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  1. I received a reply from BF which worked. Posting it here for future ref: MacOS Combat Mission won't launch or shows only a black screen Conditions can arise during installation where Apple's installer and the MacOS do not properly set Permissions for Combat Mission. The result is the OS does not allow Combat Mission to fully run or even launch for security reasons. The two most common symptoms are: When the game is launched there is the standard "zoom" animation but nothing happens and the game is definitely not running. The game launches normally, and i
  2. Hello, I downloaded the latest CMRT ver 1.03 DMG from your website. I moved the file to the APPLICATIONS folder, double-clicked to launch and nothing happens. The CMRT icon jumps in the bar and that's it. I cleared the CACHE, re-downloaded and re-installed the program several times. Ran out of things to try. Please advise. Thank you. MacBook Pro, 13" retina, Iris Intel Graphics, 512 SSD HD, 8 Gb RAM, MAC OS Sierra, i5 2.5 mhz
  3. Sorry to hear that Hunter. I was really looking forward to CMC. My dream wargame really. Releasing the source code is wonderful to say the least. It gives us CM grogs some hope of it being released sometime. Thank you.
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