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  1. Aw, come on, the Army has always shared their equipment with the Marines. On Guadalcanal, the Marines landed with M1903 bolt action rifles. Shortly after the Army landed with the M1 semiautomatic rifles, most of the Marines had M1 semiautomic rifles. When the Marines withdrew from the Chosin Reservoir, they had Army vehicles and Artillery. Now granted, for the most part, the Army didn't know they had shared their weapons and vehicles with the Marines, but we found them to be very generous.­čÖé
  2. IIRC, the previous web site had a tab that was simply labeled "Patches." When you accessed if, you saw the base game, followed by the subsequent patches by version number. You clicked on the patch you wanted. In this case, you saw CMSF2 V 2.00. If you clicked on that version, you saw "CMSF2 V 2.0.1 and the updated campaign. Personally, I don't really see how the two numbering systems are so different or difficult to understand without hand holding. Talk about "A Tempest in a Teapot!"
  3. "Immobilized" can be a number of things, not just "stuck." Any component on a vehicle can fail. A tracked vehicle can throw a track, especially if muddy and not cleaned or properly maintained. An axel can break if it has high time on it. An engine can be over-revved, or over-heated and throw a piston. A transmission can fail. Most of those things can take hours to fix, which is beyond the time allotted to the mission.
  4. I ran a couple of tests with my CMSF2 mods installed and uninstalled, closing the the game between tests. There was no appreciable differences. I'm pretty sure that the longer load time for me was the first time I loaded with mods. I use a "Z" folder in the Data folder, so using the "Mods" folder could get different results. Give it a shot if you want to check that folder.
  5. I'll check out the load times next time I fire it up.. It might just be my perception. I'll probably run some tests and time them.
  6. In the USMC, the effective range of a rifle is the range at which ANY Marine can be expected to inflict a casualty on the enemy. The max effective range of the M-14 that I qualified with, was 460m (500 yds). At Parris Island, if you qualified as High Expert, you qualified for sniper school. Keep in mind that qualifying was on a range with known distances, while using a tight sling, and the TARGETS WEREN'T SHOOTING BACK!
  7. The RPG-7D3 was added in the Marines along with the Syrian Airborne. It shouldn't be part of the "Available Forces" selections if you don't have that module. If it's TO&E for Syrian SF in the base game, then that's a different issue. Either way, it shouldn't be there without the Marines module.
  8. I don't know if this applies to you, but I've noticed that the more mods I have installed, the longer it takes the game to start up or save.
  9. The U.K. Have AA assets. The issue is that those assets aren't in CMSF2. Stingers aren't one of the U.K. real life, so they were removed from CMSF2. It's as simple as that.
  10. I just checked the Semper Fi; Syria campaign, dated 12/23/18, and it still shows the M320 graphic, and when you mouse over the Scout weapons in the UI, it says M4/M320. I downloaded that campaign from the "Patches" tab on the BFC Web Site. it is dated as I said above, 12/23/18. Is that the one that's supposed to have been updated? Referencing the above request from @Cambronne, is it possible the Semper Fi; Syria campaign is the wrong one?
  11. True, but in CMSF1, there wasn't any air support available either in pre made scenarios or in QB. I guess the decision would be "Do we add the actual British AA capabilities, and if necessary those for NATO forces, or do remove the Red air support?" I know which I would choose.
  12. Yeah, too bad the Naval guns aren't in. The 5-inch Destroyer guns are equivalent to 127mm vs the 155 mm, but the 5-inch guns don't use Excalibur rounds in this time frame, and have a "boat-load" more rounds (pun intended).
  13. Thank you Steve for that info! It makes sense for the Force Recon Scouts to carry the M4 since they shouldn't be engaging anyway unless absolutely necessary! I'm not surprised that the Corps was considering M4s. Military always train to fight the LAST war, and that was MOUT in Iraq where the shorter barrel of the M4 was more effective in building entry. It would be cool if the actual U.S. Forces used a "kit" system like Great Britain so we could equip our infantry with what they need based on the anticipated mission.
  14. Has the M320 grenade launcher been removed from the TO&E? The M320 went into production in November 2008, and was issued to the U.S. Army in July 2009. However, they weren't issued to the U.S.M.C. until June 2013, yet there are Marine scenarios, based in 2008 that have the M320 instead of the M203. The max effective range for the M320 is 150 (point) to 350 (area). The effective ranges for the M203 is the same. So there is no effect from deleting the M320 except visually and realistically.
  15. Is it possible that the BMP-3 and RPG-29 are buried deep in some obscure formation? The BMP-3 has been in service since 1987, and Hezbolla uses the RPG-29 even if Syria didn't. Perhaps Syria never had any BMP-3s. I haven't looked at the TO&E since the patch, but it seems really odd if those assets have been removed while retaining the M-320 40mm grenade launcher since the M-320 wasn't in production until November 2008, and wasn't issued to the Marines until 2013. Yet in some of the Marine scenarios, Marines are using weapons that won't be issued to them for five years after the stated
  16. Sorry, my bad. I didn't remember having those options with precision.
  17. The Precision selection uses only the Excalibur. If the round was an "Armor" round, you didn't select "Precision." The Precision" selection, whether it's for the 155mm or the 120mm mortar, is guided, and you don't have the ability to select "Personnel," "General," or "Armor."
  18. Ok, so you aren't talking about the Excaliber round. That's fired only when choosing "Precision" fire. "Personnel, Armor, and General," are not precision guided rounds. So is what you are really asking about is the relative ability of a "General" or "Armor" shot to kill a tank IF it happens to hit the tank? I usually use three guns (if possible) to fire a precision Excalibur round each to kill a stationary tank, and even then, I've had all three miss and crater the ground a meter or two in front of, in back of, and beside the tank. I imagine the odor in the tank was pretty unpleasant, but no
  19. Many people have a very inaccurate idea about who the "insurgents" were. Most were NOT poorly trained "citizen fighters." Most were highly-experienced Warriors from the surrounding Arab countries (Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and such), and Hezbolla, Chechnia, and Afganistan. They were there strictly to kill Americans, and to die as martyrs. In fact most were former well-trained Iraqis soldiers from the Army and the Republican Guard. One of the biggest reasons for the high U.S. casualty rate, was because of the U.S. "Rules of Engagement (ROE)" such as avoiding collateral damage to the
  20. It's about the 2008 time frame, and nothing more. Some designers have created their own scenarios and campaigns, but those are not BFC's designs. BFC provides the "base" with reality based TO&E and that's it. If, as a result of BFC's research they determine that something didn't exist in the game in 2008, it isn't represented. That's really the bottom line.
  21. Standard Operating Procedure when ambushed! Immediately attack out of the kill zone. Don't wait for orders, don't hesitate, don't stop until you've eliminated the ambush. Otherwise, you're ALL DEAD!
  22. Very nice link, thank you! Were all the Artillery and air defense systems in operation in 2008, especially the Air Defense stuff?
  23. Yup, that's happened to me. Missed a static tank by a meter or two with an M982 when using an HQ FO. I suspect, with no data to back it up, that there is less chance of that happening when using a drone that's above the target than an FO who's on the same horizontal plane as the target.
  24. From Steve's first post in CMSF2 Update V2.0.1 Released - " MISC -Upated´╗┐´╗┐ base game manual PDF, with a fortifications chapter that explains use of IEDs."
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