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  1. Many people have a very inaccurate idea about who the "insurgents" were. Most were NOT poorly trained "citizen fighters." Most were highly-experienced Warriors from the surrounding Arab countries (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and such), and Hezbolla, Chechnia, and Afganistan. They were there strictly to kill Americans, and to die as martyrs. In fact most were former well-trained Iraqis soldiers from the Army and the Republican Guard. One of the biggest reasons for the high U.S. casualty rate, was because of the U.S. "Rules of Engagement (ROE)" such as avoiding collateral damage to the
  2. It's about the 2008 time frame, and nothing more. Some designers have created their own scenarios and campaigns, but those are not BFC's designs. BFC provides the "base" with reality based TO&E and that's it. If, as a result of BFC's research they determine that something didn't exist in the game in 2008, it isn't represented. That's really the bottom line.
  3. Standard Operating Procedure when ambushed! Immediately attack out of the kill zone. Don't wait for orders, don't hesitate, don't stop until you've eliminated the ambush. Otherwise, you're ALL DEAD!
  4. Very nice link, thank you! Were all the Artillery and air defense systems in operation in 2008, especially the Air Defense stuff?
  5. Yup, that's happened to me. Missed a static tank by a meter or two with an M982 when using an HQ FO. I suspect, with no data to back it up, that there is less chance of that happening when using a drone that's above the target than an FO who's on the same horizontal plane as the target.
  6. From Steve's first post in CMSF2 Update V2.0.1 Released - " MISC -Upated base game manual PDF, with a fortifications chapter that explains use of IEDs."
  7. I don't know about tactics today, but in my day, their squad leader or I would be screaming "Spread out! One grenade will get you all!"
  8. I'm sorry, I don't understand. What exactly is the bug? Two screen shots don't suggest what the bug is.
  9. If you already own CMSF1, go to the Upgrades button on the BFC main screen. Select CMSF2. You'll be presented with selections for all combinations to upgrade your CMSF1 to CMSF2. Just the base game, base game with a module, or Big Bundle. You go to the games button on the main page to buy modules you don't already have. Those are not discounted. Just remember, go to UPGRADES for what you already own, and GAMES for what you don't own yet.
  10. Yup, you can not only fly the -29 in FC3, they've upgraded that plane and others in FC3 to clickable cockpits.
  11. My favorites are the Huey (I was NCOIC of the Hydraulics shop in a UH-1E in a USMCR Medivac squadron), F-5, F-86, and the P-51. I have most of the modules, but those are the ones I fly the most. Most of my smoking craters are in the Gazelle until I set my curves to those suggested by Charly Owl. The F-86/MiG-15 Museum Relic campaign is a lot of fun. I believe the designer has modified the campaign so you need only one of the planes instead of both. I think that was actually a bug. Don't bother thinking about the "LABS." It's actually for "tossing" nukes, so it was never used. My buddy's favori
  12. Also, the User Files have BasicTank Qualification campaigns for blue armor; Leopard 2, M1A1 Abrams, and Challenger II MBTs. I've been thinking of trying one of them, although, with CMX2 and all the other games I do, I'm not sure I'd ever get to it. Too many games, too little time!
  13. Checkout the "Through the Inferno" servers in multiplayer. I believe they have randomly generated ground missions. Charlie Owl' thread in Guides & Tutorials has a link to his excellent guides for most of the aircraft in DCS. Polaris and Homefries have excellent settings for the Warthog H.O.T.A.S. Polaris' are PDFs that you enter in the options control selections, and Homefries are more powerful settings using the Target software.
  14. I have those same aircraft. I made an error in my last post to you. I'm NOT a very good pilot. if you want some really authentic action, give the MP server "Korea 1952" a try. It's that timeframe and is F-86 vs MiG-15. It also uses TF-51s (no guns or aft fuel tank so it's lighter and faster) relabeled as F-51 as a reconnaissance airplane. No own airplane external views (F2, F3, etc) or F10 map. Their philosophy is "If they didn't have it in 1952, we don't either. It also loads with relatively little time because it isn't downloading an extreme number missions or aircraft. Give it a try.
  15. Yes, thank you for pointing that out, although it didn't take me long to figure that out😃
  16. LOL, those were great! I say we should give them something real to complain about. Bring back C-rats. They've got Beans and Frank's, and Spagetti W/meatballs. They're very rare though, cause Supply usually scarfed them up for themselves or to sell because they about the only edible ones in the cases. The Beef Slices W/Potatoes and the Ham and Lima Beans( or as we called them, Ham and Mother#%*^#%s) were only editable if you were starving. You can heat them with heat tabs, and the fats would melt, but you are always moving so you ate them cold. The instant coffee is saved for nighttime because
  17. PM me with your issues with DCS multiplayer. I've only used MP a few times with a buddy, and flown some solos where I can avoid PvP. I'm a very good pilot (too much mud on my boots), but I have done some. Also, there are a bunch of folks on this Forum that I recognize from DCS forums. Maybe I can help to figure out what the problem is.
  18. The Meal, Ready to Eat (MRE) isn't designed to be a long-term dining option. As I understand it, they are light weight rations that provide (IIRC) 4500-5000 calories per day while in the field, until the unit can be rotated out of combat to where there's, at a minimum, a field kitchen. When we finished the NATO excercise in Norway, we rotated from a week in the field on C-rats, to a base "near" Trondhiem. We hit the mess tent and immediately began begging the Airwingers to give us the bones left over from the reindeer they had for a meal that evening. We gnawed the remaining fat off the bones.
  19. I've had an MRE only once when my mother was given some by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) after a hurricane in Florida, and they were much better than what I had when in. We had Combat Rations (C-Rats). In the 1970s, I had C-rats that were packaged in 1946. The cigarettes (four in each accessory pack) didn't even have filters. Then in 1976, when I was on deployment to a NATO exercise in Northern Norway, our Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare, decided that cigarettes were dangerous to our health, so he had them taken out of the rats, and no one told us so we could bring
  20. Welcome aboard Rafterman, and Merry Christmas. When I started the CMSF1, it was just with the base game on PC because it wasn't ported to the Mac. As soon as BFC released Marines for PC, I snatched it up. I bought the "Big Bundle" when they released CMSF1 for the Mac. if you intend to continue playing CMSF2 for a long time, I recommend that you purchase the "Big Bundle" that doesn't include the base game since you already have that. If I may make a suggestion, download the Demo. That way you can play each of the supplied missions that relate to each of the modules, and determine whi
  21. I want to wish all, Christians and Non-Christians, a Merry Christmas. I wish all tolerance, peace, and an end to all conflict, and a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous New Year!
  22. Yes, but look at the date. Nine years after the time frame of CMSF2.
  23. About twice as much? Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! i know I would be doing about twice as much around the house if I wasn't perusing, downloading, and using his mods.
  24. In some major cities in the U.S., some police officers were charged with and convicted of shooting unarmed men. They all claimed that the men were armed and pointed to the presence of firearms as their proof. In these particular cases, the weapons were subsequently proven to be "throw-downs", small easily concealed pistoles (usually "Saturday night specials) that the officer threw down after the shooting. It was found that some officers carried a throw-down "just in case." In one major east coast city(cough NYC cough) a case unraveled when the throw-down was tracked back to having been turned
  25. Not to my knowledge. As I understand it, two Recon companies (each Delta company from the 1st and 2nd Recon battalions) are assigned to the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) as "Force" Recon. Some operate with SOCOM, and might be equipped with suppressors same as SEALs, or other SOCOM units, but not "run-of-the-mill Recon Scout/Snipers. But then again, I was never in Recon, and I've only worked with a few, so I'm not really qualified to speak to their TO&E. Perhaps suppressors decrease range or accuracy, or have some other detrimental effect on the rifle. IIRC, they are already carrying M-4
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