting. Also, this game ( with all modules and 3.0 version) is the most complete of all and it is the one with the major quantity of units and equipment. I wouldnt recomend you CMRT if you are looking for small scenarios, as it has very open scenarios, with little cover apart from woods, and usually featuring lots of tanks. CMFI has some very interesting city scenarios but the majority are also open. CMFB is more or less similar to CMBN so I wil
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