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  1. I just got the Italy/Gustav Line and I'm loving it. Thanks to all those who wrote AAR's. It's fun to read and it has enticed me to try my hand at PBEM. Looks like I'll be playing this for years. Its fortunate we have indy developers making games/sims like this. I have a few PBEM games going, but I'm open to 1 or 2 more. I'm starting out small at the moment, but open to medium sized games. If you haven't tried it I would serious recommend you try out PBEM games. I suspect like most I generally play against the computer, but the PBEM system is perfectly geared towards those who work and have other obligations. What I like best is unlike some other online tactical games you don't see spamming of units and bull rushes with Combat Mission. I've tried some other online games and was immediately turned off when you see tank rushes and other gamey behavior.
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