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  1. In my opinion it was not who had the better generals, better equipment or whatever but it was who waged the war most effectively. The German War Machine seems to have been ideally suited to a limited war for a limited period, however once the conflict spread beyond France and with the USSR and the USA becoming involved it was no longer enough. In some ways the 1939 Wehrmacht reminds me of the 'Old Contemptibles' of 1914. Superbly trained, but once the war dragged on their skill was diluted by casualties. The Wehrmacht was not enough to win the war because it was a tactical force with
  2. [quote]Is it your impression that the German generals really thought the allies were fighting "unfairly", or were they actually just doing an objective analysis of the situation? Would any of the Allied generals have succeeded where the Germans failed in the Ardennes, if they had been in their shoes? [/quote] Ahh – Mr Emrys has obviously came away with the same impression – glad it’s not only me. 1)Dirty Rotten Allies I probably overdid the ‘dishonourable’ bit, but from the various memoirs there emanates a feeling of frustration. The Germans were fighting th
  3. No quote, just a general feeling from the various reads I've done. Nothing ground-breaking just human nature. You invest time and energy in a plan and it doesn't come off (especially given the cost of failure under the Nazis) you are hardly going to hold up your hands and say - "Sorry lads - bit of a cock up - I underestimated the enemies resolve, totally blew the logistics but I'll get it right next time" No it's because of the weight of resources against you or because your troops weren't up to it. Even Allied Generals were guilty of this - Monty questioned the quality of his
  4. What the German Generals said post WW2 was very much dependant on who was interviewing them - they were not daft and were obviously trying to keep all options open. I've seen plenty of quotes from German generals that said the Brits were crap, usually when being interviewed by US representatives. The thing is either way - which ever Allied army they were criticising, it must have sorely hurt them to be kicked all the way back to the starting point - although of course it was the sneaky way the Allies fought rather than their skill at waging war - fancy resorting to such
  5. Ah well, Falcons beat Tigers, England are going to stomp the Italians so it's not a TOTALLY wasted weekend. Hurry up though lads eh?
  6. I thought it was a brilliant campaign and never noticed anything missing. Only whinge is that historically the Brits would have had much more arty, but then that would effect the balance.
  7. I'm just up the road in the Toon. Nice knowing there's a CM buff not too far away.
  8. nah - just the computer needed a lot of TLC which it didn't always get. With reference to the math (s), I have the same talent at numeracy as a dead badger, but it's all broken down into small tasks on proforma's so the hardest thing you have to do is a bit addition and subtraction, easier than the mental calculations you have to do when playing darts. That's the Army for you, breaks things like Angle of Sight, Jump (the barrel moves in-between the charge igniting and the shell leaving the muzzle), rotation of the earth, met (meterology), muzzle velocity and a few other things into simple ca
  9. Thanks for keeping this going RockinHarry. You bring up a couple of good points – for example severe terrain is always going to have an effect on procedures and those big old dense dark forests of Germany will effect ALL procedures, not just CB and not even just Arty. That type of environment will have infantry, armour and all support arms SNCO’s and field officers digging out different doctrinal pamphlets about ‘What the Fck to do in Big Frigging Forests’, so yes the Hurtgenwald was not the ideal place to try and use the standard drills. Local practice and best fit is the order of the day
  10. I love this sort of topic – being a former Gunner it strikes more of a chord than chin mantles on Panthers or which turret the Tiger II was using. “On the other side and from my readings the allies depended much on spotter aircraft (and good weather) to locate german gun positions, which were usually well camouflaged and if mobile enough, changed positions frequently” You are entirely correct that WW2 was the coming of age of the AOP although the spotter aircraft had operational limits imposed on them because of the fragile/slow nature of the aircraft involved and they were not the CB pana
  11. I think it really depends on how BF is developing the modules. I don't think that CMBN is getting any more modules, in other words that time period is closed. There is the battlepack coming out shortly but all that does is bring in a Brit campaign and a bunch of standalone battles until the end of the CMBN time period (although I really am looking forward to it). CMFB is the next module and takes the next time slot -from October 1944 to January 1945. Obviously the main event that happened in that particular period (in the West) was the Ardennes Offensive, and equally obviously this particular
  12. Hey lads, I totally agree lets not make this into a 'my dad's bigger than your dad' contest. I - again - totally agree that the vast majority of the effort and casualties were made by the US. However what I don't agree with is this 'flavour' thing. CM does not 'do' flavours, accuracy and authenticity are a huge part of what they do, so I'd be very surprised if they released a game that should include other Allied troops and closed the module down without featuring these Allied troops. Hollywood would do it but not Battlefront. This is what the Fat Lad said (he's not venerated in our househol
  13. Infantry? Armour? pfft - boring. I want to see SPG's rocking up and dishing out FFE unto each other - now that's real class!
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