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  1. France 40 is overlooked way too much and I MUST PLAY IT
  2. Playing these games ruins so many movies...
  3. Probably the same reason BF declined to add hand-to-hand fighting. What goes on in close quarters is already abstractly depicted and these specific things are too rare and too much hassle to add. I'd imagine soldiers are pretty good at avoiding getting squished. Though I do recall a German tactics training video showing deliberate overrun attacks against infantry in trenches. H2H was a bit too common in the CC series. That game was pretty wonky.
  4. They're fun. They're all blue vs AI though. Bah! I hope the full version has a red campaign. Protips for newbs: snipers & buildings are a lot more effective than in SF & Afghanistan. Soldiers seem to get tired faster. And make sure your stingers are in good open spots.
  5. B.R. Meyers' Cleanest Race (what Panzerguy mentioned) has an interesting take on this. Basically the DPRK's propaganda style emphasizes racial & moral purity, regardless of material well-being. See 34:22. So there may be no such shock to them. North Koreans are quite aware of their inferiority in such respects.
  6. Infantry seems more forgiving. That body armor is really something...I had a team just survive several precision airburst strikes.
  7. For example, under such a propaganda system, the dominant ideology would be described in nice terms such as "democratic" and "free market". Any opposition would be demonized under a convenient umbrella term...like say, "totalitarian" or "extremist". "The list goes on and on" because your points are all redundant phrasings of "state uses force" which describes every existing social system ever. Anyone can play that game: I mean, that other guy even brought up "they both have red flags" lol. These are the graspiest straws in all of Strawsville. And no communist would condone any of th
  8. Putting a face order on a waypoint is good to adjust their facing ahead of time. The highlighted action spots will show accordingly.
  9. +1 to Korea. An upside is that a lot of the equipment is already in. I guess the same goes for 1980s-on though.
  10. I like area target to make sure the CAS gets used up in time though. On actual spotted targets too. Scrubbing means having to wait another dozen minutes or giving up on using the CAS entirely, which means more work for the grunts.
  11. CM:A had pretty effective use of nades. I wonder why the change?
  12. Amen to Broadsword's post. I've been playing the Nijmegen campaign. It takes a long time to use up air support, and all the while you can't move anywhere near the strike circles, which means doing nothing for like half the allotted time and then rushing at the last minutes.
  13. I think trees make it worse. Notice how they make shells explode above? But forests conceal against spotting so their protection is good overall. Just don't use them for indirect cover.
  14. Labrynth has full arty ammo after I used half of it in the previous scenario, contrary to what the briefing said. Possible mistake?
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