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  1. I downloaded the demo over two months ago (on April 18th) and since then I have NOT attempted to install and play it! When I finally do install the demo, I will be making my purchasing decision on how well the demo works for me. [ June 25, 2007, 04:05 PM: Message edited by: Tactical Command ]
  2. Hi PFMM, While what you wrote might be true, I think the we-go system suited the Combat Mission game engine just fine. From a revenue point-of-view the problem for Battlefront with Combat Mission has always been "scope of effort". When you cover an entire front with your game there isn't much you can do to make more money from your efforts except to tack on additional features and hope people will pony up the cash for those features. From a revenue/growth perspective Battlefront had no choice but to change direction. With the direction Battlefront is going I guess realtime makes
  3. Hi Gface, I believe the primary reason you have been seeing/reading mainly negative type of posts is due to the fact that neither the demo nor the game itself have been released yet. In other words, there really isn't much a person can say about a game until he/she has played with it for a while. Most of the "negative posts" seem to be people politicking for features that they want included in the next version of TOW. [ April 04, 2007, 10:04 PM: Message edited by: Tactical Command ]
  4. Well Jason by your definition Panther Games does have a successful strategy game design! Longevity COTA is the third Airborne Assault game in the series and I believe a fourth AA engine game is due out next year. Fan Following While it appears to me that Airborne Assault does NOT have a huge fan base, the games have sold well enough for Panther Games to justify making more of the same. Now having said this, I too feel the "fun factor" is missing from COTA. Assuming there is a problem with the way AA games have been designed, I am not sure there is a reasonable way to fix the "fun
  5. onodoken, As McIvan has already stated it is possible for someone to cheat. The good news for you is that it appears that even IF the vast majority of Combat Mission game players were interested in cheating they don't have the knowledge/ability to do so. Below, is a post taken from a CMBB forum thread titled "To the designers of the CMBB - is it possible??" Posted by Madmatt (Member # 332) on March 11, 2005 04:02 PM: Okay, here is the official word. Can the game be hacked? YES We have known for some time that with enough effort someone would eventually be able to hack the d
  6. Arjuna, Even though the slice of the wargaming market is and will probably always be very small for games made using the Airborne Assault game engine, I believe that releasing a demo is a must nowadays. My advice to you is to release a demo containing a couple of tutorial scenarios along with the appropriate documentation. One alternative to a demo would be to create and release a whole series of downloadable videos. Some videos would teach a person how the game mechanics work while other videos would sell the sizzle (i.e. try to show me why I should be interested in taking the time to
  7. Hi gibsonm, Do you know of any software similar to "Comic Life" that runs within the Microsoft Windows operating system?
  8. Hi Cuirassier, I found your first posting to this thread to be confusing (i.e. all over the place). I did a search for "The German tactical system" thread that you mentioned in your post and now I believe I have a better understanding of why you wrote what you did. As earlier posters have already mentioned some of your questions are simply at a higher scale or scope of warfare than what can be represented within CMBB. "German historical methods of annihilation battle" simply cannot be represented in a small unit action game such as CMBB. While the fundamental principle of German
  9. While version 2 of Close Combat is the game that "turned me on" to computer wargames, I have no interest in purchasing CC3 or any other version of the Close Combat series that Matrix decides to re-release. From what I have read, there won't be any major enhancements or fixes made to the original product(s). The purpose of this and future releases is to squeeze some profit out of a series that sold very well in the past. The only promise that Matrix has made is that CC3 will be updated so that it will run on modern PC systems which are running under Windows XP. Annoyances such as faulty "t
  10. How is the combo working out for you? Once he says "go ahead" and you have uploaded them to cmmods please post on this forum to let people know they can download them if they want them. Thanks for sharing (and saving me the time of trying to do it myself).
  11. I just read the thread titled Terrain Mods and was wondering if it is possible for a modder to create a contrast mod that also has grid lines on it? My guess is the answer is no. I am sure someone would have done this if it was possible.
  12. Here are a two other sites you should visit: Combat Mission MOD Database --http://www.cmmods.com/ -- Someone archived and uploaded most of the scenarios that existed on the "original Scenario Depot" website (before it crashed). Boots & Tracks -- http://3dwargamer.net/bootsandtracks
  13. The following is everything I know about Panzerfaust use within Combat Mission. A panzerfaust is a throw-away shaped charge (rocket-propelled grenade launcher) weapon that the German infantry (Soviets don't get any within CM) is armed with from 1943 onward. Note: You cannot command your units to fire a Panzerfaust (the Tactical AI will decide whether or not to use the weapon). Also, you can't buy them, you have to hope the computer (or scenario designer) will randomly issue them to your squads. There are three varieties: • 30 meter range • 60 meter range • 100 meter range Typ
  14. Is hotseat an option? If you have the knowledge you could make some tutorial movies (with voice narration). Is this person familiar with WW II weapons, tactics, etc.?
  15. Well, if you are interested in playing CMC when it gets released then I suggest you spend most of your time playing CM:BB. CMC was designed to work with CM:BB only.
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