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  1. The allied weapons includes an FN/29. Is this supposed to be a French FM 29 machine gun?
  2. Mine also says version 1.20. CMBN has the version and engine number. Maybe CMFI will have this after the upgrade.
  3. Keep up the good work. Very good progress has been made. Since BF has not mentioned North Africa at this point, in my opinion, it is unlikely that anything will show up soon. At this point, I'm happy with the current game engine. I hope BF keeps developing more content for it. A few vehicles would go a long way. For me a U. S. M3 medium tank and some German and Italian tanks would be great. It appears that reasonable terrain MODS are already possible. Suitable German and Italian vehicles could very likely appear in the next release for CMFI.
  4. Could a Cromwell tank be used as a substitute for a cruiser tank?
  5. The United Kingdom have their own book series about World War II. There are several volumes for the Mediterranean and Middle East. It is listed on Amazon as the HMSO Official History of WWII.
  6. You have done very well with the available resources! I like the way you are making all of your work available to others. Good work! I would also like to see more for the African front. Maybe after Battlefront reaches the end of the war in all of its current projects.
  7. I had the problem with the "AutoUpdate.exe" file also. Even restarting with the "run as administrator" selected. I renamed the old AutoUpdate.exe file and it worked.
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