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  1. Polish campaign is too difficult to start with. I would recommend to start with German one instead (or Belorussia and Panzer Lehr campaigns if you have them).
  2. Golbfishie, judging by the info on Asus website, this particular laptop has only integrated graphics (Intel HD 3000). ToW wasn't designed to run on Intel graphics and this chip even didn't exist when the game was released. On a desktop you could get a low end or cheap middle end video card (nVidia or Ati) and play the game, but its impossible on a laptop. It's interesting that ToW3 demo worked for you on the same integrated chip, it shouldn't ToW2 and later ones had their rendered routines rewritten from OpenGL to Direct3D to enhance compatibility, that's why it works, but it is not guaran
  3. Well, i don't have a performance problem with current nVidia drivers on my work PC at least (C2D 8200/GTS 250), so it's either i7 or Geroce 5xx incompatibility since you disabled the sound at all (btw, sound needs to be disabled in options.exe, turning it off in the game settings doesn't turn it off completely). It's hard to help since i don't have experience with i7 or 560 myself. I remember one of the users on Steam forum said he was able to greatly increase performance using Process Lasso software (trial version). Maybe you'll give it a try? Another 'soultion' is to run a 3d game, then al
  4. When you pause the game, does FPS skyrocket or is it still too low? I would try the following 1) turn the option use only one cpu on (in options.exe) 2) set affinity to 1 core in task manager as well 3) set Max prerendered frames in nVidia control panel to 0 (its 3 by default) 4) disable EAX in options.exe 5) If this doesn't help (i think it should) turn sound off completely in options.exe to find out is it sound-related or not
  5. Just checked this mission, T-34 crews are elite:) Changing them to regular would make things easier for you i think, but since in this battle Germans had superior armament T-34s are easily knocked out, elite crews or not. Don't expose your sides and even one Tiger can knock them all out one by one since they are in static defence. Its not a good idea to expose Panther side even to a 45mm gun, not mentioning a 76mm one (weak side armor). Elite crews have little aiming error, but there is also an inherent accuracy of a gun that is not affected by gunner skill. Also i seriously doubt there is a
  6. Maybe it is not an executable, but actually the game folder with icon?
  7. Fire support and reinforcements in multi are possible only in ToW2 Kursk (or Caen) and ToW3 Korea if i'm not mistaken. But ToW2 and ToW3 don't allow more than two alliances so all players will be divided into two teams (in ToW1 each player can be on his own). 30 units cap was introduced because of performance reasons, i think you can edit multi missions to have more units. However, more than 255 total units (all players, one soldier or one vehicle equal one unit) on the map and the game will crash (this cap was removed in Africa or Kursk, don't remember exactly, so number of units is limited
  8. It starts when you fail to disable AA guns in the previous mission.
  9. Can you run the game? What version number is displayed in main menu?
  10. It asks for serial, sends it to server along with unique hardware ID and receives the activation key for your PC, pretty much like Securom or some other DRMs including the new BF one. I don't know about any driver installation. There is a limit of 3 simultaneous activations and 10 total deactivations. In case you run out of deactivations you can ask for more in tech support. BTW, please keep in mind that old Starforce destroying CD-ROM drives is an urban myth actually, but i wouldn't discuss this here or try to convince anyone. P.S. Steam version has only Steam DRM and requires no serial.
  11. Make sure you're running the game and options.exe with administrator rights to save changes. Vehicles can be repaired only between missions (as long as someone mans a vehicle when mission ends, it will be repaired).
  12. Open trigger "init" and add this line in the beginning to activate the button that let's you win the mission at any time: MissionWinButton ( "ACTIVATE" )
  13. You can edit <game folder>\users\player1\settings.ini file: SmartPause 0
  14. Don't select the unit as suggested in another thread or try F1, F2 and F3 buttons - they toggle various interface elements like unit icons. F4 is also very useful since it displays detailed damage info in Kursk, Caen and Korea.
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