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  1. Marines are always complaining about something. You only have to worry about it when they stop complaining. That indicate a morale problem because they no longer believe that complaining will do any good.
  2. No, I haven't. Is it a book or a media series? I know that Marines in Vietnam were pretty disgusted about politicians controlling rules of engagement (ROE) and not letting us fight as we felt we should, especially after the Mai Lai incident. I have previously said in the forum that I don't feel Marines are being used per their mission statement, but, "Ours is not to reason why ...."
  3. To get back to the OP's original back story, I suggest doing some research on U.S. Marine Recon and Force Recon. There are four Reconnaissance Battalions in the Marine Corps, one in each of the four Marine Divisions. Force Recon are the D Companies of the 1st and 2nd Reconnaissance Battalions, and are under the operational control of the Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF). The only Marine units that are referred to with a number followed by "Marines," are Marine Regiments, i.e. 1st Marines, 6th Marines, etc. There is no 42nd Regiment and no Reconnaissance Regiment. Additionally, Recon
  4. I'm sorry, but I couldn't find where "the line was drawn in the thread." As far as I'm concerned, if a vehicle or variant wasn't in service in 2008, it shouldn't be in CMSF2. It would be like creating a vehicle pack of CMFB "Jumbos" or "Easy 8s" for CMFI even though the two timeframes are only a couple of years apart, and they are M4 Sherman's, they didn't exist in Italy until some time in the Rome to Victory timeframe. As far as I'm concerned, it would detract BFC from other work that is much more important, such as MikeyD said, Marines and Shilka in CMBS.
  5. Yes, that's the one I was thinking of. Thank you very much!
  6. I don't remember the name of the one I've used, but I used one to breakout all of the missions from campaigns in CMFI, CMBN, CMRT, and CMBS, but I haven't tried to use it yet on CMFB or CMSF. I'll fire up my Mac in a bit to see what it's called, and to see if it works on CMSF2
  7. Can you use the CM program for splitting up campaigns into individual missions? I don't remember the name of it offhand, but I've used it on my Mac in most of the titles, including CMBS. I downloaded it from the Repository many years ago. It might still be in one of the Misc groups on CMMODS.
  8. Did you buy your original CMSF1 and Marines module separately or as a package? You need to enter your original CMSF1 Marines module activation key and your CMSF2 Marines module activation key, the same as the base CMSF2 game. If that doesn't work, send a ticket to Support. They will help straighten out the problem.
  9. Thank you all for your comments! It was late when I posted this (and probably a wee bit too much Famous Grouse), and I didn't realize there was already an active mine clearing thread. Too bad we don't have the mine clearing detonation rope in this game. Maybe it wasn't issued yet.
  10. OK, the PDF manual doesn't have anything on the specifics of marking mines. I read that you have to have either engineers, pioneers, or blast teams do a slow movement through a mine field to detect the mines, but I have some questions: 1} Does the unit have to stop at each location, or can you give it a number of Slow waypoints? 2} There is a "Mark Mines" command in the movement section, but it's always gray. What does it do, and how do you use it? 3} The encyclopedia states that the M1132 Stryker detects mines, and moves them off hard pavement and debris with a plow, but the in
  11. Sorry, that should be NAI 01, OP 101. OP 103, and OP 103.
  12. The F-4 was beautiful to watch, and murderous in the hands of Marine Air/Ground Team, but it was a royal b#*^h to work on. I swear they laid out the frame, dipped it in metal, and cut out a few access panels for maintenance. I have more scars from that bird than from any other I ever worked on. The first mission of "Semper Fi seems to be dynamic. I had started the campaign on my Mac because I couldn't get CMSF2 to open on my PC for the first week after release. When I finally identified the conflict on the PC, I started Semper Fi; Syria on the PC, and the initial Red locations setup, were
  13. Well then, it looks like it's time for the Bradley's, and Abrams to reduce the complex to rubble. After you reduce the buildings to rubble with the Abrams and Bradley's, call in a 120mm mission with all tubes on maximum with personnel rounds. That should clear out the survivors in the rubble.
  14. Well, let's look at it this way; is this complex an assigned objective, or are the Fanatic Red's in the complex preventing you from taking your objectives? If no to both, then ask yourself why you are risking your pixeltruppen to take a complex that provides no benefit to the outcome of the mission. I don't know what the Red objectives are, but I suspect they relate to slowing you down, while inflicting the maximum number of casualties possible. What better way to do that than to entice you into a meat grinder like this? Maybe you can just bypass the complex. That's what I'm thinking of doing,
  15. Want a real treat? Try playing it as an H2H on PBEM as I am. My opponent, with whom I've been playing PBEM H2H since he introduced me to CMBB close to 20-years ago, chose the scenario and the sides. An AI is a piece of cake compaired to a human mind. Assuming you are playing Blue, my advice is don't rush it! You have what, 90 or 120 minutes to complete it. Dismount your pixeltruppen, and advance them forward using cover and concealment, and fire and maneuver. There's absolutely no reason for "Hey diddle diddle, right up the middle." Put your vehicles in hull down in overwatch positions. Y
  16. Well, that's why I was able to go from F-4s in the Regulars and UH-1Es in the reserves to 0331 and 0369 in the reserves. Have you done any of "USMC: A Day at the Beach" or "Semper Fi; Syria" yet? They're AWESOME! Semper Fi!
  17. No wonder my Stryker soldiers have such a hard time hitting anything. Marines might be too dumb to come in out of the rain, but they're smart enough to take off sunglasses before sunrise so they can see to eliminate the enemy!
  18. Nah, we didn't have to. Believe it or not, the WWII SeaBees started out being trained by Marines, wore Marine uniforms, and I believe were actually referred to as Marines until the Navy took them back. That is one of the reasons the Marines have such high respect for the "Construction Battalion" CBs (get it, huh get it? CBs = SeaBees,) It's not just because the SeaBees can build and ice cream factory and a brewery in the middle of the desert.
  19. No, I never got to playing the Brits or NATO in CMSF1. I also tend to let my pixeltruppen choose their own target unless there is a high-value target that I want to put a lot of lead on in a short amount of time. Are you a Jarhead? As far as I know, the Marine Corps is the only U.S. Service that does that.
  20. What I generally do, is to assess what I have, do I have any vehicles from which I can resupply, can I safely position my "resupply" vehicles near my men for "easy" resupply, etc. if I can't do that, I usually take extra ammo, especially for the "high high rate of fire" weapons, and all the AT stuff I can, especially if I'm in a defensive position where I don't have to move and suffer encumbrances from weight. Don't forget that your units will use motar rounds from a vehicle before their own internal supply if it is close enough to the mortar team, and your other units should automatically res
  21. Aw, come on! Some folks just want to use M1 Abrams against Panzer IIIs. They don't care about authenticity and reality, they just want to blow up stuff. I've seen the same thing in DCS with people using SU-25s and KA-50 Blacksharks in the Normandy Map against Axis or Allied units. Personally, I'm perfectly satisfied with reality, and don't need to have one hugh sandbox game. I'm perfectly happy to buy each family/module and keep them separate. Each to his or her own though. My suggestion to BFC would be "Don't waste your time, give me Marines with M-302s in CMBS instead."
  22. Hmmm, sounds like the NCOs need to enforce fire discipline. I'm currently playing USMC; A Day at the Beach and the first mission of Semper Fi Syria, and the scouts appear to be carrying more than 100 rounds over the basic allotment (BA). If any thing, they should have LESS than a BA to reduce weight. A Recon Scout has a single job:; to scout not to fight. They were to avoid contact at all costs. A Sniper team was a different subject of course. IIRL, Marine commanders in Vietnam were known to threaten to take away the recon patrol's rifles and leave them with just knives to keep squads from try
  23. The basic Marine attitude is "The difficult we do immediately, the impossible takes a little longer."
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