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  1. Oops, My mistake, I misread the numbers and I do mean the 7.92mm rounds. In the scenarios I am playing in, the halftracks are loaded with 7.92mmAP rounds and the trucks 7.92mm rounds. Just wanted to check if they are both usable by infantry HMG teams. If the AP round have more penetrating power, I would like my HMG teams to have some on hand by acquiring them from there HT instead of trucks. Thanks everyone.
  2. Just a basic question. The German halftracks carry 7.62mm AP ammunition which their on board MG42 uses. Infantry can "acquire" this 7.62mm AP ammo to add to their load out. It is the listed as a seperate ammo load to the normal 7.62mm ammo. Can this AP ammo be used by infantry HMG MG42 teams as well ? I presume the AP is "armour piercing" ? Could not find anything in the manual or searching the forums. Thanks
  3. Happy New year Battlefront. Looking forward to the expansion. How do I preorder the game ? I cannot see a webpage of it on the website. Cheers.
  4. Thank you. I have looked at the CMMOD warehouses and there are Mods for CMBN and CMFB but not CMFI. Like you said, they may not be cross compatible.
  5. I am looking for Gridded Terrain Mod for all the CM titles, especially CMFI. Any advice on which is recommended and where to download ? Thank you for any help.
  6. Where can I find this gridded terrain mod for CMFI ? Are terrain mods cross compatible across the CM games ? I have Bill's gridded grass mod for CMBN but I suspect it will not work for CMFI. Secondly are there grid terrain mod for all the CM games and where would I find them ? Thank you for any advice.
  7. I am playing this as the Germans against another human player. I just found out about the hidden exit zone and lost a full team I as moving from my left flank to reinforce my buildings. Very frustrating for me as I would have plotted the moves so far back if I knew there was a chance of losing them by exiting ‘I guess this is War.”
  8. Try one called Totensonntag. CMAK scenario about 10,000 points each and 90+turns. Great scenario. Played it PBEM. Needs a fast computer. Lots of room to move and for flanking attacks. Set at night/early dawn and so limited LOS as well, despite wide open desert spaces.
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