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  1. Steve, Semper Fi campaign; Recon Scout/Snipers, the Asst Ldrs are equipped with M-302s that weren't in the inventory in 2008. I haven't been able to check the rest of the Scout/Snipers in the other Semper Fi missions, because I'm still in the first mission. Also, USMC A day at the Beach, the initial landing party of Combat Engineers and FOs are wearing sun glasses at 0550. It's kinda dark for sunglasses unless they're "Hollywood" Marines from Camp Pendelton, CA.😎 But at least they have the correct grenade launchers.
  2. I use A PayPal linked bank account also, but it is a small account with a minimum balance so if myPayPal account is ever hacked, they don't get into my "real" account and can get only a few dollars.
  3. I haven't played Circle the Wagons yet, but I can count on one hand the number of times ANYof my pixeltruppen have run out of ammo, except 40mm grenades, in any CMx1 or CMx2 game mission or campaign I've played. I will stock up on antitank and 40mm grenades though. I mean we generally start every mission with a full basic allotment of ammunition. That will usually last real life infantry for hours, if not days, if they don't waste it.
  4. Yup, I just did it to test for conflicts. I' not suggesting that you delete them, just close or exit any that aren't needed to actually run the system. After I closed Everything except Bluetooth, network, Razar mouse control, etc, I double clicked on my CMSF2 shortcut, and it started right up, so I knew one of the startup files I closed was causing the conflict. I rebooted the computer, looked at the startup files, and they were all back. Just on a whim, because I had read on the forum that RivaTuner was a know suspect in black screens, I closed it. I started up CMSF2. Eureka!!! The conflict w
  5. No, you don't need CMSF1 installed, but you should close or exit all startup files that you don't need to run the computer such as mouse, keyboard, etc. CMSF2 wouldn't start for me until I closed RivaTuner. It took a week of me working with Support for me to do it on a hunch.
  6. That's kind of what I thought. I suspect that since 155s were used in the original CMSF1 mission to simulate the 5-inch Destroyer support, the Designer who redid the campaign just left them in, forgetting that they were changed to fire Excalibers in CMBS. I should probably report it as a bug. Sorry for the thread hijack.
  7. Here's a question for you all, in the first mission of the CMSF2 Semper Fi Syria campaign, the Recon are supported by two Destroyers (5" guns) that are represented in the fire missions by 155mm guns. Oddly enough, one of the mission selections is "Precision" with three Excalibur rounds. Can a Destroyer fire Excalibers? We're Excalibers even available in 2008?
  8. You are indeed correct! I checked CMSF2 "Day at the Beach" again (after the infantry landed), and only the Engineers have the M-203. Each Infantry Fireteam Leader (Asst Ldr) I checked had the M32. None of the other Fireteam members have a GL. In the first mission of the CMSF2 "Semper Fi" campaign, (I haven't progressed beyond it for the next mission that has Infantry Riflemen, but in CMSF1, each Rifle Fireteam Leader has an M32), each Recon Asst Ldr has an M-302. This is not correct. The M-302 was in the development phase and hadn't even been issued to the Army yet, and the Marine Infantry NE
  9. While the CLU might be relatively light (being mostly foam), a Javalin is not. When you acquire a CLU, you get a Jav with it, and that is heavy. While "Special Forces Units," such as Army, SEALS, Marine force Recon, etc might train to carry very heavy loads, most infantry don't. When I was on a NATO operation in Norway in 1976, I carried in excess of 80 pounds over my normal weight, and that was without "ball" ammo, just blanks, and I was actually over my long-term endurance limit. You can't just load up your pixeltruppen and expect them to perform. Learn your limits.
  10. I went into "Marines; A Day at the Beach," and the first mission of Semper Fi. In both cases, I zoomed on Grenadiers, and in both cases they have the texture for M-203s. The trigger for the launcher is just in front of the magazine. That is so the Grenadier can use the magazine as a hand grip while aiming and firing.
  11. At least you got Mojave to work. I upgraded to Mojave, and it totally screwed up my system on my mid 2010 Mac Pro. It ran slower than an 8086 in the 80's, somehow wiped out my internet connection, and while I could see my connected backup drive, it wouldn't allow me to mount it to restore my High Sierra to the SSD. IT's also been screwing up Mac Pro 4,1s that have been flashed to 5,1.
  12. One thing you can do is to check your startup files. Close or exit all of the startup files except those you need to run such as Bluetooth or mouse/ keyboard control files. I was having a problem of my game not starting up at all for the past week. My issue turned out to be RivaTuner. That was on the full install though. My Demo ran well. Point is it could be a conflict with an app that's running.
  13. I don't have any screen shots myself, but if you got to "thefewgoodmen.com" (I don't know if you have to belong to the few good men, many of us on this Forum do, but the Site is definitely worth it), go to the home page, and from there go to the Forums. There is a dedicated thread on how to install, setup, and use CMH version 1.7.5 and 1.7.6 beta, with screen shots, on both the PC, and the Mac.
  14. +This definitely! One word of caution though. ChrisND had a reputation for getting all his scouts killed, so adjust accordingly😬
  15. Real time (RT) is probably a faster game form though, and it's less "immersion" breaking. I also prefer WeGo (AKAturn based) as I'm old and my mind doesn't work quickly anymore. I need time to think about what has happened before changing my orders. I have played RT in CMFI, and admit it's pretty cool. Just not for me.
  16. One of the other improvements is that of when you specify a movement command with multiple waypoints, you can click on an individual waypoint or the end point and drag it to a different action hex to better use cover or concealment or to avoid obsticles while moving.
  17. Start the game, and at the main screen, select the "Battles " button. You'll be presented with four or five battles, one of which will be the training mission. The guided tutorial would be in the PDF manual that you get with the Demo. It will actually be the guide for the training campaign in the full game though. Part of it might apply to the Demo training mission though.
  18. While the basic scenario/mission is scripted, the scenario designers will usually incorporate triggers with a number of different actions that are randomly selected for that trigger. For example, unit A (player) is detected by unit B (AI). Unit B reacts to unit A (the trigger) in some way that could be different each time. Also, each and every round is tracked to it's target based on real life physics. To test this, you can save a turn at the end of your command phase, hit the "Go" button, and watch the result of that turn (only in WEGO though), then load the saved game, hit "Go," and the resu
  19. Ok, I did a search on the M320, and see the difference. Interestingly, it didn't go into production until after the initial timeframe of CMSF2, November, 2008.
  20. Ok, I'm gonna risk sounding as ignorant as all getup, but what are the differences between a 203 and a 320 that are so apparent? The grenadiers in the rifle platoon I was attached to in 1976 had the M203. Before that the Grenadiers had the M79 "Blooper" ( perhaps the Army had a different designation and nickname for it). It was actually quite useful for us. Everyone thinks of the 40mm HE round, but we also had flechette, beehive, buckshot, smoke (WP), and probably CS gas. The UI in campaign mission designates them as M203.
  21. Don't let the OP's experiences put you off on PayPal. PayPal has a number of different options. For example, I have mine set to a credit card as default, but if I'm buying from a company that uses a different currency, then I use a direct bank draft to avoid the "Currency Conversion Fee" that credit card companies use to rip us off. I've never noticed the e-check option though.
  22. I bought mine last Tuesday, and it still says "Processing." Use the download link in the confirmation e-mail that you received. Choose your file based on your operating system, and you should be good.
  23. Did you read about Spies doing buddy aid, getting an AK and hand grenades, and ambushing blues all on their own? There's a thread in the forum.
  24. LOL, true, but we'd always prefer to "appropriate it" than break it. You never know when you might need that anchor chain. And, we never considered it stealing. For example if we happened to get something such as C-rats through less than ordinary means, well they were going to us anyway, so we were just speeding up the distribution system by cutting out the middle man. We used to play tricks on new men in the shop by sending them out to look for "100 yards of flight line," or "5 gallons of pneumatic fluid." No prop wash though cause most were smart enough to know we had jets. We decided t
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