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  1. Thank you. I have looked at the CMMOD warehouses and there are Mods for CMBN and CMFB but not CMFI. Like you said, they may not be cross compatible.
  2. I am looking for Gridded Terrain Mod for all the CM titles, especially CMFI. Any advice on which is recommended and where to download ? Thank you for any help.
  3. Where can I find this gridded terrain mod for CMFI ? Are terrain mods cross compatible across the CM games ? I have Bill's gridded grass mod for CMBN but I suspect it will not work for CMFI. Secondly are there grid terrain mod for all the CM games and where would I find them ? Thank you for any advice.
  4. I am playing this as the Germans against another human player. I just found out about the hidden exit zone and lost a full team I as moving from my left flank to reinforce my buildings. Very frustrating for me as I would have plotted the moves so far back if I knew there was a chance of losing them by exiting ☹️ ‘I guess this is War.”
  5. Try one called Totensonntag. CMAK scenario about 10,000 points each and 90+turns. Great scenario. Played it PBEM. Needs a fast computer. Lots of room to move and for flanking attacks. Set at night/early dawn and so limited LOS as well, despite wide open desert spaces.
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