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  1. Well, it wasn't entirely altruistic, we had brought a lot of rounds (we got a specific number of motar rounds every month, and we didn't get much firing time so we had three bunkers full of rounds at an Air Force Base next to our reserve center), and we couldn't bring back any crates that we had opened. Also we had three tube firing an FPF with full increment charges because we didn't want to have to burn the unused increments. A mortar round is initially fired by a shotgun shell like initiator. It in turn sets off the increments. An increment is a propellant pack that burns and fires the roun
  2. And give the man the gold ring! For every advance in weaponry, you'll find a corresponding advance in defense, and visa versa. That's one of the ways we basically bankrupted the Soviet Union. Reagan said we were developing a "Star Wars" defense (Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), and the Soviets went whole hog to develop a way to beat it. Only problem was that there wasn't really an SDI.
  3. Thank you for the vote of confidence Sir, but we didn't have Javalins when I was in. We were just getting the TOW, and showing the Manufacturer and the Army that we could do everything they were telling us that we couldn't. For example, they said we couldn't fire a TOW from a moving vehicle, so we mounted a TOW launcher on a jeep and hit the target while the jeep was moving. They said we couldn't change targets in flight, or cross two TOWs in flight, so we did. Moral of the story; never tell the Marines they can't do something, they'll do it just to spite you. Funny story about TOWs. One
  4. +1 to this. IRL, armor ALWAYS drew mortar fire, at least until tactics changed the use of armor in the recent high-mobility battles.. Mortars did very little damage to the armor, but could devastate the infantry around it. Infantry should USUALLY lead the armor, depending on the situation. There is a reason Armor, Artillary, Air are called Supporting Arms! They are are there to support the Infantry in fulfilling it's mission. I drove that point home to a friend in a PBEM in a CMBB scenario The Library. He had placed his Soviet AT teams in buildings along a street he had indentifier as a probab
  5. Well, if you read the links that Steve provide, the Barbarians are already beating on the gates of Steam. It should be interesting to watch what transpires, and yes, there are many reasons why people use Steam, but cost seems to be the major one, the same as Wal-Mart.
  6. If they are out of the effective range of their respective weapon, they won't return fire. I will usually give a "target" command and make sure my pixeltruppen is at least within range. For example, Marines will fire at longer ranges than Army because of the differences in the max effective ranges between the Marine M-16 and M-4.
  7. Actually, I think I'm wrong about using CM Helper. I think I'm using H2H version 2.5.
  8. I also have IL-2 (with all the addons and preorders) and Rise of flight on Steam, but I bought most on the developer's web sites during sales. I would rather pay a little more to make sure the developers get all of the money for the content. I too have DCS with everything except a couple of aircraft, but I bought everything from ED for the same reason stated above. Plus, after the licensing changes, new purchases for DCS on Steam can't be used on the ED DCS version, just the Steam version. I understand the cost factors. When my wife left her job to devote full time to raising our son, we lost
  9. Thank you for the suggestion. I've always used Apple Macs at home since 1988, and only used PCs that were "locked down" at work so I don't know much about how Windows works. I just built a PC this fall to use for flight sims and VR. I think I've used CCleaner on my Boot Camp with Windows 7, but that was a long time ago. That said, I'll give it a shot.
  10. I realize it’s pretty gamey, we have to do something to overcome the game limitation of the commander. I split my squads then mix the teams back into theBMPs. For example, dismount the squads from BMP 1, 2, and 3. Then I split each squad into teams I load team 1-1 and 2-2 back into BMP 1, team 2-1 and team 3-2 back into BMP 2, and team 3-1 and team 1-2 into BMP 3. That way, the teams won’t recombine in the BMP and you can disembark a team without losing the commander and having to take the time to dismount, split the squad, and remount the command team.
  11. Me too😀 a friend of mine was a cannon cocker in Vietnam. He told me they’d get a fire mission to fire a star burst at a specific location. He’d turn to his gun crew and say, “We’ll, looks like Recon’s lost again!” We in the military are like a family; we might fight among ourselves, but if someone from outside the family jumps one of our brothers, the rest of us will “Read them from the book!”
  12. One time when my wife and I were watching "6th Sense," after Whalenbergs (sp?) scene, my wife said boy, I'm sure glad you're not schizophrenic, to which I replied yeah, we are too. She lost it.
  13. I don't know how it is now, but historically, Marines used to love campaigning with the Army. The Army had the most, latest, and best equipment, food, beer and hard liquor, weapons, etc.; for a little while at least. When the 1st Marine Division landed on Guadalcanal, they carried the Model 1903A1 bolt action Springfield. Within a month after the Army (actually National Guard I believe) landed, most Marines had M1 Garands, no one knows how though because M1s weren't in the Marine Corps inventory at that time. The Marine Corps should have a Military Occupational Specialty number (MOS) for our s
  14. Somebody's been putting in too many late hours. It's like when someone catches me talking to myself and asks me why I do it. I reply " Because I'm the only one intelligent enough to understand what I'm saying."
  15. If I remember correctly there was only one grenadier w/ M79 in a Marine rifle platoon (that was before my time in the infantry). When I joined a rifle platoon in the Reserves, they had the M203. That's one 40mm Grenadier vs nine 40mm M203 in a platoon. Major change in firepower!. I believe with the later multishot 40mm grenade launcher, ably the Squad Leader carried it. I don't know if they did away with the M203s at that point.
  16. LOL, OK, now we might be down to the intent of your question. Please correct me if my paraphrase is wrong. Let's say, hypothetically, that you bought your original CMSF base game from Gamersgate as a CD or DVD. You bought one of the modules on a CD or DVD from BFC, and the last two as digital downloads. Your question is "do you have to select the disc shipping option for the CMSF1 and the first module shipping option, and digital download for the other two modules." No, you can select any shipping option you want for your purchase of the base game upgrade, and for the individual module u
  17. I may be wrong, and I probably am, but I seem to remember Steve saying in one of the forum threads, that the discounted upgrades to CMSF2 would be digital only with no manuals in order to keep down the cost to the CMSF1 owners. Yes, the order site drop down menu does show all of the "standard" delivery options, but is that delivery option drop down correct since BFC has always charged extra for shipping a disc? Has anyone on the forum actually selected a delivery option other than "download only" and received an e-mail confirmation that they will be receiving disc, or a disk and manual, or a
  18. I don't Remember the version number, but I'm using the same program for both Windows 10 and MacOS 10.13.XX. I simply copied the program from the Mac to the PC. I did have to manually set the CMSF2 Demo though.
  19. I purchased and downloaded the CMSF2 Big Bundle Upgrade on Tuesday, 12/04/18, and my purchases on the website still shows "processing." I can still play it though.
  20. Yes, I just checked the CMSF2 NATO campaigns ( Dutch, German, and Canadian), and the British campaign, and they are all playable. They just don't appear to be up to graphics standard, and probably balance, of the U.S. And Marine standards.
  21. I totally understand mi amigo. Most people don't realize or understand the effects of being a military dependent. A young friend of my son graduated from Virginia Military Institute (VMI) and listed me as a reference on his application for Marine officer candidate. Just after I finished filling out the USMC for with my observations, his father told me that the young man was engaged. I encouraged his father to try to get him to rethink marriage as it would be so difficult on their relationship. He married anywar, and was divorced within two years. i don't believe anyone in a "highly-mobile
  22. Do you still have your polyester leisure suit that has the holes burned in it from the seeds popping?
  23. I hope your cousin doesn't live in California or the DPR of MA. The only thing he'd be able to buy is the shotgun. The AG in MA has banned sale and purchase of any AR an AK platform and she reserves the right to confiscate from legal owners. The Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) is appealing to SCOTUS.
  24. You only need to buy one. You can then download the PC version and the Mac version and install them on their respective system. Two for the price of one, WHAT A DEAL! And yes, you use your original PC license number to activate CMSF1 followed by the license number for CMSF2.
  25. Yes, you don't need to buy it as a preorder. You can buy the upgrade for either PC or Mac , and download and install on both platforms at the same time. I originally bought CMSF1 and Marines for PC. I later bought CMSF1 Big Bundle for the Mac. I installed CMSF1+Marines on Boot Camp and CMSF big Bundle on my Mac OS, and used both until an apple OS update trashed CMSF1 on my Mac a couple of years ago. I have all my CMX2 games on both my PC, and my Mac Pro so I can fire up a game without having to startup the other computer. In fact, I even installed all of my CMX2 games on a Boot camp drive on m
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