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  1. As an addendum, it isn't all that noticeable, but they also sound different from different angles. For example, this is the MG42 as heard from behind the end of the barrel.
  2. MG42's have a sort of BRRRRRRRRRRRT sound f that helps. I don't mean to be coming across as overly critical or anything. Just speaking as a veteran, there are certain sounds that you will never forget, and machine guns are very distinctive. See source video below:
  3. I absolutely love this. As my own 2 cents...take it for what it's worth...but I spent a considerable amount of time as a .50cal gunner in Iraq. It makes a sound more like *CHUG CHUG CHUG* See included:
  4. THAT is what I was wondering. If there was a way to actually detect minefields. So by having a sapper/engineer/bobthebuilder unit sitting next to squares that contain mines, they will EVENTUALLY be detected?
  5. I understand that, but you aren't understanding what I'm saying. In order to mark a minefield, you first have to know one exists. So how do you do that? How do you detect the minefield short of blowing someone up by walking through one? There's no way to get infantry, much less sappers, to probe for mines in a suspected area. That function should be made available.
  6. Personally I believe that engineer/sapper units should have an ability called "Detect mines" that slows them to a crawl, they cannot return while detecting mines, and when detected, the mines are MARKED (keyword). There absolutely exists precedence for this occurring while under fire before and during World War II, and while time consuming is not the same as the clearing of a minefield.
  7. I would have to disagree and refer you to the book entitled "The Anvil of War" which was written by several German commanders on the Eastern Front. The book itself is about military improvisations during offensive and defensive operations. There are several sources which point to German engineers moving with combat units in order to perform DETECTION and MARKING them for clearance later on, which is what I would like to see done in game. I agree that mine clearance would not take place until after or before the engagement, however marking and route clearance absolutely occurred before, during
  8. As a field artilleryman, the whole UXO system is seriously lacking in game, I agree. I would have thought that the HUNT function could be used by sappers/engineers to hunt for minefields. But then I guess I get the idea behind a minefield taking longer to detect and therefore requiring a unit to remain, more or less, stationary until it is detected. I guess knowing that they can be detected, helps. With that in mind, I'm going to playaround with a scenario that I just so happened to know where the minefield is. Once I do, I'll make a new post.
  9. Can someone assist me with this? Other than having a tire, track, or man blown up by a mine, is there any other way of detecting them? It seems like engineer units should be able to, but I can't figure out how to get them to do it. Does the "Hunt" feature" work in this fashion?
  10. I am considering working on a campaign based on the memoirs within the book entitled, 'The Anvil of War; German Generalship in Defense of the Eastern Front during World War II". Specifically, I would like to create a small campaign based on a reenforced company of the German army. Just prior to the beginning on the 'Snail Offensive' the German High Command had to establish a defensive line utilizing highly mobile, rapid response, reserve units taken from everywhere. I would like to base a campaign on one of these units (mostly under my own design based on the information provided in the book).
  11. Hello all, So, rather than reading through 7 pages, I just have 2 simple questions. What sort of state is the mod in? Second, how is downloading it work? Namely...are we just downloading from the dropbox or is there a specific package to download?
  12. So I just added in the Aris infantry uniform packs for Germans and now when I tell my halftrack to open up the gunners stand up with their arms out to their sides and the helmet disappears. What am I doing wrong?
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