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  1. Towards the end of the first battle of the French campaign all my tanks ran-out of AP shells. Not long after, the German tanks ran-out also. My tanks then spent the next ten minutes firing ineffective ammo at the German tanks which, in turn, were squashing my remaining infantry. This carried on until I only had several infantry remaining which were entrenched. the German tanks simply drove around randomly whilst my tanks used the last of their useless ammunition. This carried-on indefinitely until I became thoroughly f**ked-off with it and hit 'end battle'. Is this a bug? What is one to do
  2. A simple question really: How realistic do you feel the game is? I'm not asking that question in relation to the historical accuracy. Moreover, do you think the game engine is realistic?
  3. Ten ammunition points is ridiculous. Surely that can't be historical?
  4. Which cornfield did you use to advance your infantry/armour? I'm assuming you meant the one to the right?
  5. The tank was out of ammo. The gun had about 1/3-1/2 left. The rifle squads didn't use much ammo. The machine gun used roughly half.
  6. That's what I'm worried about. The scenario editor made it like that for a reason.
  7. Yesterday I played the Gefechtsaufklarung scenario and found that the 15 turn limit was insufficient to capture the objective. Although I could move my armour up to the village, I didn't want to risk moving my infantry out of the scattered trees because they would have almost certainly got pinned down. Although I killed many enemies, the game was played to a draw because I couldn't capture the objective. Is it possible? I'm aware that the amount of turns can be increased by adjusting the game files but I don't want to risk upsetting game balance. AI isn't that smart, after all.
  8. I've only played a few games so far and always with soft-build-limit on. Is it better to turn it off?
  9. I have SC2. I haven't tried WaW yet, although I'm planning on trying the demo sometime. I just want the game to be more challenging!
  10. How does the difficulty level affect the game? All I can discern is that it says +50% or +100%. What does this mean? Also, I've now played a couple of games; one on beginner and the other on intermediate. I found them both pretty easy. What should I do for more of a challenge? I prefer playing as Axis.
  11. That's what I thought. To be honest, I still can't really see the difference between a corps and and army, other than that the army has more men.
  12. Too late; all 3 of my sub groups have been destroyed! Nevermind, I'll follow your advice next time around.
  13. Which is preferable for serving as city garrisons; corps or armies? Is it one of those questions that really depends on the situation?
  14. I'm relatively new to the game and yesterday I started a new game playing as Germany on the beginner setting. I'm finding it extremely hard to keep my submarines alive. The Royal Navy keeps tracking them down and inflicting heavy losses. Could a seasoned player please tell me the best way in which to use subs to reduce allied MPP? Thanks for any help and advice!
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