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  1. I thought I was doing so well....I actually managed to install and update CMBN successively by downloading the main game and the 3.11 all inclusive patch for Win10. And I could play it. Then it all fell apart when I put in my Commonwealth Disk, installed it....and now what do I have? A total Mess. Now I have about 12 Icons on the desktop for manuals for everything and I CAN NOT OPEN CMBN....WHICH WAS WORKING BEFORE i INSTALLED Commonwealth. This is one of those times when I ask myself WHY can't Battlefront games be more friendly to install..what the heck do I do now...the only icons that wor
  2. What worked for me as to download the 3.11 patch. It worked...It almost sounds too easy...I had lost my game because of a computer crash and had to buy a WIN10 computer, but I had the LICENSE KEY IN MY ArCHIIVES on a flash drive. So first I went to BF downloads, and downloaded the CMBN basis game...you need license key. Then I downloaded the 3.11 all inclusive patch and when it downloaded I ran the TOP file which was a setup file.....when it was done it asked me for the original game license key again....and it worked. That was all there was to it. One things if vague....I THINK the ke
  3. We think this scenario to be INCOMPATIBLE with the 3.0 upgrade. Both my opponent and myself have had trouble loading it about 1/3rd of the way through the battle. It "hangs" at 26% loading. My opponent also tells me that he has had the same problem with a different opponent as well. Not sure what is up with the scenario. I wondered if one or both of us didn't have enough RAM but I have 8Gigs. Perhaps the file is too large? And being corrupted in transit and we need to send it via Convoy instead of normal email? In any regard it is a "rarity" in our experience and we can only wonder if it is r
  4. Let's try this, first, redownload the patch. Make sure everything in the download link is checked. Download it to your Downloads folder and unpack it there. Then run the setup exe in the patch. Launch the game and enter your 3.0 key. Check the game's splash screen and see if it says 3.11 at the bottom. Then double check your Data folder and make sure that the files Normandy 310.brz and Normandy 311.brz are in there. | | If for some reason, they aren't in there go back to the patch download page and uncheck everything EXCEPT for the Normandy 310.brz and Normandy 311.brz files. Download them
  5. ...But I just replied to BF tech support and waiting their answer. Not sure that I can manage to "edit" that file without making the problem worst. I had no idea about any of the Hot Key stuff. I always just "left" the hot keys as they were and never had any problems before. Maybe that is foolish and I could have changed them to more convenient functions but I always got along with the default. My motto is most often "leave well enough alone"...I am not an "adventuresome user":( Thank you.
  6. Only problem now is: What the heck are my "key bindings"? "IIRC"? Have no idea where I get the "new Hotkeys.txt" file...do I have to do the 3.11 and then just select Hotkeys from that list of "bin" files that comes up? That is if I can get the download to come up again. I will give it a try. I hope I don't have to re-install the whole works. Thanks again.
  7. Just upgraded CMBN to 3.00 and then patched to 3.11 and now I can't seem to successfully use the TARGET ARC command. Supposed to be able to click the first point and then get the arc and then click the second point. But all it does when I select Target Arc and click the first point is create one line and doesn't offer the second half of the arc. Also after doing so, I can not use the "Clear Target" command...you can click it until your fingers cramp and the target line (one-half of the arc) will not go away? What gives? Has anyone else had a problem using the target commands? I played
  8. A buddy just told me the same thing...that since Italy...you must except the Saved Game files default to MY DOCUMENTS. But I did install to C:\ for the game...and it works just as you say now. I understand that the first time IT WAS INSTALLED PROPERLY and that is where I must fetch and save the emails. If I had "copied" the files rather than moving them, I could have just deleted them from my own C:\ folder...so I uninstalled and then RE-installed and it seems to work fine now....thank you again, very much.
  9. I guess I am "stupit"...I bought the disk. I just installed and chose the path off my HD (C:\) AS I DID WITH COMBAT MISSION NORMANDY. I used the path C:\Combat Mission Red Thunder (because I didn't want to accept the very inconvenient default to the C:\Programs (x86). Oh...Win7 What happened after the install was that part of the game was installed to the path I used AND Part of the game...the Save game folders, Scenarios, and data folders ended up in "My Documents":( So, being smart...I thought...I moved the folders from "my documents" to the Red Thunder path I show above...and o
  10. This is great...I am learning more and more each day and with each battle. My opponents are tough old vets and not pulling any punches, but I guess one has to "earn his stripes":o But I AM learning...from doing...and from the experience and tips from astute players like you and the others...thanks so much. My folder of "tips" and useful posts is growing by leaps and bounds.
  11. I will give up trying and use your method...thanks
  12. I appreciate so comprehensive an answer. My bad about the manual and rifle grenades. I have a printed copy and the print is teeny. I blew though the encyclopedia and noticed all the rifles and should have seen the note on the Rifle Grenade. And I will have to pay closer attention to the Weapons Panels in the game as well. Thanks again...MOST HELPFUL.
  13. Have scoured both manuals, the Encyclopedia of Weapons, and the FAQs and can not find the range of: Grenades, Rifle Grenades, and Bazookas. I have found the range for PZSchrecks and PZfausts. I also tried searching this forum and, of course, no matter how I search for subjects, I get the error message that my search is UNDER the three word limit and is too short?! Three are too short, so are four, five and six...just what is the trick? Anyway I would really like to know how close a unit has to be to throw a grenade or fire a rifle grenade. Also the range of a US Bazooka. The Encyclopedi
  14. I didn't have the stupid FLock key ON...I should have realized this because when I first started playing CM, I couldn't get the F keys to work as a shortcut to the command menus...and I realized it was because the FLock was off...when off the keys function with, of course, MS keys...the F10 on my MS keyboard is "spell check." I think I was lucky that this old feeble brain even made the connection. Worked fine. Took a shot, it saved as a bmp, I used Thumbs to open it, save it as a jpeg and then I used Thumbs edit functions to improve the visual quality and it printed the map reasonably wel
  15. Still out of luck. The procedure for using FRAPS seems a snap but didn't work for me. I allowed the default save folder...C:Fraps/Screenshots, and I accepted the default HOT KEY F10 but when I had the game open and the map on the screen and hit the F10 key...and then minimized to the desktop, and looked into the fraps folder....no .bmp file. I went to help and the help is no help at all for screenshots...just a simple explanation of the options on hotkey and folder for saving... So once again something simple...is not. I must be doing something wrong but damned if I can figure out w
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