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  1. I played a campaign scenario where there was no resupply for the Stg44s at all. I suspect that it was just a design mistake.
  2. Statistically flail tanks only were able to clear 60-80 % of mines depending on the version. And, the Germans more and more were sewing conventional minefields with mines with wooden and concrete casing making them very difficult for magnetic mine detectors to find them. I think this is the reason why for the short time span allowed in the game, a minefield cannot be fully cleared.
  3. One of the issues with any external MG was the tendency for them to get hung up and bent our of shape when the vehicle went through heavy brush. This was an issue with any device or fixture that stuck out from the tank-such as the ATW plates on German tanks. Sooner or later they just got ripped off. I think this is one of the main reasons that the British passed up on the external MG.
  4. Saw some decent scenarios but are there any good campaigns out there for RT?
  5. Really a very interesting video and clarifying. The Panther was not just "marginally" better off road than the Sherman. And I always concluded that light tanks would be more flexible in off road conditions but the opposite is the reality. But was the Sherman better in on road performance? Due to mechanical reliability and longer track life. That would be a factor in Western Europe where a lot of tank action took place on roads. And, perhaps it was a design choice as the Sherman would have then been a better break through and exploitation weapon. Was this the concept that the American des
  6. My dream is to see Allied troops picking up the occasional faust and using them.
  7. It is perplexing to me. I think I will also try a new install and then swap out the card as a test. I doubt if the card temp is an issue (but it could be) as everything else on my machine including Final Blitzkreig and other games are working fine. I did not think that CM is too demanding as far as graphics go. I do have a two year old Asus card. Perhaps I will put it in the machine to see if there is just something defective about the current card.
  8. My computer is a desk top. Attached is the basic layout. Seem like a decent video card.
  9. Thanks for the reply. I did see this fix on Toms Hardware while doing my search. My card is an AMD Radeon. Don't know about the integrated video. I will try it out but wonder why the issue only shows up with the one game and not the other CM games?
  10. My CMBN was running slow and the sound was not right. I uninstalled and did a complete reinstall. It worked fine for a while but then I started getting some crash to desktops. They are now more frequent to the point where I only last a few minutes. Final Blitzkreig and Red Thunder are running with no problems. The message I get from windows 10 was "stop code thread stuck in device driver." Looked it up and used Driver Easy to upgrade all my devices including my video card's drivers. But the problem is still there. I am running a six month old Lenova and like I said having no problems with any
  11. That got it. Now one more. I started a campaign and got through the first scenario. Upon loading the next scenario I am getting a forward camera scroll that I can not stop. Exiting the game or trying to surrender and go to the next scenario did not work either. I have seen this is the past but usually just saving and quitting caused the problem to go away. Tried a new battle and the same result. Is this a hotkey issue or some sort of a bug? Thanks for your help.
  12. Thanks IanL. I had to do a full reinstall but all is fine now--except. Although I had CW installed, when I patched to 3.0 the game blackened out all of my CW scenarios. I have a desktop link to activate my MG mod but see no link anywhere to activate the CW add on. I am up to 3.12 with both the vehicle upgrade and the expansion pack but they don't look to be of much use with out the CW OOB. Any suggestions? Will another install of the CW add on do the job or can that screw it up for me?
  13. I just downloaded the zip for the 3.0 engine. Do I unzip it into a temp folder before executing or can I just unzip it in the CMBN folder? Thanks,
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