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  1. In his defense, (according to BoB) he implied that he let the men believe the allegations because he saw no harm in letting them think he was the toughest SoB in the Company. Speirs was my favorite character, or at least equal with Winters.
  2. First turn of the first mission in one of the campaigns. I sent a pair of scouts through a gap in the bocage delimiting the deployment zone. Within five seconds they are spotted from all the way across the map, and (what I assumed was) a pak round comes flying toward them, to detonate in the bocage behind one of the scouts. In replaying the turn from all sorts of angles to find where the shot came from, I noticed it appeared to go right through the (unharmed) scout. Wtf? Looking closer, I realized the round went right through the guy's legs, right between his knees. Needless to say, he dro
  3. +1 Good things come in small (corporate) packages. No way EA could/would ever make this game.
  4. I've been looking for a book like that. Thanks for the tip; just found a copy on ebay for $2.99
  5. Revo uninstaller is very good at getting rid of orphaned registry entries, in any case. Try it, it's a free download
  6. "Next week I'm told there will be a playable beta demo" Woot!
  7. Really, if the game were any more realistic you'd spend half your time on base beautification details.
  8. There is a significant military presence in afghanistan currently that might have something to do with those results. There are a lot of gamers in that demographic.
  9. This. Also, how can we create a scenario based on episode two of Band of Brothers without at least the models available? Really, what would Lt. Winters think...
  10. Six weeks from March 10th is April 22nd. Eight weeks is May 6th.
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