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  1. Its definitively not that. The syrian side surrendered as you can see in the photo you posted, and in that case all of the ground objectives should have gone to you, even if there were non surrendering syrian units in there. I dont know why the game didnt gave you the points thought. Maybe like you said it was because you damaged the building too much? IDK
  2. Thats Interesting. I remember reading some while ago that following the azeri victory in the 2nd Nagorno Karabakh war, the British MOD visited Turkey and was suppossedly very impressed by the results of their drones. I wonder if the reducement of the number of british tanks is also related to the percived threat from drones, and is not only being done out of economical and strategic considerations, but also tactical ones. What it would be also interesting to know is what other, more discret, improvents are also being added (or being actively developed for their eventual inclusion in the program), apart from the old tried method of just putting more armor into the tank (EW, Jammers, maybe even new system of APS capable of hitting top-down threats etc).
  3. I of course cannot be 100% sure, but it is most likely, as Fusselpi pointed out, an error arising out of the way the game is coded. An ATGM cannot fire while on the move (if you check the vehicle parts tab you will see the ATGM parts greyed out while on the move); and the game recognises that a vehicle is moving if it has a waypoint plotted, not if its actually moving; hence why despite the vehicle being actually stationary thanks to the use of a pause command, because it still has an unfinished waypoint; the game thinks that that vehicle is still in the move, and is not capable of firing the ATGM. Also, as Chibot says, you can see this problem in CMSF2 and BS with more modern vehicles and systems. Thats why I initially said that it will be nice if a solution came in a form of engine upgrade, as this is not really bug, that can be easily solved via a patch, as it needs somewhat of a code rewritting.
  4. Yeah I fully understand that. My point of complain is not wheter that kind of scenario design is viable or not, I can see why its really pushing the engine to its limit. However, what I mean, is that you cannot, as of right now, select an ATGM vehicle, plot a movement to a crest, give it a pause of 30 seconds, fire its ATGM, and then reverse it to safety. That is a real life tactic ( and a very useful one) and as such it should be able to be replicated in a game that strives to be the closest it can be to a tactical simulator. That is true in the case of long range engagements, which I suppose are more common in CMCW, however in case of shorter ranges (and better and faster ATGM systems, which make an appearence in SF2 and BS) you can achieve a hit in like 15-20 seconds. In that case, giving it a full minute interval its just excesive and calling for the vehicle to get toasted, specially in the more lethal modern setting
  5. I think the real issue here is not so much that he cannot do that particular experimental scenario, as much that ATGM vehicles are deprived of doing shoot and scoot tactics in CM games, which is basically the lifeblood of such kind of vehicles in real life (and as such, they should also be in the game). This actually explains some till now unexplained situations where i tried using this tactic in SF2 to not avail. I think the coding team should look into this, hopefully for the 5 version update; as one of the main ways of use of ATGM vehicles is impossible to replicate in the engine (specially now with the release of Cold War, where ATGM vehicles were so predominant)
  6. In my idillyc world, yet still grounded on reality (or so I hope ), the sequence of module release should be something like this: 1st. CMCW Mad Wargames: An extension of the base game to add the year 1983 (together with winter textures) and the Archer Able exercises, together with the inclusion of both West and East German Armies. (The soviets during that year were convinced that the Americans were about to invade them, campaigns with the americans in the offensive would be an interisting change from the usually depicted soviet invasion) 2nd. CMCW Race to the Wesser: A module depicting the push to the Wesser by the soviets. The british, belgians and dutch are included, together with the Poles. 3rd CMCW "Le Garde Sur Le Rhin" : The french are added, with campaigns depicting the defense of the Rhine by french forces in case of a effective Soviet bretrought. The rest of Warsaw Pact, together with Canada; are also added. And with that, you have a hot war in 80s Germany mostly covered. From there, you can go wherever you want. Extend the year coverage to the early 70s or late 80s, add the southern and asian fronts, do some Alt-history scenarios, etc.
  7. Good to see I was not imagining things. Considering how obvious it is I was surprised that no one else reported it. Nevertheless I think this bug only happens in some graphical settings. Atleast since changed the graphical settings to "best" I have not seen it again, so for a temporary solution you could do that, (If your computer can handle it, mine is defenitively not happy about the upgrade in graphics) as I assume that you were playing in the medium graphical setting, right?
  8. You could always give it the Hypothetical rarity tag, in the same way that it was given to the PZ3 in BN.
  9. The only unit that needs to cross the river is the Schwimmwagon so the river should not be a problem. (Plus there is a fordable site to the left of the map in case you want to cross with your full force). For the AI, well, isnt the scenario presented to be played as Axis only? Or atleast it was Axis prefered, thats for sure.
  10. Has anyone else seen a graphical bug with the wheels of the T34? If you view them at a determinated distance, specially when they are moving, their wheels start to spin out of place, rotating across the entire vehicle. Its somewhat comedic to see, although it completely ruins inmerssion. I have tried to snatch a picture but when I take a snapdhot for some reason the games goes to the lowest graphical setting avaible, as if it was loading, and the graphical bugs dissapears. So yeah, anyone else has seen this? I have not seen it report it anywhere.
  11. Shoigu himself. Here is TASS report on the withdrawal:
  12. Thanks for the insight Haiduk, much apreciated. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens eventually.
  13. I was thinking about if I should keep responding because I cannot avoid to feel that I am giving the impression that I fully believe that war is inminent and that I desire such a war, when that is not really the case. I whish you are right DMS, however... From what I am reading only the 58th Army of the Southern Military District, 41st Army of the Central Military District, the 7th, 76th and 98th Airborne Divisions will return to their bases.That amounts to around 10.000 personel from what I see. Also Shoigu only said that personel (личный состав was his words) is going back, meaning that tanks and other heavy equipment will remain at the border at the ready. And getting troops for that prepositioned equipment could be achived in hours. Also, a lot of the movement that we saw in those days was actually a repositioning of such units. For example, the 56th Airborne brigade has been permanently redeployed to Crimea, and the Units south of Voronexh will remain there supposedly for Zapad 21. It definitively can be considered a good sign, but until all units deployed to the border have dispersed and the bellicose rethoric dies down, I still think is to early to be safe. We still have to see what happens with todays meeting with Lukashenk and Putin, and with the Forum "Unity for Russians" that last until tomorrow.
  14. I think the problem here is not so much if they did or not fix that particular bug and how much time they did take to do so, as that despite that this bug had been found and reported here on the forums a long time ago, the developers just got news of it like two days ago. Hence why a better system of bug reporting might be in order.
  15. I find hard to believe that you guys have no strategic capacity of retaliation against a Russian incursion. I said the air force and ballistic missiles as and example, but you also have to take into account the Ukranian navy, antiship missiles, radar installations, long range artillery and just plain army concentrations (and more things that i cannot think right now, i am sure ) could be severe threats to the russian forces, that would need to be dealt with. Do you really think that your army would not try to stop a russian incursion and just accept the territory loss? I am not being sarcastic here by the way, i am geniunly curios for your opinion. Of course Ukraine surrender is a possibility, thought funnily enough I seem to have more confidence in your president that you do. I guess it will depend in what the russians ask for. Hmm, It wouldnt be the first time that countries with comercial ties go to war. Also, wouldnt the situation you describe be more of a one way deal? Ukraine is dependant in Russian gas, that I know, what I do not know is what the russians are dependant from the ukranians (apart from water for Crimea, funnily enough) to make an invasion unsuitable? To me it seems that the russians are the ones holding nearly all the cards in trade. Of course, that changes if you take into account possible European and american sanctions, which will also be rendered non-important in case of war, of course.
  16. Personally, I remain unconvinced. Such small operations will be dependant upon in that the Ukranian army doesnt really respond to them. For example, an amphibous operation into the Kherson area ould be susceptable to attacks from beyond the Dnieper and even around Odessa. What if the Ukranian army starts counterattacking with Ballistic missiles and planes, are they not going to attack those possitions and allow them to keep inflicting casualties on their forces? What if the Ukranians start mounting a counterattack from beyond the river. Are they going to allow it? Wouldnt be better to cross the river and secure a bridgehead to make sure that such a counterattack doesnt materialize? And just like that, they have just crossed the Dnieper. In the case that such threats arise, it wouldnt be better for the russian army to make sure that the Ukranian army is not a threat to its advances, no matter how small those are? I am sorry, but if the russians decide to launch an attack ( and they do not have a sure reassural that the Ukranian army would not retaliete ) they would have to make a large scale attack. Also, I disagree with the notion that Russia has no interest in conquering Ukraine. Russian economy its in downfall and the domestic situation is not improving. NordStream 2 would help of course, but I am not sure to which degre it would do so. For how long can Russia sustain the second biggest army in the world (or is it the third?, I do not remember right now, honestly) whit only the GDP equivalent of the Iberian Peninsula? What would they do when they have to face the chinese for control of Eurasia (lets not even talk about the economic leverage that the chinese are going to have over the russians at this rythm), if they are still boxed in in Europe and with such an ailing economy? Nevertheless, at the end of the day, I am just some random dude that likes history and wargames , and reads too many news in international politics and geopolitics. Most likely, those experts you mention know better than I do. I sincerely hope that is the case.
  17. Jajaja I always play with the bright option turned on. I cannot imagine having a meaningful fight with it turned off. But I can see why you would prefere to play in the dark, it would be out of character if you didnt Also, glad that I could help. That mission was definitively harder than the rest of the missions that until that point the campaign lobs at you, but they definitevily do not get better. I am now playing the mission before to the last and it is really a slog. Good luck in those missions, and I hope you can do better than I did! (Which considering the number of destroyed vehicles I had in the last mission, it will be not that hard XD)
  18. What, war with the russians?. Not really, no. But, do I want the russians, a natural adversary of an united european union, with their borders in the Carpathians? Definitively not. And thats its just me, that I am only really interested in the future of the EU and their countries, if you have also an interest put in american control of Europe, even more reasons to do not want so. I am sorry, but I am not convinced that peace should be achieved by claudication. Do not think that having our own "Peace in our time" moment would be that ideal neither. Plus, honestly, I do not know what it would say about us europeans if after making so many assurances to the Ukranians that they can be safe under the European Umbrella, (and after they even had a revolution in hopes of the European dream), we just ****ing leave them at the first sight of trouble.
  19. There is no way that NATO allows russians troops west of the Dnieper. If the russians launch an invasion for real, and not a small land grab for the rest of the Donbass and the Dnieper-Crimea canal, there will be a war between NATO and Russia. Such an attack should also be considered an attack agains NATO, and looking by recent diplomatic events, countries which depend on NATO (The english, the eastern european countires, and well, of course, the americans) are taking a far more bellicose approach (Just look at the whole czech drama, with its former ambassador to Moscow calling for the activation of article 5 over state terrorist attacks carried by the GRU against their country), as they realize the strategic threat that having russians at the Carpathians would mean. Germany and France are not that invested in NATO so their approach is more conciliatory, but make no mistake, if **** hits the fan, they will join the war no doubt
  20. I am also playing right now the Task Force Thunder campaign and I know your pain. I also had to restart twice, thought I was able to beat it at the thirdtry. My personal advice, spoilers free, is that you avoid buildings as much as you can, and follow the right edge of the map . You will eventually reach an orchard just infront of the SE trenches, were most of the firing will took place. It might look intimidating to fight in the open, but your soldiers are definitively better than the syrians plus they have night googles which the enemy lack, so you should be able to punch through that orchard with limited casualties (I took three). During this fight, do not get into the buildings, they are death traps that will cause unnecesary deaths. In case you dont mind spoilers, here is some more information. *SPOILERS* The enemy will start chasing you at the 5 minute mark, as you will probably had noticed, and they are a platoon of infantry accompanied with a BMP-1. The best course of action is to forget about them and rush towards the buildings in front of the orchard I said previously. You will not encounter basically any resistance until this point. Get into the orchard and the building close to it and start gaining fire superiority. The enemy will have two DSHK heavy machine guns emplaced defending this approach which might look worrying, but your troops should be able to overwhelm them without too much problem. And like I said, avoid as much as you can getting into the buildings to to left of the orchard. You want to reach the trenches in like 15 minutes or so, as the platoon of enemy infantry is heading your way Once you reach the SE trench line, you have to keep moving, do not stay at the trenches, as that full platoon of infantry is moving towards your location. Put them behind the slope and wait for reinforcements; the enemy wont follow you. Once the reinforcements are in, I recommend you to mass your forces in the direction of the NE trench line, and attack with your full company from there (The enemy will have less troops stationed here, but be careful, they might cause some casualties if you rush it). Eventually you will have to return to the SE trenches to fulffill the occupy objective, and the enemy will be in the buildings close to it in high numbers, so be careful ( I took too many casualties in this part, like 15 or so, which made me only get a Major victory, instead of a total one. I also recommend getting one og the javelins and look for a high building, and see if you can locate and destroy the single BMP-1 that is chasing your force. With that you should be able to get a major victory at least. Good luck!
  21. Well, the thing with the Ppsh is that it wouldn´t need that much work to be introduced, only in the coding department. In fact, it surprises me that they have come in great lenghts to add weapons like the VG 1.5 and the MP3008 series, which would need to be modelled and coded from scratch and were, atleast that is the impression I am under, definitively rarer than the Ppsh 41 (in german hands, I mean), which wouldn´t need a new model and its inclusion would have been easier. Then there is the thing with inmerssion. One of my favorite weapons of FI is the Beretta sub machinegun in german use. It adds personality to the squad that carries it. The same would go for any squad carrying the ppsh 41 in FR (or any other distinctive weapon, really). Also, they were, like I said, pretty common; honestly, for me, having germans without Ppsh 41 in 1945 seems like the americans lacking the m3 grease guns. Plus there is also the gameplay perspective. Anyone that has played RT will know that those fast-firing Ppsh are a devil, specially on woods. Having germans with such fast-firing weapons, considering that we are used to the slower rate of fire of the MP40, will make for new interesting gameplay, or so do I think. And finally, its just more content that I would get from my 30 euros, so obviously I am going to want more stuff added ( I actually had a similar discussion with Steve over the inclusion of the Jagdtiger, withy my points being very similar to the ones being listed here. They did decide to add the Jagdtiger that time,so maybe I get lucky and I get them to add the Ppsh as well, thought considering that they are on final candidate stage i think is hardly a possibility, and I dont know how this forum would react to having the module delayed another one or two weeks for the inclusion of just a gun . But there is still hope, as they could add it in a patch down the line as they did with a french revolver in Rome to Victory. One can hope XD)
  22. No Ppsh 41/ MP 717(r) 😕 Weren´t they quite common to be found in german hands, not only in volkstrum units, but also in the Wehrmatch by the end of the war? Atleast that was my impression from what I have read.
  23. Curios. The description of events that I told you were supposedly also what happened the past night, atleast that was what the guy claimed. Funnily enough, I found the twit during the morning, when the incident had not been yet confirmed by the Ukranian navy but there were already rumours about it. I would not find surprising that the guy found the rumours and decided to add its personal touch to the story. No doubt from my part that you are right tho, you are a far more credible source ;also, no matter how I search, I cannot find the twit, so it was most likely deleted.
  24. That is a relief to hear. Hopefully it stays that way. Curiosly, I had read about that incident, thought the version I had read stated that it was only one ukranian ship, which if I remember correctly they said it was rammed, against 6 russian vessels, and not 5. If i find the twitt from where i read it i will post it here. Thanks for the clarification and the info.
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